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Hannibal: 03x02 Primavera

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

06/13/2015 2:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Hannibal: 03x02 Primavera | hannibal
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This heartbreaking hour of Hannibal centered mainly on Will Graham, particularly his relationship with Abigail and Hannibal. As much as I loved last week’s episode, I deeply missed Will and was immensely relived to see him return. “Primavera” opens with last season’s bloodbath which resulted in Hannibal stabbing Will and slitting Abigail’s throat. We relive those painful memories just the same as Will Graham, as his recollection of that fateful, bloody night leads to him waking up in a hospital room with Abigail right in front of him.  In typical Hannibal fashion, this episode was loaded with symbolic dream sequences, stunning imagery and the return of Will Graham’s active imagination. Abigail informs Will the wound Hannibal inflicted upon him was surgical and precise. In other words, Hannibal wanted Will to live regardless of his betrayal. It says a lot about just how much Hannibal, in his own twisted way, still cares for Will, leaving him alive despite having shown Will a fraction of his true self. Abigail questions Will’s betrayal and wonders why he didn’t choose the life Hannibal was offering him.

The underlying melancholy that’s so common when it comes to Will Graham, was exponentially enhanced, making me want to hide him in a safe place where no harm will come to him. I empathized with Will and found myself hoping, yet again, he’ll get a happy ending; as happy of an ending Hannibal can provide him. Hannibal excels at storytelling and character development. Will Graham is without a doubt my favorite character on the show. Never have I ever become this attached to a character within such a short amount of time. There’s something about Will that pulls you to him despite the darkness lurking within him. We started this journey with Will Graham and I hope we end this journey with Will Graham; major, major kudos to Hugh Dancy for his ongoing, outstanding performance as Will. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone handed him an award? In fact, it’s a downright travesty that Hannibal hasn’t gotten the amount of recognition and viewership it deserves.

Back to “Primavera,” Will has “dreams” or rather he recalls a discussion he had with Hannibal about his mind-palace. Hannibal mentioned a room in his mind-palace being exactly like the Norman Chapel in Palermo, Italy. We flash-forward 8 months to Will and Abigail arriving at that same chapel with Will knowing Hannibal is around or will be around that area soon. Will encounters Inspector Pazzi, a man who claims to have the same gift that burdens Will: the gift of imagination. Hannibal’s “heart”-felt gift to Will was discovered by the authorities and they’re more than a little suspicious of Will, who insists he didn’t commit the crime. Pazzi is clearly no fool; he knows for a fact that Will Graham is connected to “the monster of Florence.” This notorious serial killer (yes, it’s Hannibal) reigned terror over Florence about 20 years ago and Pazzi is determined to catch him this time around. How does he plan on doing this? By using Will Graham of course.

Pazzi hands Will photos of the crime scene and leaves Will to his empathetic imagination. Will deduces exactly what happened to poor Anthony; Hannibal skinned him, cut off his head, arms and legs and then proceeded to break and mend his bones in order to contort his body. Hannibal’s brutal display was a twisted valentine for Will that exhibited Hannibal’s broken heart. Essentially, Will is the Persephone to Hannibal’s Hades. Will’s deductions are spot-on and soon turn terrifying. Within Will’s imagination, the human heart shaped body slowly unravels itself and approaches Will with the oh-so-familiar stag making its reappearance. I’ll probably be having nightmares about this scene; it was just that terrifying. Will is snapped out of this nightmare by Abigail. The next couple minutes of “Primavera” simply shattered my heart quite similar to the shattering of the teacup.

Will and Abigail have a heart to heart in which Will wonders what would have happened if he’d chosen Hannibal in the end, where would they be and what would they be doing. Abigail enthusiastically responds and mentions Hannibal made a place for them. Will gazes at Abigail with the most heart-breaking expression he could muster as he informs her, “the place wasn’t made for you, Abigail,” he further adds, “in this world, this is the only place I could make for you.” Abigail’s wound reopens, confirming that Abigail was dead all along and she was simply a figment of Will’s imagination. I downright cried; this scene was heartbreaking for Will as you see him acknowledge she’s been dead this whole time. If that wasn’t sad enough, Will recalls being rescued and as he’s laid out on the stretcher, he glances over at Abigail who’s being placed in a body bag. Abigail is well and truly gone and everything hurts!

Hannibal, who seems to sense Will’s presence from miles away, is spying on Will and all though he tries to hide it, he seems clearly pleased with Will being there. Inspector Pazzi tries to sway Will over to his side because without Will he can’t catch Hannibal. Will cautions Pazzi, telling him Hannibal will kill him. Pazzi remains determined and responds with, “he let you know him. He sent you his heart. Where has he gone now?” Will also seems to have the ability to detect Hannibal’s presence because Will ventures into the catacombs beneath the Norman Chapel, convinced Hannibal is down there. He’s obviously right. Pazzi, against Will’s warning, follows him down in an attempt to catch Hannibal off guard. Pazzi’s tactic clearly doesn’t work. Hannibal eavesdrops on their conversation (how shockingly rude of you Hannibal!). Pazzi leaves Will to his own devices and Hannibal seems to be leaving as well until Will’s voice stops him. “Hannibal, I forgive you,” is the line Will utters before Hannibal leaves and the screen fades to black ending “Primavera.” Will’s motives are left unknown mainly because Will himself doesn’t know what he’ll do when he reunites with Hannibal. I have so many conflicting emotions. I absolutely love the shows focus on this relationship, but I also want Will to bring forth the reckoning he promised Hannibal last season. Will is the only one capable of outsmarting Hannibal, no one can convince me otherwise. The next episode’s preview shows Will venturing to Hannibal’s “home.” We even get a brief glimpse of Mischa Lector’s grave. Hannibal is allowing Will to see even more of him. The question is why? What is Hannibal’s endgame?

Alright Fannibals it’s time to discuss Hannibal’s possible motives and theories on what’s to come this season! Comment down below to let us know how you liked the episode and get this discussion started!

Stay tuned with PopWrapped for more Hannibal coverage! Until next week, fellow Fannibals!

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