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Grey's Anatomy: 12x05, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/25/2015 7:17 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x05, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner | Dinner
Media Courtesy of EW

I’m filling in this week for our normal Grey’s Anatomy recapper, so I don’t have a flashback for you. Here we go!

Arizona is waiting to meet Callie’s new girlfriend. Her name is Penny, and she may know Mer. Callie’s girlfriend wants to leave because of the awkwardness of Mer. Everyone is acting crazy about dinner! Alex knows Mer is being weird.

Callie is telling Penny about everyone, and Amelia looks so cute with short hair! Why does Maggie have to pee so much?

Penny really wants to leave, and Callie thinks it’s because of Arizona. Mer grabs a family picture and runs up the stairs, summoning Alex. Penny was the one who let Derek die. Mer is losing it. Wouldn’t you?

Maggie comes in on Mer, and it turns out she has a UTI from an intern. Amelia bursts in next! Maggie wants tests for STDs, and Amelia chases after her. Mer goes back into the world.

Jackson is here! April sees him and they have a weird interaction. Arizona steals April because she’s happy and she loves Penny! I’m so sorry if I miss something, y’all. I haven’t watched in a minute.

April will cook the meal, and she puts everyone to work. Mer tries but slices her finger and blames Alex.

Maggie’s intern walks in on her exam! I love this show!

Mer was about to open up to Alex, but Callie interrupts and leaves Penny there. Callie wants Mer to make sure Penny has fun -- if only she knew.

Penny tries to talk to Mer, but she isn’t having it. She pawns Penny off on Bailey.

Callie tells Owen everything and says they can head back together. She hates on his clothes.

Wilson is not thrilled with Alex’s intense concern for Mer. Has he gained weight? I don’t think anyone is having that much fun.

Everyone is kinda miserable, and Penny is going to leave. This whole episode is a dinner party. She can’t leave ... it’s dinner time!

Arizona is shamelessly hitting on Penny. They want to know where Penny works, and Mer doesn’t look happy. OMG, Penny wants to work at their hospital! Mer is telling everyone what happened but very slyly. “Perfect Penny killed my husband” -- nice one Mer -- and she leaves the table with everyone really feeling the awkward of that moment.

Amelia! Penny is trying to explain herself. She is at the wrong table. Callie and Owen arrive to a very bad mood. Callie learns about Derek and Penny, too. Amelia pushes for the truth. Penny tells us the story. Amelia wants to know if he said anything. Callie won’t let them push her, and Amelia kicks her out.

Amelia goes to Alex and Mer. She wants to get Penny fired, and Amelia is mad that Mer didn’t tell her. Mer explodes at Amelia. This is an emotional episode.

Callie walks out to find Penny trying to get a cab, but she wants to know why Penny wouldn’t tell her. Penny thought maybe Callie didn’t know Derek, but they all did.

Owen is with Amelia, and he offers to get Webber. Amelia is going to lash out at Owen now because he’s so calm. She doesn’t understand. He says that he isn’t. Are they together, or are they on a break? Owen opens up about his heartbreak that still exists from Christina.

The rest of the group is cleaning up and talking about how they feel about the night. April opens about about a mistake that caused a death. Thanks to Penny, some are making amends.

Alex offers Mer tequila -- her way to get through hard times. They’re gonna drink together. Will they dance, too? Nope, Callie interrupts again. Callie feels bad, and Mer shuts the door in her face.

I think Maggie is gonna heat things up with Mc...I don’t know what hot guy name we’ve given him.

Wilson and Stef were okay for a minute anyway. Maggie is back and peeing again.

Callie confides in Jackson that she’s not sure she wants to close the door on Penny. Mer lets Alex out, and she’s alone -- or not. Penny is still in the house. Penny says she will disappear and find somewhere else to work. Mer walks away, but Penny starts talking again about what Mer said to her that night, when Derek died. Mer is going to let Penny work with them. She’s so forgiving.


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