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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Grey's Anatomy: 12x10, All I Want Is You

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

02/21/2016 8:21 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x10, All I Want Is You | Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of ABC

Hello my Grey's Anatomy fans!  Welcome to a new week of drama and excitement with our favorite docs. Once again, I ask you...will these lingering questions be answered? We unfortunately may have seen the answer to our question about the marriage of Jackson and April, but what about Owen and Riggs and Jo and Alex? Does Shonda give us the answers tonight?  I'll be honest...this was a crazy Grey's Anatomy episode with a lot of back and forth between story lines, but we do get some answers...unfortunately, not all of the answers we want:


Mer is in therapy, and she asks the therapist to just be the "tape and glue guy"...basically put on the band-aids and let her go.  She gives him a brief history of her life, and she is sarcastic and dark, in true Meredith style. He forces her to tell him about the latest attack, and what she remembers when she first opened her eyes. She tells him that no one died that day, and any day where someone doesn't die is a good day.

She goes through her life, telling him about her friends, especially Maggie, Amelia and Alex, and she also brings up Callie and Penny. Her big reveal comes when she said that she just wants everyone to leave her alone.

He presses her to tell him about her attack. She said she felt pain and saw people, but these people were just doing their job. She said it was a crappy feeling, and she felt alone and exposed. He counters this by saying she wasn't alone, and those were her friends who "had her back." She doesn't waver though, she says she just felt crappy.

Mer tells him that she is very good at being alone. He challenges her to find out what/who she is, i.e. a friend, widow, single, but she doesn't know.

The doctor says she shows no sign of PTSD from her experience, and she says she doesn't know who she is or what she wants, and he says that just makes her normal. He tells her he doesn't think she wants to be alone anymore, and should let people in. She asks what she should do now, and he tells her whatever she wants.

Owen and Riggs

Bailey asks April to not give special treatment to Owen and Riggs as a trauma comes in. The patient has chest pains, and Owen tries to send Riggs away because he doesn't feel as if it is surgical. At that moment, the ambulance the patient came in on explodes.

One of the paramedics admits that he did not secure the oxygen tank, leading to the explosion. Another patient is gravely injured, and Owen and Riggs argue over him. Riggs finally gets angry and storms out, under the watchful eyes of Bailey.

April and Riggs go out to the bar and she asks him what happened. He is quiet about it, but does say that he and Owen became doctors together and he trusted him like a brother. He then asks if she is going to sign the divorce papers, and she ignores the question.

Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia still just don't know what to do.

They have a heated conversation and Owen finally comes clean. He had a sister, Megan, and she loved Riggs. Owen trusted him, and said he was like a brother. He said "He should...I don't talk about it" and trailed off.

Amelia tells him that Megan loved him, and she loved him for a reason, and that makes him family...and maybe he deserves another chance. Owen doesn't answer, but invites he out for pizza.

The next day, Owen and April are performing surgery and things go bad. He immediately calls for Riggs. Their work is like art, and they work together with ease, like they have done this 100 times before. The other docs look on with amazement at the fluid movements they made. However, after the surgery, we see Owen and Riggs once again, exchanging words.


Alex meets a new patient, Mya, a 15-year-old with cancer. She has read up on him and his history, and she wants him to perform a miracle.  He consults with Callie, Jo and Maggie who come up with a plan. Alex presents it to her, but Mya is not happy with the option.

Callie, Maggie and Jo take over the case after Mya "fires" Alex. Alex is not happy, and thinks their plan, to 3-D print a new rib cage, is dangerous. He tells Mya's mom that this is experimental, and that she does not want to let her daughter do this. She signs the consent form anyway, and Alex walks off.

Surgery day arrives, and Alex shows up to assist. Mya is scared, and tells Alex that if she dies, to tell her mom that there are important papers under her bed. She then asks him to go keep her mom company during the surgery, and he complies.

Surgery goes well until they discover that the piece doesn't quite fit. They need to split the ribs by hand to get the piece to fit, but she has been under for a long time and her heart begins to fail.

Mya survives surgery, and they were able to fit the new ribs.

Arizona and Richard

Richard goes to pick up Arizona for a night out, and runs into her roommate, DeLuca. He is dressed up for a date with Maggie, though Richard doesn't know this. Richard asks him about who he is dressed up for. He tells her it's kind of a secret, but she is a "wildcat" in the bedroom. (A. it's Maggie B. Maggie is his daughter!)

Near the end of the episode, however, Richard sees DeLuca and Maggie together and has the moment of realization that they are together.

Oh, and Callie and Penny totally make out at the end of the episode, and so do Jo and Alex. EEEEKKKKK!

So, this Grey's Anatomy episode was pretty complex with a lot of details, but we still don't have all of the answers. We learned a bit more about Owen and Riggs' history and saw some good signs that Jo and Alex are on their way to recovery, but what about Jackson and April? Typical Shonda/Grey's Anatomy behavior, right? However, we will learn more next week, my friends, so please join me next week for another episode of Grey's Anatomy!


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