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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Grey's Anatomy: 12x14, Odd Man Out

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/28/2016 12:04 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x14, Odd Man Out | Anatomy
Media Courtesy of ABC

Hello! Dani here, stepping in temporarily for your normal Grey's Anatomy recapper, and ready to face the melodrama and tear-jerking moments that inevitable accompany any episode of Grey's. Let's see what disaster strikes this week, shall we?

The hospital is bustling and, by all accounts, it's an alarmingly cheery place. Hospitals aren't supposed to be cheery, but somehow Grey-Sloan Memorial pulls it off effortlessly. 

Richard is brooding on the floor taking in all this cheer, and bursts into Bailey's office and demands a face-to-face with the residents. He is sick of their complacency and stagnation, and decides to put on a resident scramble. Each resident pulls a slip of paper out of a bed pan so that they can get out of their comfort zones and experience different specialties. 

Cali is grilling Meredith about Doctor Hottie Pants from last week's episode, but she blows her, and him, off. Meredith asks Jo why she's following her and Jo tells her she got her in the scramble. Meredith rudely forces Jo to track Blake down because she doesn't have time to get her up to speed, and Jo storms off. 

Amelia and Owen are talking about their date tonight, and Amelia is all ooey-gooey until she finds that Blake is on her service for the day. Amelia tells her that she will not accept this, and also storms off. 

Arizona goes into her patients' room to find Bailey and Ben getting tax advice from a bedridden mother-to-be of quadruplets. Courtney, played by the always-entertaining Casey Wilson, is recovering from fetal surgery in which Arizona saved her babies. 

Rita Moreno is ALSO in this episode, and she plays the wife of a man with a brain bleed who has been screwing a side piece for eleven years. I am 100% on board with this week's guest stars. 

Arizona wants to know how April is doing, because remember, she is pregnant and has not yet told Jackson. April tells Arizona that she will not be testing her infant, despite the fact that her first baby was born prematurely with osteogenesis imperfecta, a truly horrific disease that basically equates to extreme brittle bone syndrome. She's putting it in God's hands, though, and truly believes that her baby will be fine.

Arizona is discussing this with Alex, and he ALSO thinks April's decision is crazy. Arizona tries to get Alex to spill the beans to Jackson, but he tells her that he didn't want to even know about this to begin with, so she concedes defeat and goes to try April again.

Cali and Maggie are telling Meredith that she basically needs to get back on the horse and have her bell rung. She is resistant, but of course she is. It's hard to imagine Grey with anyone but Shepherd, isn't it?

Ben is giving Courtney an ultrasound to check on the babies, but can only find three heartbeats. I rather wanted to punch him when he actually told the already panicked parents this. Arizona is summoned immediately.

Amelia's patient is not a healthy man, and his estranged wife is who he wants to see when he wakes in a fevered state. She is confused by this, but goes to his side nonetheless. Rita Moreno is ready for the old dude to kick the bucket, because he's an asshole and he'll leave her $30 million, but it seems as though maybe she caught a glimpse of their once-happy-life in those few lucid moments. A romantic rekindling seems inevitable. 

Courtney is in extreme premature labor, and her sweet husband looks like he might pass out. Arizona is going to do whatever she can to stave labor off, but like she said, it's like a boulder. Once it starts rolling, it's hard to stop. 

Rita Moreno's husband (honestly who cares what his name is, because he's married to Rita Moreno), is charming the pants off of her, but she's not completely thawed to him yet. She isn't far off, though, despite her icy demeanor. 

Arizona is trying to stop Courtney's labor via medication, and in the midst of her attempts, she is sparked with a thought for April, and runs to confront her friend. 

Jo is bitching about Meredith and Edwards and Blake tell her that she gets 10 seconds to get it all out, and then they never want to hear about it again. She does her best, but fails miserably.

Arizona wants to know if April trusts her. April tells her that of course she does, so Arizona tells her that she needs to tell Jackson and get those damn tests done. April tries to defend her decision with some lame reort when they're interrupted by a resident with bad news about Courtney.

Arizona checks her and finds that Baby C, or Charles, is making a break for it; his feet are in Arizona's hands.

The OR is a blur of motion and the mother is freaking out, understandably so, and Robins promises that she will deliver only one baby and leave the other three in. No one thinks this is the best course of action, but Arizona promises in the heat of the moment. 

Arizona is going to deliver Charles, sterilize his placenta and put it BACK in the womb to block off the other babies' exit. Oh, and, she's probably the only person that has ever attempted this. Bailey and Alex are not convinced, but Bailey trusts her and tells her to carry on. 

Jo finally snaps at Meredith and they have it out in a hallway. Well, Jo screams and Meredith just stares at her in her Meredith way. Blah. 

Arizona is delivering Charles and trying to bluff her way through this incredibly dangerous and sensitive procedure. The baby comes out and Alex immediately goes into motion. 

Amelia is giving Rita Moreno sad news about her husband and she seems to be quite shaken by what is happening. Oh, yep. She just got him back and just wants to love him again. Back in love they fell.

Meredith is talking with Cali and Maggie about Wilson, and they agree that Meredith is inordinately mean to Jo; she treats her like a gnat. Meredith doesn't usually love hearing the truth about herself, and she storms off.

Blake is earning brownie points with Amelia by speaking neuro to her. They're gonna be friends after all. 

Baby Charles is not doing well, despite all of Alex's best attempts. Ben is trying to distract Courtney by asking tax questions and it appears to be working, but the mention of her son brings everything back to reality.

Rita Moreno's husband dies on the operating table, but Amelia and Blake have bonded, so it wasn't a total loss. 

Alex DID save the baby! Somehow Amelia has also managed to plug Courtney up and all four babies are currently alive. She kept her promise, because she's Arizona and she's a boss. 

Bailey tells her sexy husband, also known as resident Ben, that Arizona has requested him as her resident for the foreseeable future, and then Bailey tells him that she is going to hire Courtney as their accountant. Ben's male ego is bruised, but whatevs, he needs to accept Bailey for the brilliant, powerful woman that she is. 

Alex is trying to convince April to tell Jackson about the baby and get the tests, but she doesn't heed his advice anymore than Arizona's.

Meredith apologizes to Jo and tells her she was right, but that Alex has been hurt many times and doesn't deserve to live through it again. But she is rooting for her to stick; she wants to keep her around. 

Is it just me, or are Amelia and Owen way more adorable this go around? They seem so much more carefree and easy going. He knows she has had a crappy day, and takes her into the puppy room where she is promptly crawling in fur babies. Yeah, he's a keeper. 

Meredith sits down on a bench outside the hospital, getting ready to finally message back Doctor Hottie Pants, but it turns out he's actually waiting for her outside. She walks up to him and their flirting just feels so awkward. I just can't wrap my head around it.

April is looking for Jackson, but finds him with Arizona who has spilled the beans to him first. Jackson is understandably pissed. 

Oh snap. What an episode. I've always had my highs and lows with April, but lately she's just been the worst. She certainly always proves that she is her own worst enemy.

Arizona though. Mother of God that woman is amazing. Thank God for Shonda Rhimes and her complex, strong female characters. "It takes one to know one" never rings more true than on Thursday nights. 



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