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Hang On By The "Skin Of My Teeth" On This Weeks Survivor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/06/2013 11:20 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Hang On By The
Media Courtesy of CBS

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

At Galang, Vytas expresses his thanks to his tribe for what happened at the last Tribal Council. He wants himself, Tina, Katie, Monica, and Aras to become the “Final Five”. Tina believes that Aras and Gervase are in an alliance and will join theirs upon the merge. Tina says to Monica that she is now "Number Five", something that Monica temporarily likes. Like everyone else, if you get an offer with a potentially higher place in the game, you're going to end up taking that one. At Redemption Island, Laura B. is still shocked at the tribe sending her home. She tells Laura M. and John that the girls had decided to vote out Vytas, something the other two Redemption Island castaways belive were to happen as well. They all agree it would have been a start, strategic move. The next morning, they get Tree Mail stating that whoever wins the day's duel, the final Redemption Island duel, will be the one to re-enter the game. At Redemption Island Arena, Jeff makes the announcement to everyone else that today’s winner will re-enter Survivor. Today’s challenge is a Survivor-classic: hang on to a pole for as long as you can. These endurance challenges are the most exciting and fun to watch. The contestants always give their most on these challenges, and make these the longest challenges. Laura B. immediately starts sliding, and Jeff tells her to calm down and reminds her there are many foot holes beneath her and needs to latch onto one of those. John’s wife, Candace, performed on the same challenge in her previous season (Heroes vs. Villains). 20 minutes in, John begins sliding down before kicking off his shoes. After a few minutes of continuously struggling, he falls onto the sand and is the next contestant out of the game. Jeff continues to coach Laura B. as she slides down the pole. Just inches above the sand, she calms down just enough for a few minutes as her body wraps around the pole. Laura M. barely moves an inch, sliding just a tad. She reminds Laura B. that she still has loved one competing, and that she’s fighting for her daughter. After hanging on for just a few more minutes, Laura B. finally places her feet on the ground, and she is also the next person to leave Survivor. As Jeff announces Laura M. the winner, he tells all the contestants to drop their buffs: they are now merged! After receiving their new buffs, Jeff has one last announcement: as winner of the duel, Laura is in charge of who receives the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Because Laura is now competing in the game once more, she can give the clue to herself as she wishes. Jeff isn’t surprised as she walks over to the fire and tosses the clue into the inferno. I’m not quite as upset with her throwing the clue into the fire. Yes, I wish someone would actually keep these very important and potentially game-changing clues. Perhaps if everyone else has been throwing them away, Laura figured, why let anyone even get the chance of thinking of keeping it? The now-merged tribe heads to their new camp, where they find a chest full of food. Hayden comments that the Merge is now where the game really begins, which is true. You may have been in an alliance on your old tribe, but with everyone together brings new alliances and more blindsides! Tyson and Gervase begin discussing where to find the Hidden Immunity Idol, and Ciera and Laura begin discussing Ciera’s position in the game. Ciera describes her “Final Five” alliance, which Laura is pleased that it includes Hayden. Tyson goes off on a walk by himself, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Aras, and after sometime of searching, he finds the Hidden Immunity Idol. I was getting Russell Hantz flashbacks while watching Tyson search for his Idol. Because most of the clues were thrown away, he really didn’t have many clues where to search, and he still found it without looking far. Aras and Vytas begin talking strategy, and come up with a “Final Seven” alliance – the two of them, Tina, Monica, Katie, Gervase and Tyson. They realize, with the seven of them against the four other members, they now have majority in the tribe, but let’s remember that this is Survivor, and we’re now merged; anything can happen. Tyson and Monica step aside that night to discuss alliances. Tyson is trying to reassure Monica that the two of them and Gervase are going to the end, but because Tyson won’t look Monica in the eye and 100% assure her that they’re going to the end, she’s not standing down. She’ll play their game, but like she said earlier, if she gets a positive deal Today’s Reward and Immunity Individual Challenge is a memory challenge. Jeff will be showing them a series of images that they must remember and show back to Jeff. The first round includes five images, where over half the tribe is eliminated. Only five – Katie, Laura, Gervase, Vytas and Aras – make it to the second round. The final two are Vytas and Aras, and this makes another challenge where they compete to be winner. They only compete together with one image, where Vytas can happily claim a win against brother, and he is the first to become an Individual Immunity Challenge winner. The merged tribe finally names themselves “Kasama”. There’s now a nine-person alliance, headed by Aras, which are voting for Laura and Ciera. The guys are voting for Laura, and the girls are voting for Ciera. But with everyone scrambling, figuring out who’s voting for whom, and who’s really aligned with whom, there’s no telling what could go down at tonight’s Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, we discuss how there are three sets of loved ones, which, if they all aligned together, would mean there’s more loved ones than single players at this point. Aras brings up that this is a time to get to know everyone and to possibly branch a new alliance. Katie disagrees, saying this is a time to not over-complicate things and to stick with those you’ve grown to trust. Gervase knows that, even if two single players are aligned, this isn’t a time to be acting out, that you still need to keep your head in the game because anything could happen. In a complete blindside against those who voted for Ciera and Laura, Aras is the next person to be voted out and sent to Redemption Island. He’s shocked, and the whole feeling of being voted out is new for him. He won the last time he competed on the show, and has never been voted out. He discusses Vytas now being in a tough position, and is sure his brother will be joining him on Redemption Island. What did you all think about tonight’s episode? I’m glad to see them merged! Next week’s episode is bound to be interesting, especially since the food-eating challenge will be happening then. Bring on the disgusting grub!


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