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Grey's Anatomy: 12x08, Things We Lost In The Fire

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

11/20/2015 2:05 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy: 12x08, Things We Lost In The Fire | Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of ABC

Hello my Grey's fam! How are you this week?  Can you believe that this is the winter finale of Grey's Anatomy? There will not be another new episode of Grey's until February, so enjoy this one while you can! So what happened in tonight's episode, "Things We Lost in the Fire?" 


Bailey gets the call that more than 40 firefighters are coming to the emergency department after battling a wildfire. She declares the entire hospital a burn treatment center. Bailey's first patient is a man who is severely burned, so much so that it goes through his chest and his heart is beating visibly under his dressing. She calls Maggie and she wants to get him up to the OR immediately, but it is backed up. Everything is backed up, in fact, but Bailey chooses to clear out the cafeteria and turns it into a triage center for burns.


Mer has a patient with a rod in his heart, and she doesn't want to pull it out until Maggie has a look at it. Dr. Riggs, however, has different ideas and he pulls it out. The patient does not bleed out, but Meredith books an OR anyway, even though Dr. Riggs disagrees.


Arizona is working on a patient, and they seem into each other and have some things in common. Arizona is so happy she runs and tells Richard she thinks she found someone to date, and asks him to go ask her what she thinks of her. Richard, however, thinks it's childish.

Arizona asks her patient if they can see each other again, and the patient assumes it's for a follow-up appointment, so Arizona freaks out again and goes to Richard. He says she has to spread her wings and just ask her out. Arizona eventually does...right when her girlfriend walks in.


Rumors are swirling about why Owen hates Dr. Riggs. Ideas include fighting about a girl and losing a patient on the table during the war.

His mom appears at the emergency department and tells him her boyfriend is at the hospital. It turns out that her boyfriend is the man that Mer and Riggs have in the OR. He tells Riggs to leave, but Riggs refuses because he doesn't work for Owen, he works for Maggie, and Maggie says she's not removing him without reason. Owen walks out.

He runs into Amelia and she asks him what's wrong, he tells her he doesn't want Riggs near his family, but doesn't explain.

Owen's mom's boyfriend makes it through surgery, and when she is walking in to see him, she sees Dr. Riggs. She calls him by name and hugs him tightly.

Later, we see Owen and his mom in a heated discussion. Owen leaves the room and Amelia follows him, but he blows her off.

Mer goes to check on Owen's mom's boyfriend, and asks her if she should be worried about Owen and Riggs. Owen's mom tells her to close the door.

Next, we see Mer and Amelia, and Mer will not tell Amelia what Owen's mom told her. Amelia gets mad because Mer will not tell her anything, but she tells Cristina everything. She then asks Mer if she hates her because Amelia reminds her of Derek. Mer kicks her out of the house.

Owen eventually runs into Riggs again. Owen tells him to stay away from his family, Riggs says it's his family, too, and Owen punches him several times.

Mer finds Owen outside and tells him that Bailey is looking for him as she knows he punched Riggs. Mer says "You never told me you had a sister."


Maggie and Andrew are still hot and heavy, and on this particular day, he is on her service. They work on Casey,  the man with the hole in his chest, and Andrew doesn't understand why they are just going to let him die. He knows he will die, and Bailey explains that it's best for them to work on patients who will survive surgery. His wife arrives and tells him that she won't be alone, their children are on their way, and that he did good. He passes away as she sits next to his bed.

Later, Maggie tells Andrew that they shouldn't touch at work, and he tells her that his feelings are more than that. She comes to him later and tells him she has those feelings too, but she cannot like him like that at work. She asks if she can like him...just not at work.


Alex and Jo are fighting. Jo is angry that Mer is always Alex's priority and that she treats Jo "like crap." Alex says Mer is the only one he can count on and Jo takes it badly.

She is crying in the supply closet and Edwards comes in. She ignores Jo, per usual, and Jo gets angry and walks out.

Later, as Jo is working on a patient, Edwards walks into the room. Things are tense, but then they start talking, and things look better for these two after apologizing on both sides.

Jo goes home and tells Alex they need to talk. Alex has champagne and dinner ready, but Jo tells him she wants to break up. Alex stops her, and pulls out a ring. He tells her he loves her, and she just looks at him.


Jackson asks Callie about marriage counseling and he wants to talk to April, who keeps avoiding him. She tells him to give the counseling a try. He reveals that he and April slept together, but he doesn't know if it was make up sex or break up sex, and since April's not talking to him, he doesn't know what she thinks.

Jackson eventually catches up with April. They are still on slightly different pages. April enjoyed it, Jackson was confused. They start yelling at each other and....

Seriously...I figured there would be one cliffhanger, but THREE????  Come on, Shonda!

So, we need to know what happens between April and Jackson...we still have to find out what Riggs is to Owen...and, does Jo say "Yes?"

Hopefully, we will get answers in February. Until then, Happy Holidays, Grey's Family!


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