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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Happy "Birthday" To Jess On This Week's New Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/21/2014 11:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Fox

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

It’s time to celebrate the birth of Miss Jessica Day! Since Jess usually has high expectations she has spent the last couple years just going to the movies alone on her birthday. It’s just easier than ending up disappointed right? She decides this year would be different and she’s going to spend the day with Nick. What she doesn’t know is that Nick actually has planned a surprise party for her that night. Perfect right? There are no way her expectations will get the best of her. WRONG! Unfortunately Nick has planned the party but failed to plan anything to do to keep her occupied all day. No one else can help him because they’ve all been assigned tasks, Coach is decorations, Schmidt is electronics, Cece is covering Nick’s shift, and Winston is in charge of the cake. Poor Winston didn’t check with Nick first and brings home the wrong cake (reading ‘Burn in Hell, Boomer’). Winston and Coach embark on a cake-off to see who can make the best birthday cake. Schmidt heads to the bar to check on Cece and things aren’t going so hot for her. She’s trying to impress the other bartender Mike and it is near impossible. Schmidt talks her through making an old fashioned and it builds her confidence a bit, but only until she drenches Mike in beer and he goes off on her. She starts to feel worthless. Nick is starting to struggle with keeping Jess occupied. All of his plans are going a lot faster than expected. Finally he ends up in the park and they just happen to come across a party set up. Jess is amazed thinking it’s for her and sits down and helps herself to a cupcake. At the same moment a little girl runs over and screams that Jess stole her birthday. The jig is up and Jess is so upset with Nick and upset with herself for expecting so much from Nick. She makes the mistake of telling Nick all this and he is upset and wants to tell her so bad all he has planned. When she gets home Winston and Coach distract her so they can hide all the party decorations and it works as planned. It seems that the cake-off was a tie and more importantly their cakes merged into one. It seems that everything is falling into place. Back at the bar Schmidt gives a Cece a pep talk and lets her know that she is more talented than she gives herself credit for. That’s all she needs to get her groove back. Nick heads back to the apartment after getting himself together to find that Jess has gone to the movie. It looks like things are going as planned. As the movie is about to start a video of Nick appears on the screen and he sits down next to her. Instead of a movie Nick put together a video of all of Jess’s friends saying what they love about her and wishing her a happy birthday. When they bring out the cake Jess is nowhere to be found. Nick finds her in the lobby and again she is crying, but this time it’s because she’s mad that she doubted him but also so touched that he thought of this all on his own. For once Jess’s birthday exceeded her expectations. They did save the best for last, Schmidt’s video were over stylized and produced but just oh so very him. Way to steal the day Schmidt!


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