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The Grimms Are Back: Pop 5 Nick And Trubel Moments

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
12/30/2016 9:58 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
The Grimms Are Back: Pop 5 Nick And Trubel Moments | grimm
Media Courtesy of ibtimes

The Grimms are rolling back into town later this month, and we couldn't be more excited! Last we heard from Trubel, she was back from a rather dingy prison cell, and supposedly working for a resistance force. Oh, and she also now has a super cool motorbike that spews knockout gas and exploding darts.

If I drove a bike, that's how I would want to ride!

But before we get ahead of ourselves imagining the trouble our two favorite Grimms are going to get into this season (yes, haha, get that out of your systems now), let's look back on some of the more memorable moments between Nick and Trubel:

  1. Nick And Trubel VS. Verrat

This was a crazy battle! Not only did the older Grimm die before he could reveal the location of another key, the map went missing - and no one could find it!

grimm Onion Static

2. Nick As Trubel's Mentor

This moment was super awesome, because Nick never had a mentor when he started out as a Grimm. Not only is Trubel getting to put her past behind her where it belongs, she has an awesome support system in the Grimm Scoobies, something she never had growing up.

Grimm Latin Post

3. Trubel saves Nick and Hank

Nick may be her mentor, but he's not much help to her, or the entire Wesen community, without his Grimm abilities. After Adalind tricks Nick into thinking she's Juliet, and stealing his powers, Nick's a little useless. When he and Hank get into a near-fatal scuffle with an angry Wesen, Trubel steps in to save them with the help of her own Grimm abilities. Sometimes it's tough being the only Grimm on the ground.

Grimm Wikia

4. Trubel killing Juliet

Okay, so it's not a complete Nick and Trubel moment, but she does save Nick's life. It's the least she can do - they are Grimms after all. Besides, Juliet was a total thorn in everyone's side the entire season. Even the mightiest of Hexenbiest must fall to the Grimms... right?

Grimm ibtimes

5. Grimm reunion!

Okay, I'm not totally sure how Trubel could have found Nick's safehouse without the help of her new *ahem* friends. For one thing, the poor girl was barely alive when she stumbled around the corner. For another, we don't really know how her bike ended up there. She couldn't have driven it over if she were in that much physical pain. Either way, I'm glad the Grimms are back together and sharing information again.

Are you guys as excited for this next season as I am? How do you guys feel about the HexenGrimm household? Will little Kelley (Kelly?) have the powers of a Hexenbiest and a Grimm? What will that mean for the Wesen community?

We may not get all of these answers right away, but some things will surely come to light when Grimm returns to NBC on January 29th!


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