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Grey's Anatomy: 12x18, There's a Fine, Fine Line & 12x19, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/18/2016 7:32 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x18, There's a Fine, Fine Line & 12x19, It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) | Grey's
Media Courtesy of ABC

This week is a special one on Grey's Anatomy. It is a two-hour event! Instead of a single episode of our favorite medical drama, we are lucky enough to get two of them tonight, so this recap will be a bit longer than usual. Both of these episodes heavily focus on Miranda and Ben, a couple that has remained relatively far from trouble. Will their happy marriage see some drama? It's Shonda, folks, so very likely. Here's what happened:

There is a missing boy in the hospital. He is Alex's patient and must get his tonsils out, but he is scared. At first the docs believe he is hiding, but Alex is upset because it's his patient. All of the doors are locked and elevators and stopped. Within minutes, they call a Code Pink, and Alex finds him rather quickly. However, there are consequences here, because all of the docs are locked in, or out, of OR's and treatment rooms.

The Car Accident

There is a car accident, and a family of five, Gretchen, Omar, and their three children, are all involved.

Ben and DeLuca take it upon themselves to operate on Gretchen, who is pregnant, during the Code Pink, and when Bailey finds them, there is blood all over the floor, and Ben is holding the baby in his hands. DeLuca is trying to keep Gretchen alive with chest compressions when April shows up to help. Bailey comments that the woman was "butchered."

Alex sees DeLuca running past with the baby, and runs to help. He is 36 weeks, so a bit premature.

Bailey comes to get Ben, saying she has to talk to him privately. She puts on her Chief hat, calling him Dr. Warren. He explains that Gretchen was going to die, and she interrupts him and tells her she doesn't want to know what happened, because then she will have to report it. Bailey tells him to stay in her office until she comes to get him. She walks out.

Mer, Richard and Edwards are working on Gretchen's husband, Omar, in the OR. Bailey walked in to talk to Mer, as Mer was Gretchen's doctor when she came into the hospital. Mer said that Gretchen was fine, and she left her with Ben when she was called into Omar's surgery.

Ben told Bailey he talked to Arizona, too, and Arizona didn't see anything wrong with Gretchen, either.

Bailey goes to talk to DeLuca. All of Gretchen's scans were clear, so Ben and DeLuca start taking her up to OB for observation. She tells them that she is a bit uncomfortable, but since she is 36 weeks pregnant, it's not unusual. However, her stomach starts to hurt, and she got clammy.

They lose the baby's heartbeat, and DeLuca runs to get Arizona, but he is stopped, as this is when the Code Pink goes into effect, locking all of the doors. Gretchen was crashing, and they were losing both she and the baby. Bailey asks if he is sure, and he says, "I'm certain, and that's what Dr. Warren said."

Bailey goes to Arizona, while she is working on Gretchen, and she says both Gretchen and the baby were stable, so she thought it was fine to leave her with Ben. Gretchen starts losing her heartbeat, and crashes. DeLuca frantically tries to do CPR, but she has dies, and Arizona calls her time of death.

Mer comes to Bailey after this, and says the husband is going to be OK, and Bailey tells her that Gretchen didn't make it. The baby also dies.

Bailey goes to Richard to ask him if he thinks he should step in to discipline Ben, but he says she is the Chief, and she should do it.

Meanwhile, Ben talks to Jackson about what happened. He tells him she was crashing, and he had to do something to save them both.

Bailey goes to talk to the kids, and she tells them they are going to have a slumber party. The daughter. Jasmine, asks where her parents are. Bailey tells her that her dad is going to be sleeping for a while because he had a long surgery, and Jasmine asks if her mom died. Bailey says that she is so sorry, and Jasmine said she knew it. She then tells Bailey that her brother lost his tooth, and asks Bailey if she has any money for the tooth fairy.

Bailey then meets with the head of security to view the security cameras. She sees what Ben and DeLuca did on the cameras. She comes to Ben and tells him that she has spent all day trying to figure out what happened, and she has him tell her the story of what happened. He said there was no other option, but she says "I found something." She shows him the video, which shows the elevator opening before he made the cut, and Ben is looking directly at it, meaning he could have taken her to the OR before he did what he did.

He storms out.

Start of It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Ben and Bailey are going up in an elevator, and still arguing about the incident. Bailey has put together an advisory panel of doctors who will review the situation independently. The panel include Mer, Owen and Maggie. Richard believes this is a bad idea, and Bailey should handle it himself. She explains that this is a very difficult decision, but she feels as if it is best.

Ben goes before the committee, and is at first, relieved, but then Maggie tells him that this is a very serious matter, and they could ultimately remove him from the residency program at the hospital. The panel watches the security video together, and they see the elevator open. They see Ben looking at them, but he still claims he does not see the elevator doors.

They dismiss him, and he meets Bailey in her office and tells her that the panel wants to talk to other doctors who were involved in Gretchen's care. Bailey tells him that it would be best if he not work on any patients and tells him he should probably go home. They are both upset about this, and Ben suggests that they try to separate the Chief and Dr. Warren from Ben and Miranda.

Alex and Arizona come in to talk to the panel, and both of them believe that they were out of options, and that Ben did the right thing. Owen, however, wants to bring Riggs in, because he was involved, too.

Later, as Riggs is going in front of the panel the next day, Mer tells Maggie and Amelia that Riggs lied about Owen's sister getting on the helicopter, and that she was leaving because Riggs had cheated on her.

