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Grey's Anatomy: 12x04, Old Time Rock And Roll

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

10/17/2015 7:02 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x04, Old Time Rock And Roll | Grey's Anatomy
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It's Thursday, and you know what that means! It's Grey's Anatomy night, and I am here to break down tonight's episode. Tonight, on the episode "Old Time Rock and Roll," we see how the doctors can work as a team and how the new class of surgical interns are handling their new work. What happened? Read on to find out:


Amelia and Edwards have a patient, Rachel, and they are attempting a new course of treatment for a clinical trial after brain surgery. Edwards doesn't agree with Amelia's course of treatment, and confronts her. Amelia, however, tells Edwards that this is Rachel's only chance to heal in her opinion, and that Edwards has to do her next session, and get the patient from the bed to the chair. When she attempts it, she deems Rachel to be in too much pain and stops the treatment. She tells Jo about it, and Jo volunteers to do it. When she does, Amelia sees her, pulls Jo and Edwards into a room and lays into them.

Amelia keeps asking Edwards why she defied her. Edwards tells her when she was a child, she was in a clinical trial and was in so much pain, and at times, they would strap her to the table to administer her meds...and she is not doing it to someone else.

Jo believes that she is lying. Amelia apologizes to Jo, and invites her to come to the dinner party. Jo, however, tells Amelia that Edwards lied. Amelia goes to Richard and tells him, but Richard tells Amelia that Edwards is not lying, and it's true.

Later, Edwards gets Rachel up again, and eventually gets her into the chair. Edwards leaves the room, and Amelia is there watching. She tells Edwards she did an excellent job and Edwards falls into her arms, crying.


Owen announces that a "silver flood" is on its way; essentially, several senior citizens who were in a bus accident and tries to prepare the new interns for a large scale trauma. One of the patients, Eddie, passes away from a heart attack soon after arriving and passes away. Isaac (blond intern) runs into Eddie's son and tells him that his father has died, but went about it in a very wrong way.

Owen uses this as a learning experience for the interns on how to tell people their loved ones have died.


Mer has two patients from the silver flood, Gabby and Abe. Arizona starts bonding with him, and Mer cares for her. Gabby has some internal damage and Mer takes her into surgery. While Gabby is in surgery, Arizona discovers that Abe has passed away. DeLuca comes up to tell Gabby that Abe has passed away, but Mer gets angry that he is allowing interns to do this. When she confronts Owen, he says this is a teaching hospital, and this is what they should be doing. Mer eventually agrees, but gives her own lesson to the interns, based on her own experience.


Maggie and DeLuca hooked up, and Amelia finds out immediately and then tells Alex and Mer. Later, she tells Mer that there was so much sex, that she can't even move because it was so good.  Maggie tells DeLuca that it's not going to happen again. They shake hands and the attraction is too they have sex right there in the hospital.

Mer, Maggie and Amelia

Mer, Maggie and Amelia have planned a dinner party, and they forgot about it. Arizona doesn't want Callie to bring her new girlfriend to the dinner party, but after a bumbling conversation, she tells Callie to bring her, because she wants to meet her. April is wondering if Jackson will be there, and tells Arizona that he has asked for a divorce.

Callie shows up to the party with her new girlfriend, Penny. Meredith recognizes her immediately recognizes her as the doctor who made the bad call when Derek died...and the episode is over.

Wow!  Shonda never fails to disappoint, does she? What did you think about this week's episode?  Let's talk about it in the comments, below!


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