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Haley Reinhart Serves A Delectable Performance On The Better Tour

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

06/24/2016 12:25 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Haley Reinhart Serves A Delectable Performance On The Better Tour | Haley Reinhart
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With her soaring voice and natural charisma, Haley Reinhart snared the hearts of many with her American Idol debut. Boasting a versatile voice that is equally capable of growling across rock anthems or floating over pop arrangements, the singer was immediately a force to be reckoned with.

After her appearance on the show, it's unsurprising that Reinhart's musical career kicked into high gear. A debut album followed shortly thereafter, and the songstress hasn't stopped since. This year Haley returned to the scene. Kicking off a new era of music with the release of an album and single titled "Better," Reinhart is back with a vengeance. 

Currently, Haley Reinhart is on the road in support of her album, and we at PopWrapped had an opportunity to see the "My Cake" siren during a stop at Columbus, Ohio's A&R Music Bar. 

Haley Reinhart took the stage following performances from local crooner Anthony Mossburg and her own pianist and backing vocalist Jacob Lutrell. The opening acts delivered rousing performances, but the anticipation ratcheted to a fever pitch as Lutrell exited the stage and promised to return shortly after with the main attraction. Haley and company arrived as promised, and they did not disappoint...

Delivering the magnetism that made her a fan favorite on Idol, Reinhart dazzled during her set. The songstress took the stage with her band to roaring applause. Dressed simply and carrying a fan to combat the sticky heat of the evening (Ohio weather folks, you never know what you're going to get), the big voiced songstress immediately broke into song, enchanting the audience with her incredible stylings.

Fresh off an evening in her hometown of Chicago, Haley Reinhart was evidently ready to deliver. The singer opted to fill her set largely with original material from her two albums, augmenting the collection with a handful of covers.

One of the most notable covers of the evening was the songstress's latest collab with the innovative Post Modern Jukebox, an orchestral take on Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun." Another was a Michael Jackson tribute, during which Lutrell and Haley switched off on vocal duties and got the entire audience dancing along.

The title track of her current album provided a stand out moment of the evening, as fans sang along to the empowering number with gusto. Things took a turn for the serious though, as Haley moved into "Love Is Worth Fighting For," which was dedicated musicians had recently lost their lives (most notably Christina Grimmie). Prefacing the performance with a heartfelt speech, the number became a powerful and uplifting moment in the show.

Haley picked up the energy with a brazen and slinky performance of her track "Good or Bad," slithering across the stage and batting her eyes seductively from behind her fan. Similarly playful moments occurred throughout the set, and Reinhart danced along with wild abandon.

The young performer kept a steady steam of conversation going with the audience between numbers, giggling at some moments and delivering heartfelt speeches at others. Her endearing personality shined through and only strengthened her bond with the audience.

Vocally, Haley Reinhart is beyond compare. The artist pushes her voice the the utmost of its capabilities; soaring on belts, lilting on vocal runs, cooing, and even scatting along with her band. The songstress effortlessly found harmonies with her backing artists during the set, delivering jaw dropping vocal gymnastics seemingly effortlessly. 

Like the jazz singer of olden days, Reinhard voice is truly an instrument that expresses pure emotion and becomes the star of any arrangement. Part rockstar, part jazz singer, and part pop starlet, Haley Reinhart is incapable of being confined into any sort of box. The songstress effortlessly carried several different mantles over the course of the show, and each fit perfectly.

After ending the traditional set with a bodacious rendition of Better's opening track, "My Cake" (a performance made all the sweeter by a fan offering the songstress a gift from the audience), Reinhart and her band left the stage. She'd served the dessert portion of the show, but the fans were hungry for even more.

Never one to let her fans down, Haley reclaimed the stage for two more numbers. One of those was her cover of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling In Love With You." which has been made famous for it's inclusion in advertising campaigns for the the Chicago-based Extra Gum. The performance was one of the most stripped back moments of the evening, and fans were left with goosebumps as Haley's voice caressed the delicate instrumental. 

Haley Reinhart

Reinhart is in her natural element while onstage. Her soaring voice resonated across the A&R Music Bar in Columbus, as it undoubtedly does every evening she takes the stage. The young hitmaker put on a solid show filled with impressive moments, and you surely don't want to miss out on an opportunity to experience the show in person!

The North American leg of The Better Tour is set to run through June 26, and then a European leg is set to commence in September, with dates spanning the month and running into October. Find ticket information here!


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