With Riggs in front of the panel, they question him about the steps that he took with the baby. Owen says his actions may have killed the baby, but Maggie said she would have done the same thing Riggs did. Maggie then says she is wasting her time and she is done with this witch hunt. They need to figure out if Ben is telling the truth or not.

It seems as if the panel believes he is lying, because when he goes before the panel again, they want him to tell them why he ignored the doors opening. He still says he did not see the door open. Mer says she doesn't understand, but he tells them, they do, because they are surgeons, and they know that when they are responsible for a life, they don't see, hear or feel anything else because the rest of the world disappears.

Bailey is in front of the panel next, and they report that every doctor they spoke to said that there was no choice for Ben to make, and they do not believe that he was lying about feeling he had no choice. It's now up to Bailey, as the Chief, to decide what happens to him.

She suspends him from the hospital and the residency program for six months. He is furious, and says he just keeps playing it over in his mind, but this isn't discipline, it is a death sentence for his career.

Later that night, Ben once again tries to convince Bailey to lower his suspension, but she tells him he is lucky, because she actually wanted to fire him, and she was talked down. She doesn't believe what he did was not a choice, and she is trying to forget and forgive, but it is going to take a lot longer than six months.

P.S...there are some other things that happened in this episode, too!

April and Jackson

April is still very apologetic about the restraining order, but Jackson's lawyer tells him that it is ammunition for him to get full custody of the baby. April's lawyer says she cannot talk to Jackson under any circumstances, or she really could lose custody.

However, they meet at work, and argue about a patient. April and Jackson both believe he is their patient, and Richard finally makes the choice and gives him to Jackson.

The next morning when Arizona is getting ready for work, April shows up at her door, saying there is something really wrong with the baby, and that Arizona was closer than the hospital. They go rush to the hospital, and Arizona puts her on a monitor. The feeling that April has was just the baby moving. April never felt it before, because Samuel was unable to move when he was in the womb.

Meanwhile, Jackson is with Catherine and Richard, and they are going through Jackson and April's documents, i.e. wedding papers, divorce decree, etc.

Jackson meets April as she is going home, and says that he has been going through the paperwork, and he couldn't find anything he could use against her, because it was written by two people who loved each other, who were fair to each other, and who were good to each other. He says he wants to know where those people went. He doesn't know if they can fix themselves, or even if they should, but he doesn't like who he is. She walks towards him, and puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby kicking.

Callie and Penny

Penny still hasn't given her answer about the grant won, and Callie questions her about why she hasn't. Penny says she wouldn't make a decision without talking to Callie, but Callie tells her she needs to make the decision on her own.

Later, Callie finds Penny and says that she, Penny, ruined "the moment," and she should have asked her to go to New York with her for the year. Penny is shocked, and Callie said it would have been nice to have been asked. Penny tells her that she is adorable, and that she wants her to go to New York with her, but it's impossible because Callie has her life here, but they should try a long distance relationship. They start making out, and Arizona walks in on them.

Later, Callie tells Arizona that Penny is leaving, and she's worried about a long distance relationship, and they can figure it out.

They spend the night together, and Penny tells Callie she is a little upset because Callie didn't ask her to stay, but Callie says this is a big opportunity for Penny, and she doesn't want to hold her back, but then tells her she loves her. Callie then says it's the moment again, and that Penny should ask her...

Callie decides to go, and though Arizona reminds her that they have a child together, Callie is so happy that she simply says they will figure it out.

Arizona is not waiting for that, however, and she meets with April's lawyer to discuss her options for getting custody of Sophia.


Bailey tells Gretchen and Omar's kids that he is doing better, and Jasmine, the daughter, can see her. However, as they go into the room, Omar is having a seizure, and Jasmine is extremely upset. His mother comes to see him, and Amelia says that he does not have brain activity, and she should think about taking him off of the machines. Jasmine comes in and tells her grandmother that she should sign the papers to take him off life support, and a DNR, because he would not want to live like this.

Omar is dying, and Mer pages Bailey into the hospital. When Bailey gets there, she talks to the mother, and Omar's mother says she knows that he is gone. Bailey walks out and runs into Ben, who asks if Omar has died. She says they are still waiting, and then they hold each other's hands, before she walks away.

Omar begins to crash, and Edwards is alone in the room before Bailey walks in. Though Bailey knows that he has a DNR, she calls for a crash cart and begins shocking his heart back. Amelia has arrived then, and again, says they have a DNR, right as Omar's heart starts beating again.

They have to tell his mother that they resuscitated him, and she is confused, of course. Bailey says they wanted to give him one more chance, and Amelia asks to see her in the hallway. She tells her it is not fair to make Omar suffer so that Ben doesn't have to.

Omar, however, takes a great turn for the better, and he begins to move and talk again.

Maggie and Riggs

Before leaving for the night, Maggie tells Riggs that Mer told her about Owen's sister. Riggs says he didn't lie, and that everything he told Mer was true, he just left parts out, such as when they fought, when he cheated, and when he failed the only woman he ever loved. He made a mistake, and he has paid for it ever since.

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!  That is all I have to say about this week's episode. Just when you think that there is one couple on Grey's that have a happy life, this happens???  And, could Japril possibly get back together again?  Wow...I can hardly wait for next week's Grey's Anatomy already!


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