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Hannibal: 03x09, And The Woman Clothed With The Sun

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

08/05/2015 8:58 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Hannibal: 03x09, And The Woman Clothed With The Sun | Hannibal
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This episode picks up where the last one left off, with Will biting the bullet and finally deciding it's time to see Hannibal after 3 years of cutting him out of his life. Hannibal can automatically sense and smell Will before he even appears in front of him; yes, Hannibal is just that creepy when it comes to his beloved ex-lover friend.

Will refers to Hannibal as Dr. Lecter, preferring not to get personal with Hannibal, whereas Hannibal is visibly hurt by Will’s new demeanor. Hannibal obviously agrees to “help” Will with the Tooth Fairy case and things take a darker, more dangerous turn quite quickly the minute Hannibal mentions Will’s newfound role as a father.

One can tell Hannibal isn’t pleased with the new people in Will’s life; his spiteful words echo the sentiment of a jealous ex who hasn’t let go, and I can almost guarantee Hannibal will have a hand in their ultimate demise or at least serve to sever the bond Will shares with them. It has been established since the beginning of the series that Hannibal desires to be the only “important” person in Will’s life, which means danger for everyone around Will.

“You just came here to look at me. Come to get the old scent again. Why don’t you just smell yourself?”  Hannibal’s dialogue in this particular scene was quite eerie and unsettling; his every word had a hidden meaning and served as a promise to Will. “You’re family, Will,” are Hannibal’s parting words to Will, and Will looks just as distraught and unsettled as I did in that moment. Hannibal’s seemingly-sweet words are similar to poison and, now more than ever, I’m concerned for Molly and Walter’s longevity.

Abigail makes an appearance this episode and, this time around, she returns via flashbacks. We’re treated to Hannibal’s point of view of the events that occurred at the end of season 1 and season 2’s emotionally-exhausting finale. Abigail readily follows Hannibal’s lead, and it’s truly sad to see her be so easily manipulated by Hannibal just for his fatherly affections. I was glad to see Abigail return and have more clarity on past events that remained a mystery, although I was eager to get back to the present arc instead of dwelling on flashbacks. Jack has limited interactions this episode and instead taunts Hannibal, while at the same time pushing Hannibal to help Will. Hannibal recognizes Jack’s desperate and foolish need to use Will out in the field despite past events that have permanently scarred Will and questions, “How much room [for scars] does Will have, Jack?”

Speaking of Will; he had quite a sweet talk with Molly about strays and my heart absolutely ached for Will because it’s obvious these happy times will soon come to an end. I enjoy Molly’s character and give kudos to the show for introducing such a lovely character.

Will’s love for strays, and dogs in general, shines through yet again as he adopts the dog of a family killed by The Tooth Fairy aka Francis Dolarhyde. This particular scene between Will and Molly was, hands down, my favorite of the episode, and it’s always good to see a smiling Will. My favorite aspect of this episode was Alana Bloom. She’s now brimming with newfound confidence and has a baby with Margo and just plain kicks ass; she even threatens to take away Hannibal’s drawings and toilet if he misbehaves in regards to Will.

Alana knows Hannibal is up to something and she also knows full well that his plans center on Will. Alana’s interactions with Will were refreshing and it was nice to see a relatively happy and healthy Will interact with Alana, whose protectiveness for Will is back full force.

This episode focused quite a lot on the female characters of the show: Alana, Abigail, Freddie, and Reba. Yes, Freddie is back and Reba is finally introduced. Freddie’s scenes revolve around Will Graham and serves as this episode's subtly humorous scene, with Will not wanting to talk to Freddie because she referred to him and Hannibal as “murder husbands.” This was an excellently clever shout-out to the Hannibal fandom, who coined the term when talking about Hannibal and Will. As glad as I was to see Freddie’s snarky, selfish self again, I was hoping for her role to have a little bit more substance. Freddie has escaped death quite a few times, but this season around, I’m positive Freddie will meet her end for good, whether it’s by Will’s hands, Dolarhyde’s hands or Hannibal’s; any which way, she’s set to die.

Reba, played brilliantly by True Blood’s Rutina Wesley, finally made her debut and she’s an absolute sweetheart; she is willing to listen to Dolarhyde and actually expresses an active and genuine interest in him. Reba’s interest in Dolarhyde stems from his lack of sympathy for her blindness; what poor Reba doesn’t realize is that he’s not capable of expressing certain emotions properly. One can tell this season’s tragic character is definitely Reba and her lifespan won’t be a long one especially since she’s Dolarhyde’s love interest. Dolarhyde is intrigued by Reba, he’s probably more curious than anything, though his obvious fascination for her doesn’t stop him from collecting articles discussing his handy work and an article, by Freddie, reporting Will and Hannibal are teaming up to catch him. By the end of the episode, Dolarhyde establishes a communication with Hannibal, who readily strokes Dolarhyde’s ego for his own benefit, and it’s clear: shit’s about to get real intense.

Hannibal is inching closer and closer to the season’s end and with Hannibal now in contact with Dolarhyde, viewers can tell no one’s safe (except Will and his dogs) and blood will be spilled. Overall, “And the Woman Clothed with the Sun” was exceptional and served as the catalyst for this season’s central arc.

What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Hannibal? Do you have any theories or predictions on the events to come? Let us know in the comments down below!


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