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Grey's Anatomy Recap - 11x19 - Love Cuts Like a Knife...Literally

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

04/12/2015 9:14 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy Recap - 11x19 - Love Cuts Like a Knife...Literally | Grey's Anatomy
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Hello, Grey's Fan,

Thanks for joining me once again. We were treated to a special re-airing of the first EVER Grey's Anatomy tonight (George!!!!) before the new episode, "Crazy Love." Tonight, Mer finds out about Owen and Amelia, but is she happy about it? Find out, below!

Mer and Der

Things seems to be looking a bit more sunny for Mer and Der, they even kiss as Derek leaves again for a meeting in Washington, D.C.

Maggie, Callie and Alex

It seems Maggie ended up going out with Ethan, but he is now ignoring her. Callie, too, went out with the cop from last week's episode, and it, too, didn't work out either. Maggie keeps asking Alex what's wrong with her and why don't guys like her.

Later, Maggie has to go to radiology to pick up some X-rays and she confronts Ethan. He said he didn't contact her again because all she did was talk, talk, talk and talk...and then she paid. (I get it)

After, in surgery, Maggie tells Alex what Ethan said and Alex said he is ridiculous, and Maggie is totally fine, and it's Ethan's problem. Following the surgery, Maggie goes back to Ethan and tells him that when she is nervous or scared, she uses talking as a defense mechanism, and she was scared on their date.

Ben, Callie and Amelia

Ben, Callie and Amelia are working on a patient named Marissa, one of the best junior golfers in the country. She has severe lower back pain and Callie informs her that her spine is severely bent.  When discussing how they can help Marissa, the women have a difference of opinion on the best sort of treatment. (Do we see this every week, or is it just me?) Owen steps in and sides with Amelia.

Amelia meets with the family and tells them the game plan, and Marissa is very concerned that she won't be able to golf again. They take her to surgery and once they get in there, they find out what Callie said was right and Amelia's plan won't work. She sends Ben to get Callie immediately.

When Callie arrives, things are critical, and Marissa could be paralyzed. Even as the surgery continues, Callie and Amelia are still not agreeing and it may be affecting the outcome.  After surgery, they meet with Marissa's mother and tell her the damage was extensive and with therapy, she may be able to walk and run, but not golf.

Callie tells Amelia they did everything they could, but Amelia blames herself. As she is walking away, Owen catches up to her and she tells him he never should have sided with her. Her way was inferior and it ruined this girl's life. She says their relationship has affected her professional life and it is a mistake.

Edwards and Jo (Plus the Penis Story)

After getting kicked off Amelia's service because she wanted to be alone, Edwards and Jo are talking about how Edwards really needs to decide where she wants to focus on. At that point, a trauma comes in...a man and woman, Thomas and Rory, who they rush to, along with Bailey and April.

The couple is not married, but he says his wife, Marcia, cut off his penis, and Rory has it in a paper bag. As April tries to treat the patient and Edwards checks the condition of the penis, Richard comes in with a group of interns. April tells him that Catherine Avery is on the west coast for a conference and she would like to have her come up to Seattle to reattach the penis. Richard says no.

We then find out that Thomas is a world class chef and Rory is his sous chef. Thomas doesn't want to press charges against his wife, but Rory says after Marcia cut off the penis, she threw it in her stock pot (only on Grey's, people, online on Grey's). Oh, and by the way, Thomas and Rory ARE having an affair.

April calls Catherine anyway. (I got a little teary when she arrived and hugged April, by the way) She says she believes she can save the penis, and Thomas will have full function. As expected, Richard finds out and he is not happy. They meet while prepping for surgery and...there is some kind of tension goin' on.

During the penis surgery, most of the doctors are watching from above, talking about, what else...penises. Edwards and April are assisting Catherine, and Catherine tells Edwards that she has talent in urology and it may be a good career move for her.

After surgery, when meeting with Thomas, Catherine tells him that he is optimistic that he will get back normal function. At this point, Marcia (The Wife!) comes in. Thomas wants her to stay, and apparently, they had an agreement that he could sleep with waitresses and hostesses, but not the sous chef...who sees the couple kissing and runs off in tears.

Later, Rory comes into Thomas' room...and CUTS HIS DAMN PENIS OFF!!! She runs into the bathroom with Edwards chasing her. Rory threatens to flush the penis, and then tells Edwards that Thomas told her that she was his heart. She is devastated, but hands over the penis.

After Catherine hears about Edwards saving the penis, she invites her to Boston to be her fellow in urology. Oh, and right after this, Richard tells Catherine he loves her and they kiss.

Edwards later decides against the urology fellow because...penises are gross.

Amelia and Mer

Mer confronts Amelia about Owen and wants to know "what they are." Mer reveals that Cristina asked her to watch over Owen and Amelia thinks Mer is asking questions because she's afraid Amelia will "ruin" him...and Mer doesn't really deny it.

Later, after telling Owen they made a mistake, Amelia tells Mer, at home, that her relationship with Owen is none of her business, and she needs to cut Amelia some slack.

Owen later meets Amelia at work and tries to remedy the situation, but Amelia gets a phone call asking for Dr. Shepherd. However, they want Derek, so she tells the person on the phone that they want the other Dr. Shepherd, but his wife is here, so she hands the phone to Mer.... Derek never showed up to his meeting in Washington, D.C.

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