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Grey's Anatomy: 12x09, The Sound Of Silence

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

02/16/2016 6:49 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x09, The Sound Of Silence | Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy 

is back, and it feel so good!

Wow Grey's fans!  It has been a long time!  How are you?  I have missed you all and missed Grey's Anatomy. Last time we saw our favorite docs, we were left with a few cliffhangers...will Jo say "yes" to Alex? What is going to happen with April and Jackson? How are Owen and Riggs connected? Will any of these questions be answered tonight? Read on to find out:

Mer, Alex and Maggie are stuck in traffic, and they figure out that there is a car accident. They abandon the car and realize that there was, indeed, a major car accident with several victims. One victim, Lou, has a head injury, though he is speaking. Mer calls for neuro, but Amelia chooses to go help Owen instead, as Mer said is it not critical. Lou has a seizure and Penny suggests they wait for it to pass, and it eventually does. The rest of the docs leave the room to do various things, leaving Mer alone with the seemingly unresponsive, Lou.

She turns her back and he wakes up, sits up, and starts walking. Mer tells him to get back on the bed and he attacks her, throwing her into a glass cabinet and then against a window where she hits her head several times.

Several people pass the room, but since the shades are drawn, no one sees.

Mer is laying on the ground, unable to move when Penny finds her. Lou is seizing on the ground. Mer has a dislocated elbow, several rib fractures, and she is coming in and out of consciousness. She cannot hear.

Amelia and Edwards comes in to see the patient they were originally paged for (Lou), but they find Mer instead. Amelia seems shocked, leans against the wall for support and falls to the ground slowly. Edwards takes over and doesn't see signs of traumatic brain injury, but Mer is not following commands. Alex finally realizes that she cannot hear. There is a fracture in her jaw, and Jackson has to break it in order to get access to an airway.

When Mer starts to wake up, she can still not hear. She wakes up several times, in fact, but cannot hear. We see Callie trying to talk to her, and Amelia and Richard fighting about her (it appears), but she cannot hear it.

Mer goes to surgery, and though everyone is talking to her, we cannot hear what they say (Pretty brilliant on Shonda's part, I must say.) When she comes out of surgery, she sees Bailey, Callie and Jackson, but cannot hear them. We find out her jaw is wired shut when Penny comes to check on her mouth, and since Mer cannot speak, she begins pointing and asks for her chart. Penny shows it to her, but after a few slides, Mer doesn't want to see it any longer.

We then see Mer crying, again in silence. She sees Alex coming into her room, and he ties to comfort her. He lays beside her and whispers into her ear...and she can hear.

The show moves forward a couple of weeks:

Mer does not have full hearing, but she is about 90 percent back in her right, and 55 percent in the left. She asks about Lou, and Bailey tells her that Lou did not realize or remember what he did, and he is fine. She then says that Lou has reached out and would like to see Mer, but Mer refuses.

Mer continues to improve over the days and weeks, and eventually, her kids come to see her. Zola, however, is scared after she sees the wires in Mer's mouth, and Ellis begins to cry when she is placed in Mer's lap. Mer gets upset and starts panicking, and Penny cuts the wires. Jackson comes in and yells at her, stating that the jaw is very fragile, but Penny fights back and yells that Mer needed air, and she knows what she's doing. Jackson walks out.

When returning from commercial, Mer is in a really foul mood. She see Amelia in the hall; however, and bangs on her tray to get her to come in. She walks away, so Mer throws her drink out into the hall. Amelia comes in and says she has been trying to make amends, but she doesn't know how, and she doesn't want to face it. She doesn't want to feel the emotions because it's the only way she knows how to stay sober. She then walks out.

Richard comes in and puts her in a wheelchair, and rolls her outside for some fresh air. He mentions Amelia and tells her that Amelia was there the night after the attack, and she was drunk. Richard tells Mer how Amelia chose to go to Owens trauma instead of Lou's, and she was feeling a lot of guilt. He tells her that she needs to forgive Amelia so that she can forgive everyone else, including Penny, Derek, and herself for all the wrongs that she feels have come to her.

We then see Mer in her room with Jackson and April outside. They are fighting, and Jackson has served April with divorce papers. They walk away, and Bailey comes to get Mer so she can meet Lou, who is fully recovered, and his wife and daughters. He apologizes to her. Mer asks Bailey to roll her wheelchair closer to him, and she reaches for Lou's hand.

Mer continues to recover, and a month has passed. We know this because Amelia comes into her room and leaves her 30-day sober chip. Mer can talk now, and tells Amelia she is not ready to forgive her yet. Amelia says that's OK, and she walks out.

Mer is also walking around, and she goes into the room where Lou attacked her. Alex finds her there and he takes her home. She tells him that he doesn't have to worry about her, and he should go be with Jo...they can still be each other's person.

Alex goes to Jo's loft, Mer goes back to work, and the episode ends.

Well, out of the three questions we have, one was kind of answered, right?  Hopefully we will find out more next week when Grey's Anatomy. Until then, my friends!


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