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Grey's Anatomy: 12x15, I Am Not Waiting Anymore

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/28/2016 12:02 am
PopWrapped | Television
Grey's Anatomy: 12x15, I Am Not Waiting Anymore | I Am Not Waiting Anymore
Media Courtesy of ABC

Hi guys! First, I want to thank my Editor-in-Chief, Dani, for taking over last week and writing an AMAZING Grey's Anatomy recap! I had a family obligation, and, though I missed you last week, I am back now, caught up (seriously, April???) and ready to go! In tonight's episode, "I Am Not Waiting Anymore," we see the aftermath of April's decision to wait to tell Jackson and see if Mer decides to start dating again...


We start this episode with a bit of a flashback from last episode. Arizona walks in to talk to Jackson, and she drops the news about the baby after Jackson tells her that he is dating. April walks in. The couple fights, and April tells him that she is 12 weeks pregnant, Jackson is furious that she didn't tell him, and April is mad at Arizona. April tells Arizona to "go to hell." Dr. Riggs tells her that he doesn't blame Jackson for being mad, but they must run to a trauma.

The woman, Tess, is severely injured after falling from a mountain. During surgery, things go south, and the docs determine that she is brain dead.

As soon as April comes out of the OR, Jackson confronts her, and they start fighting. Richard breaks it up, and Jackson says "I'm done" before walking away.

April breaks down, and Owen comforts her. She tells him that she screwed everything up, but Owen says, "You have a baby. It's not screwed up. It's a miracle."

Richard, then, comes to Jackson to try to settle him down, and he ends up giving him some very good step-fatherly advice. He tells Jackson that he found out a few weeks late, but he (Richard) found out decades late, and he needs to step up.

April, Owen, and Riggs tell the family that Tess is brain dead and will need life support care for the rest of her life, but the family doesn't understand, believing that she is in a simple coma and will wake up. Her fiancé, Michael, however, tells them that she wouldn't want to live like this and begs them to reconsider and think about taking her off life support.

Michael tells Owen that her parents will blame her forever for taking her up on the mountain. Meanwhile, Riggs tells them to never give up hope, which goes against Owen's diagnosis that she will never wake up. The men get in a fight about Owen's sister, and Riggs tells him that he has to stop blaming him for his sister's disappearance. and it was her choice to get on the helicopter.

Jackson goes to April's house to apologize. He says he reacted badly and that he realizes they are having a baby, and it doesn't deserve them arguing about it. He says he wants to figure it out. April tells him that she waited to tell him because, the last time, it tore them apart. She wanted to wait until she knew everything was okay, but he says she wanted to wait until she was too far along to have an abortion. She says he doesn't count right now, and he has no choice in this, and he has no rights. She closes the door and locks it.


Mer says yes to Dr. Thorpe, but just for drinks. Alex thinks she will cancel, and Maggie thinks she will keep the date. Mer later talks to Callie about it, and she is worried, but Callie tries to calm her fears. She seems like she feels better about it when she starts shaving her legs in the hospital bathroom, and Amelia offers to let her borrow some clothes.

Mer is looking HOT before her date, and then ... she shows up in the OR barking instructions to Jo to get her phone and text Dr. Thorpe to tell him that it's not a good night.

However, Dr. Thorpe meets her in the waiting room and offers to drive her home, but he says he would like to take her out another time. They stop for some fast food on the way, which they eat in the car, and chat about Mer's surgery.


Owen and Amelia are still trying to date. It's Owen's birthday, and they decide to make some lobster. When Amelia arrives, she finds Owen several beers in, and he admits that he forgot about the date after his fight with Riggs. Amelia runs off.


Alex has a teenaged patient who requires a lung, liver, and pancreas transplant. Much of the team is helping with the surgery, including Maggie, Jo, Mer, and Edwards. Throughout the surgery, which lasts for many hours, the docs fall easily into conversations (mostly about Mer) and talk about life, love, and dating. Alex tells Mer that she might as well get the weird first date over with, because it's going to be weird, no matter what.

She makes it through surgery, and it is deemed a success.

Callie and Arizona

I love these two ... truly, I do.  Arizona tells Callie that she spilled the beans about April and Jackson's baby, but Callie tells her she did the wrong thing.

Arizona goes to Bailey to get her opinion about what she did. Bailey tells her that she shared confidential medical information, which is a fireable offense ... but as her friend, she can see why she thought what she was doing is right, but it wasn't right.

Arizona also talked to Amelia about it, and she, too, says Arizona was wrong. Amelia tells her the only thing Arizona can do is accept that she was wrong and to give it time, and maybe April will forgive her, but it's not up to Arizona ... it's up to April.

Seriously ... April is really getting on my nerves for some reason, and I'm really starting not to like her. I'm also starting not to like Jackson, too, because he keeps jumping to conclusions. I will think about it this week, and see if I am going to be pro-Japril or anti-Japril in the future. What about you?


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