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Grey's Anatomy: 12x17, I Wear The Face

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/11/2016 5:59 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x17, I Wear The Face | I Wear The Face
Media Courtesy of ABC

Welcome to another Thursday night with me and Grey's Anatomy. Tonight's episode is called "I Wear the Face" and focuses on the relationship between Owen and Riggs, along with some new information about why Catherine Avery is so interested in getting between Jackson and April. There is also some competition between the residents and, per usual, several heroic saves from our favorite doctors. Do you want to know the details of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Keep reading!

Penny, Jo and Edwards

Penny, Jo and Edwards are applying for the prestigious Preminger Grant. Penny doesn't seem as if she will apply, however, because A) she is a year behind the other two, and B) if she gets it, she will have to move away from Callie.


April is working with a 14 year old girl, Jenny, who she believes has a cold, but, every time the girl coughs or sneezes, she has abdominal pain. Jenny, then, tells April that she is pregnant. She is not getting prenatal care, and she freaks out when she sees her mom come in, as she doesn't know the girl is pregnant. April promises not to tell her mom, and it turns out that her mom is tracking her phone, so she knew she was at the hospital. Arizona comes down as soon as the mom figures out where Jenny is, but April introduces her as an "abdominal doctor."

Arizona takes Jenny to the CT scan, and she and April have some small talk. Jenny has an aneurysm that will require surgery. They try to get her to tell her mom, but she refuses, even though the baby should be fine unless the aneurysm bursts. April wants to tell the mom, but Arizona doesn't.

They end up telling the mom about the aneurysm, and April ends up telling Jenny's mom, Tara about the baby, even though Arizona tries to stop her. Tara is upset, of course, and it comes out that she had Jenny when she was 14.

Jenny's aneurysm ruptures. They rush her to surgery, and, while they are scrubbing in, Arizona and April are able to talk. They seem to come to an understanding that they both understand why April told Tara. They had to remove Jenny's spleen, but the baby is fine. Tara comes in after surgery, and tells Jenny that everything is okay.

Mer and Owen and Riggs

Mer, Owen and Riggs are off to pick up a donor in the ambulance, and the atmosphere is less than comfortable. The rig is stuck in traffic, and Mer tries to talk about the grant that the residents are applying for. Mer says something about Amelia and drinking, and Riggs says he went out for drinks with her a couple of months ago. Owen flips out on him, but Riggs didn't know she was an alcoholic, and Mer diffuses the situation.

They arrive to the other hospital only to find out that the heart has stopped and is, thus, unusable. Back in the ambulance, Riggs and Owen once again get in a fight, and Mer has to once again talk to Owen after Riggs storms off. He tells her that what Riggs told her about his sister, i.e. him trying to talk her off the helicopter was a lie. Instead, she was trying to get away from Riggs.

Riggs and Owen get in one more fight. Owen tells him that Megan, his sister, called him before she took off to tell him she was leaving Riggs. He walks off, and Riggs stands in shocked silence.

Amelia, Edwards and Penny

A patient, Kyle, is a magician who has multiple sclerosis, which comes and goes, and he has developed a tremor in his hand. He is going to get deep brain stimulation, which allows him to stay awake while the doctors go into the brain and send electrical impulses. The want him to play the guitar while they do it, so they know when he stops trembling. Edwards, however, is upset that Penny is going to help with the surgery, and her job is to hold his hand during it to monitor the trembling. Later, Edwards is complaining about Penny to Jo, but Penny overhears.

Edwards talks to Amelia, but Amelia tells her that she is the best to hold his hand, as he likes her and was flirting with her. Edwards then changes the subject and tries to get Amelia to tell her if she recommended her for the grant, but Amelia will not tell her; Edwards, however, is confident that Amelia recommended her.

During surgery, Edwards watches the progress from Kyle's bedside, as he continues to flirt. However, he develops a bleed in the brain, and Amelia works to keep it under control and, in the process, removes the tremor, and he is able to play with no problem.

After surgery, Edwards goes to Penny for apologizing for talking about her behind her back. Jo comes in and says she found out that Penny applied, too, and both Edwards and Jo are mad because they feel like she snuck behind their backs.

It turns out that Penny won the grant, and she will be leaving. Callie tries to act excited for her, but it's quite obvious she isn't. Edwards finds out and confronts Amelia. She tells her that she recommended her, but, then, Penny's name came up. Edwards gets confrontational, and Amelia tells her that she is in the Attending's Lounge ... and Edwards leaves.

She checks on Kyle, who is still quite flirty with her.

Richard and Catherine

These two are fighting over Jackson and April. Richard is angry because Catherine is inserting herself into Jackson and April's relationship.

The next day, Catherine tells Jackson that she is getting him the best custody attorney that money can buy, but he doesn't seem to want to go ahead with it.

Later, the couple finds out that they are scheduled for a surgery together, which Richard says will give them ample time to talk about anything they want. When scrubbing in, the conversation once again turns to April and Jackson, and Richard still insists that Catherine is wrong to get involved.

Catherine explains to Richard about her ex and how he took Jackson from her, and she fought hard to get him back, so she is not giving up on him now.

After surgery, Richard says he understand why she feels like she does, but he doesn't think she's right.

Later, Catherine goes to Jackson and says she knows she overstepped, but she still wants to do all she can for her baby. She, then, says maybe they can go to counseling or something if that's what he wants ... but he tells her someone tries to mess with his baby, and he got some power.

April is onto them, though, and she confides in Arizona and tells her that she will not be the victim and she will not let Jackson take her baby. Arizona asks what she will do...

In the next scene, Jackson gets served with a restraining order from April, and April returns to her apartment and sees that Jackson bought her a new crib for the baby.

Seriously, Shonda ... can you just totally break April and Jackson up or bring them back together??? These two are NEVER on the same page, and it is making me crazy!!! What about you? How do you feel about it? Ugh, hopefully we will find out more next week when we come together again with Grey's Anatomy.


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