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Grey's Anatomy: 12x16, When It Hurts So Bad

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/03/2016 4:54 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x16, When It Hurts So Bad | Grey's
Media Courtesy of ABC

Another Thursday night, another Grey's Anatomy. Tonight's episode, "When It Hurts So Bad," doesn't have a great connotation. Remember, we are following a couple of storylines that could go bad at any time, and know what happened tonight? Keep reading!


Mer is still dating Dr. Thorpe. They are on their 3rd date, and he tells her that three is his lucky number. She tells him he is out of luck, but then he kisses her, and he ends up spending the night. Mer freaks out the next morning and kicks him out. She won't let Maggie or Amelia in, and shuts herself in the bedroom. Mer eventually comes down to the kitchen, but she doesn't want to talk, she just wants to clean the countertops. Maggie and Amelia try to ask her what's wrong, but she just starts cleaning.

The trio clean the house throughout the day, and Mer eventually starts talking about Owen, but not herself. Alex barges in after getting a message about Mer from Maggie, and says he will kill Thorpe if he hurt Mer, but she doesn't answer and just gets back to cleaning. As she is cleaning a closet, she starts laughing, and then gets tears in her eyes as she finds a blanket of Derek's. She says they are done cleaning, takes the blanket and walks away.

She builds a fire, and Alex finds her sitting in front of it with the blanket wrapped around her. She tells Alex she freaked out. She said she slept with Thorpe, and it was amazing, but she wasn't ready for it, which is why she freaked out.

Later, Thorpe comes to her, and they go talk. She tells him she is sorry that she freaked out, and though he is great, and last night was great, she just isn't ready. He agrees to back off for the time being, but says he is going to call her again, and he is going to wait until she is ready because she is worth waiting for.


Weirdness going on between Amelia and Owen, and she is being very standoff-ish, not texting him or talking to him throughout the day.

Owen gets a patient, Christopher, who is a very large man (tall, not fat) and the man falls on the girl he has been seeing, Ashley (who is very small) during some acrobatic sex. Her legs are both out of the hip sockets, and Callie and Edwards push them back in. However, it turns out that Ashley has a small hip fracture, and when they see the scan, they notice her right leg is not getting any circulation.  They rush her into surgery, and it is successful at first, but complications occur and she has to go back into the OR.

It turns out she will be fine, and Christopher comes to see her. She, however, breaks up with him.

After the surgery, Owen goes to Mer's to talk to Amelia to apologize for his antics. Amelia tells him that she cannot be with him right now, because she is working on her sobriety, and being with him could compromise it.

Maggie and DeLuca

These two are still together too, but DeLuca tries to sneak out in the morning and it's pretty obvious he doesn't want to wake Maggie. He does though. She wants to talk, but he doesn't. In fact, he doesn't even text her throughout the day. As the day goes on, Maggie realizes that DeLuca might be giving her the brush off, especially when Amelia and Alex tell her the same. Maggie gets mad, and heads to the hospital because "she gives the brush."

She arrives at the hospital and confronts him about his lack of communication, and it seems like things are over between these two.

April and Jackson

April is still freezing Arizona out. Jackson and Richard are waiting at the hospital for Catherine.  When Catherine arrives, Jackson refuses to allow his mother to talk to April. April, however, is doing her best to hide from Catherine. Of course, Catherine finds her, and asks her questions about the baby. She seems caring and interested in April, and tells her she doesn't want to talk about Jackson, only her. She tells her she found out on the day she signed the divorce papers. Catherine says she would have done the same.

Later, after having a great talk with Catherine, April finds Jackson and asks if they can talk later, and he says yes.

Jackson confronts Catherine about talking to April, but ends up telling her thanks, because he and April are going to talk. Catherine, however, has other plans and tells Jackson she got all of the information she needs to sue April for fraud. (And I assume...custody.)

Callie/Penny and Arizona

Callie and Penny are still seeing each other, or at least sleeping together. Penny says she loves her, and Callie says "Thank you."

Little Sophia comes in with her sitter. She has fallen and cut her head open on a rock. They cannot find Callie or Arizona, so Penny starts her treatment. It's a simple laceration, and Sophia is fine. Callie is a bit upset at Penny, though, for not paging her when Sophia came in. Penny thinks Callie is being weird because she said she loved her, but Callie tells her, no, it's because Arizona doesn't want Penny around Sophia at this point. Penny goes to Arizona to apologize, and finds out Callie lied to her, because Arizona didn't say anything, and she doesn't care if Penny sees Sophia, at all.

Arizona confronts Callie later, and Callie apologizes. Penny confronts Callie, too, and says lying is not OK with her, and she walks away. Callie later asks Bailey when she introduced Tuck to Ben, and tells Bailey that she really is ready for Penny to meet Sophia, but she doesn't want to move too early. Bailey tells her a story, and Callie invites Penny to go get ice cream with her and Sophia.

Wow, guys!  There sure were a lot of confrontations and apologies this week, and several relationships crashed and burned. Is there any hope for the rocky relationships that are left?

Next week, on

Grey's Anatomy, it seems like we explore another relationship, the one between Owen and Riggs. Join me next week, same time and same place, for your weekly Grey's Anatomy recap!


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