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Grey's Anatomy: 12x21, You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

05/02/2016 5:56 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x21, You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side | You're Gonna Need
Media Courtesy of ABC

It's another Thursday night, Grey's Anatomy fans, and there is another new episode of our favorite show tonight. This episode, "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side," is heavy on the Arizona vs. Callie game, and things might just change between Owen and Amelia. Ready to find out what happened on tonight's Grey's Anatomy? Check it out, below:

Bailey and Ben

These two are still fighting. She refuses to allow Ben to be in her surgeries, and, sure enough, the anesthesiologist who was supposed to be scheduled was sick, so Ben ends up in there anyway. Bailey is noticeably upset and implies that Ben is a scammer who scammed his way into the OR by telling a story about Tuck. Bailey, then, says that his presence is causing stress in the OR, and, after a scary moment, Ben and Bailey keep arguing.

After surgery, Riggs tells her that he doesn't mean to be disrespectful, but she is not his boss, and she should let Ben do the anesthesiologist thing.

By the end of the episode, however, Bailey is scheduling Ben for shifts as an anesthesiologist.

Callie and Arizona

Callie and Arizona are now in a major battle over Sofia, and they are building up their allies. Callie tells Penny that she thinks Mer might be on her side, but she's not sure since she and Arizona were in the plane crash together. Arizona tells Richard that she is uncomfortable with asking people to choose sides when he urges her to do so.

Arizona is giving April an ultrasound and asks them about being on her side when Penny walks in and tells them that she is on Arizona's service. All seems well with the ultrasound, but Arizona goes silent. It's not OI -- the disease that Samuel died of -- but there could be an issue with the baby's brain. It could be an infection, a blip in the ultrasound, or a genetic defect. Arizona suggests a full workup, but April really freaks out and blames it on Arizona for not seeing this on the last ultrasound she had. April wants a full scan, but Arizona doesn't want to put her and the baby under anesthesia.

Callie approaches Mer to talk about being on her side when they are interrupted by Owen, and Mer ends up walking over to her next case. Callie then goes to Alex and asks him to be on her side in the custody case, but he says no ... he likes them both, and he is not picking sides.

Alex later tells Arizona that Callie asked him to be on her side and that he won't be on her side, either, because he is not picking sides. Penny approaches her, and Arizona starts freaking out, asking Penny if she is spying on her for Callie to call her a bad mother. Arizona walks away, and Richard follows.

Arizona goes back in and tells April that she will do any test she wants, even if it means putting her under general anesthesia. The tests all come out with good news. After giving April and Jackson the results, she gives them a list of the best OBs she knows and says she cannot be April's doctor anymore and still be her friend.

He finds her crying in her car, and she tells him that she knows she is fighting a losing fight and is going to lose Sofia either way. Richard tells her, however, that if she wants Sofia, she has to fight like she has never fought before.

Callie tells Owen and Mer that all she wants is to move to New York and be with Penny and Sofia, and she needs them to testify in court for her. Both Mer and Owen say they will testify on her behalf.

Callie tells Penny her good news, and Penny tells Callie that she spent the day with Arizona and thinks she is great.

Owen and Mer

Mr. Paulson fell down the stairs, and his doorman, Vincent, comes in with him. Mrs. Paulson comes in. Mer, however, sees Vincent and Mr. Paulson holding hands. Mr. Paulson tries to deny it to Mer and says that he has never cheated on his wife and his feelings for Vincent would destroy his wife.

During Mr. Paulson's surgery, Mer finds that he has inoperable cancer, and he only has six months to a year to live. When she tells him, he tells her that he always loved his wife, but Vincent was different ... and they spent 15 years loving each other. Mer tells him that he has one more year. Mr. Paulson, however, tells Vincent that he can go back to work when he and Mrs. Paulson come in. She gives Vincent a tip, and Mr. Paulson watches him walk out.


Edwards and Kyle are still together, as is apparent when she comes in for his follow-up appointment. Amelia, however, pulls Edwards off his case. There is an issue with Kyle, as he has a tremor on the other side, and Amelia suggests another surgery. She suggests doing it today because the tremor will only get worse.

Edwards isn't handling being off the case too well, however, and Amelia tells her she has turned into the "family member from hell." Amelia tells her she will act like a loved one, and, today, she is not a surgeon.

Kyle comes out of the surgery okay, and, when in recovery, Edwards kisses him on the head and leaves a letter on the tray next to him. She goes to get ready for her shift and tells Jo that she broke up with Kyle. She tells Jo that Amelia made her sit in the waiting room during his surgery, and she just cannot handle sitting in the waiting room, and she can't do that if she is with him.

Amelia and Owen

These two have spent the night together, which caused Amelia to be late to carpool ... oh, and they were caught by Mer and Maggie.

Maggie and Mer tease them all day, and, finally, Mer tells Amelia that she should just get over it and get together with Owen. Amelia goes to Owen's trailer after her shift and tells him that this is really difficult, messy, and scary, but they both want to give it a shot.

That's it, my friends! I like these calm Grey's Anatomy episodes sometimes, especially because Shonda causes mini heart attacks in my house about once a month. Next week, I'm afraid, will be one of those weeks because Callie and Arizona will meet each other in court for their custody case. Eeek!!!


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