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Hannibal 03x11: And The Beast From The Sea

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

08/17/2015 4:53 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Hannibal 03x11: And The Beast From The Sea | And The beast From The Sea
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“I’m just about worn out with you crazy sons of bitches.”

Yes, this brilliant and sassy line was actually uttered in last night’s episode, titled "And the Beast from the Sea", and by whom you may ask? Well, by Will Graham of course! Will has just about had it with Hannibal’s nonsense and voices his anger after Hannibal tries to have Molly and Ben killed by Dolarhyde. Like any crazy, bitter and jealous ex, Hannibal decides it’s time for Will to stop playing house and to focus his attention solely on him. His main objective? To erase Molly and Walter from Will’s life for good, but that heart-pounding scene takes place well into the episode. So what led to Dolarhyde taking such a drastic step against Will’s family? Well, it certainly didn’t take much manipulation on Hannibal’s part to get Dolarhyde to do his bidding.

Dolarhyde is afraid of hurting Reba and he speaks to Hannibal about his worries regarding his self-control. Dolarhyde also admits he’s interested in Will, although he doesn’t find him that attractive and calls Will odd looking - seriously? In what universe is Will Graham odd-looking? Oh Dolarhyde, how you disappoint me so. Hannibal ignores his blatant fascination with Will and instead points out that Will indeed has a family and since Dolarhyde specializes in slaughtering families, it only seems “right” for him to go after Will’s family next.

Hannibal sends Dolarhyde off with a chilling “kill them all,” leading to an intense face-off between Molly and Dolarhyde, which ends with Molly just barely escaping with both her son and herself alive. I give Molly major kudos for outwitting Dolarhyde in such a clever manner and being an all-around badass who proved to be no mere damsel in distress. I’m thoroughly enjoying Molly’s character arc and I just genuinely love her as a character, which means I’ve given her the kiss of death. Any character I like either dies or goes through hell; I’m crossing my fingers for Molly’s longevity! Molly was only non-lethally injured this time around (Dolarhyde succeeded in shooting her); next time she probably won’t be as lucky. Hannibal probably has plenty of tricks up his sleeves in regards to disposing of Molly and Walter, and Will is probably one of those tricks. With the direction the story-line is taking, it’s highly possible that Will himself will be responsible for Molly’s death or he’ll simply distance himself from her in an attempt to protect her.

After visiting Molly in the hospital and having a kinda sorta sweetish father-son moment with Walter, Will heads off to confront Hannibal, who’s not even ashamed at wanting Will’s family dead. Hannibal, more or less, admits he only considers Will his family, which in Hannibal’s eyes is the perfect justification for wanting Molly and Walter out of the picture. Last night’s episode was filled with an angry Will who not only confronts Hannibal but Jack as well, since he comes to the acute realization that Jack was well aware that Will would seek Hannibal’s guidance for The Tooth Fairy case; so essentially Jack used him just as he’s been doing in the previous two seasons. Jack has once again put Will’s sanity on the line for a case and he seems to have no regrets putting Will in harm’s way yet again. I’m assuming Jack’s lack of guilt stems from him being reassured by Hannibal being caught. After all, if Hannibal has been caged then there’s no harm in using Will all he wants. Will crowns Jack an expert fisher of men, which is a reference that leads back to season 2, when Will referred to himself as the lure or bait for serial killers such as Hannibal.

While Will is having his own little melt-down/identity crisis, Hannibal is being punished for betraying the FBI. Alana always keeps her promises so she confiscates Hannibal’s drawings, the toilet and essentially takes away his comfort. Hannibal is seen wearing the iconic Silence of the Lambs mask as he looks on at Alana with disdain and a tiny bit of amusement because it’s quite clear that he is planning his next move. Alana should most definitely watch her back because its highly likely Hannibal will attempt to kill her the next chance he gets.

Hannibal only has two more episodes left which begs the question: who will meet there end before the finale and during the finale? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments down below!


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