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Grey's Anatomy Was "Puttin' On The Ritz" For The 200th Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/11/2013 11:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Grey's Anatomy Was

Rosie Clarke

Staff Writer

What a treat and a half last night’s episode was! We got booze, we got competitive spirit, we got some unexpected Karev development (!!) and better yet... We got a firm reminder of why we fell in love with this show in the first place.

 Jackson and Owen... These pair organized a massive Gala to raise money for the hospital. Jackson’s party planner booked half of Vegas to entertain the mingling moneybags and people-pleasing docs. His Gatsby-esque event has everything a sophisticated hospital shouldn’t: trapeze artists, girls hanging from ten foot silks, scary clowns, magicians, flame throwers and just about everything Jackson’s party planner could find to mask the aroma of “death, disease... old people!”. Jackson is not happy. He clearly hates fun things. (He’s arguably the most boring character since “the Vet” back in Season 4, so we should expect this of him.) But April is in heaven! “This is amazing! Ah, the magician! Incredible!” Dearest writers, are we supposed to take this as an ‘opposites attract’ hint? If so, I’m not really feeling it... This couple are more confusing to me than the Lost finale, and they seem to go in more directions! He didn’t seem too fussed when he found girlfriend Stephanie kissing Shane either, even though he chose to stay with her anyway. You’re an odd kind of boy, Jackson Avery. Owen starts chatting to a woman who Christina straight away susses as having no money... Then he chats to her some more... Then when he’s starting to like her he hears her trying to poach some money from one of the guests. Turns out she’s a Doctor from Seattle Pres. in need of some serious funding because her hospital can’t afford to throw a fundraiser. Something seems fishy about this chick. Maybe I just find it hard to trust any woman who finds Owen in the least bit appealing. What were you thinking, Christina? The day is saved when one of the girls falls from her silks, breaking her leg as she lands on the party planner (karma, anybody?). Jackson ushers the moneybags in to watch the surgery and they all gleefully pull out their cheque books like good little plot devices, suddenly inspired to help the cause. Dr Yang... Okay so we’re three episodes in and I think it’s been established now that this season is all about the Christina that is Yang. She’s always been a main player but this time round we all know it’s her last hurrah, and it feels like the writers have made an effort to sprinkle the season with what we love most about her character... All the hilarity. All the vulnerability. We get grade A snark at the Gala as she tries to teach Owen and Meredith how to be charming. “You,” she informs Owen, “need to practice if we’re gonna get serious about meeting new people...” She manages to charm one of the rich men a little too well... Culminating in the end of the episode with him handing her a very large cheque. “Let’s get outta here...” “Umm... Where?” “Don’t be coy, there’s no way this was all about the money.” “Ah, it was all about the money.” “You flirt with me all night, get me to write this big check and.. nothing?” “Yep.” “And you don’t feel even a little bit bad about that?” “Nope.” Christina Yang, folks. She’s here all year, cackling and waving a very large cheque. She bumps into Owen as the night ends, inviting him out with her just as he’s about to go home with the Seattle Pres. chick. She realizes what’s happening and says goodnight; her smile fading as she leaves the hospital alone. It’s the slightly tragic tale Grey’s set in motion many moons ago with Christina that she’s destined to wind up alone because she’s, in her own words, “a shark”. We watched Ellis Grey die without getting to be with the love of her life and it’s striking that Christina could go the same way... I wonder how those writers will write her out this season? Alex and Jo... Good old Karev has a pretty intense night! He’s rushing through the ER on his way to the Gala when three junkies get wheeled past him on gurneys. “Hey Sinatra, I’ll give you a fiver for a glass of water,” one of them grumbles at him. Bam. Alex looks rattled. Based on the amazing lookalike casting we’re all IMMEDIATELY buzzing with the thought this could be Alex’s infamous dad. Too bad the guy has no ID and Alex can’t seem to remember what his dad actually looks like... At the Gala, Jo is running around trying to charm the wallets off Jackson’s guests on behalf of Karev - who she realizes is too preoccupied with something to even try. Holy moly when Jo eventually wheedles the drama out of Alex, catching him drawing his own blood so he can administer a paternity test, she turns it into a bit of a ‘you’ve gotta communicate with me better’ teaching moment. Okay writers can you please be a little more subtle about turning Jo into an Izzy replacement... I’m pretty sure Alex and Izzy had the exact same fight for like their whole relationship. Just before the credits roll we find out that - BAM - the dude is actually his dad. This is awesome. I’m so glad we might finally get some juicy storylines happening for Alex this year. It’s about time! And with Christina leaving it’ll be good to have him center stage (especially now that MerDer is all happy and dull). Calzona and April... Callie, Callie, Callie... You were just weird tonight girl! Telling randoms that your wife died in the plane crash? Buttering up an elderly widow by indulging her stories, just to grab at her cash?  “So gross.” At least you admitted it. Arizona started off pretty tragically tonight too! She was all dressed up with no-one to go to at the Gala... Then April caught her crying alone in a store room at the hospital... Still wearing her ball gown. It was kind of like Cinderella... Except she lost a leg instead of a glass slipper... Too soon? Anyhow, April took pity on her by swiping a few bottles of champagne from the Gala and having a girly chat. I never thought I’d see these two as friends - but they were fab! They began by lamenting starers. Arizona told April she hates the way everyone stares at her - for being gay, for having one leg, for being a cheater, etc. She then admitted she thinks April probably judges her... Because of “you know... Jesus.” But April laughs and tells her Jesus doesn't prevent her from having empathy. April: “I’m sorry for calling you a cheater.” Arizona: “I am though...” April: “I know.” It’s a really surprising, sweet scene actually and it’s nice to see some genuine new friendships on the show (the interns feel SO forced). I hope it lasts! A drunk April tells Arizona that Callie’s been pretending she died in the plane crash, this goes down well. The pair also rope Perky the (not so perky) intern in to steal them some more booze before they tumble, giggling, into a taxi at the end of the night. How long do we think it’ll take the realm of fan-fiction to come up with a suitable shipper name? BEST LINE AWARD goes to April, hands down: “Can I try on your leg?” MerDer... This episode was all about how “the show must go on”, and as we wind in with Meredith’s familiar opening monologue we see MerDer struggling to pack the kids into the car. Life goes on too, their story seems to say. I mean, they’ve come a hell of a long way since the post-it wedding... The drowning... The house of candles... The “pick me, choose me” moment... The... Well, you get the picture. We get a lot of cheerful, happy MerDer moments as the two compete with each other at the Gala to see who can raise the most money. Derek is the natural charmer, eagerly showing off his mad juggling skills to a merry band of admirers (once McDreamy, always McDreamy) whilst Meredith takes Christina’s advice and dips back into the old bag of tricks she used to “pick guys up in bars” way back when. Derek clocks what she’s doing, dubbing it the “sparkly eye thing” and launches them into a dubious, often hilarious game of oneupmanship. It wouldn't be the 200th episode without a smidgen of nostalgia, and the writers certainly threw us a bone on that front. Revisiting the classic Prom episode, MerDer ducked into an exam room for a not quite so sexy re-enactment of THAT scene. She’s in a sweater ‘cause the baby threw up over her dress, and he’s still covered in blood from the Gala accident... But hey! C’est la vie. Life goes on. Bailey and Webber... We first see these two near the top of the episode, as Bailey fills Meredith in on his condition. Apparently Webber’s lung is about to collapse and he’s refusing any and all medical care he can. Meredith - with her arms firmly crossed - thinks they should just let the man hit rock bottom rather than force him to do his breathing exercises. After the callous treatment he gave poor Mer last week, I’m tempted to agree with her. We don’t see much of a fallout from Richard’s comments, though, other than a brief comment... Bailey: “So you’re going to let him die because he hurt your feelings?” Mer: “There isn’t anything that he could say to me that I haven’t heard from my mother a thousand times. I’m bulletproof.” Now, as seasoned GA vets, we all know that mommy issues and daddy issues are very different things when it comes to Meredith Grey... So this doesn’t quite add up. Plus, it’s not like the show to brush off an emotional conflict - unless your name is Izzy Stevens - so I think we can expect to see a Meredith/Webber face-off somewhere down the track this season. Bailey has a difficult time convincing a racist old patient to choose an end-of-life care plan after he runs out of viable treatment options. We’ve seen Bailey come into contact with her fair share of racist patients over the years so nothing very new here - unless you count that weird moment he asked her to play chess with him. She did come up with the genius plot to shove the oldie in a room with Webber, though. This worked like a charm. Richard was forced to watch Mr Racist flick through hospice leaflets, trying to decide the best place to die. “Dick” finally realized that unless he bucked his ideas up, he’d have to start doing the same thing; so he finally agreed to do his breathing exercise for the first time. Overall... Grey’s Anatomy’s 200th episode paid homage to its early years (the ones we really love... and secretly want back), in a way that felt refreshing, funny, and heartwarming. A welcome change from last week’s bout of depression! If Shonda’s dream of having Grey’s become the longest running medical drama ever is to have a chance at coming true though... The writers need to work on bringing some more lovable characters into the fold! Think George. Think Lexie. Mark. Izzy. Even Addison... Too many Jacksons and Owens with nothing fun or new to add plotwise! Looking forward to next week - the promo looks goooooood. See y’all next week!


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