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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Happy "Thanksgiving III" From The Gang On New Girl

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/27/2013 9:23 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of FOX

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

The gang is gearing up for turkey day and to get in the spirit Nick and Jess send out an invite. Coach immediately takes this an opportunity to rag on Nick, citing that he has in fact lost his testicles. More importantly he feels Nick is lost in his relationship. Nick of course does not take this jab lightly. Nick decided that to man-up Thanksgiving that they should go camping. Jess agrees as long as everyone can sit down and have dinner together. Winston and Schmidt are far from fans of this idea but eventually cave and agree to join in. They set off toward the wilderness. To add another element of awkward Jess invites Cece along. This of course creates tension between Coach and Schmidt. Winston and Cece bond over their hatred of camping while Jess discovers that Nick only packed beer, warm beer to be exact. He has it in his head that they are going to hunt and forage for their meal. Slowly Nick’s plan is falling short. He, Coach, and Schmidt set off to hunt and leave Winston, Jess, and Cece to forage. Don’t worry Nick did manage to print out a few wilderness guides to help with the process. First up, Nick makes a bear hole. Schmidt shows off his squirrel trap by becoming a squirrel. He then falls prey to his own trap. Coach runs to his aid and fashions him a makeshift sling. He finally comes clean that he was an Eagle Scout and had been taking a back seat because Schmidt was super excited about his vast (internet based) wilderness knowledge. The foragers don’t seem to be doing to hot either. Unable to identify whether or not the plant she is looking at will kill her Jess turns her attention to some raspberries. Unfortunately they are covered in brambles. They are still without food and Cece and Winston aren’t having any of it. They googled the directions to a country store that is less than 5 minutes away. Fed up Jess agrees and they head off. The guys stumble across a body of water and Nick spots a fish. Well a dead fish to be exact, but that doesn’t stop him from wading into the water to retrieve it. Coach finally catches on that this whole camping trip stems from him picking on Nick’s invite. They head back to camp with their fish and are amazed at the spread that they have waiting for them. However, as Nick begins to question where Jess found all these goods her only answer is, a bush. Not to mention he spots a sticker on one of the Apples. Jess pleads with Nick to sit down and eat the veggies and just celebrate as a group. Hurt he storms off and begins cooking his fish. Jess go over and tries to smooth things over and at first she is a bit patronizing. He finally comes clean that he feels like he’s lost a bit of himself, he enjoys their time together, but he needs some of his old life back. Unable to reason with him Jess takes the fish and begins to eat some of it. Nick also takes this moment to reveal that he did not catch it and it actually was dead when he found it, next to a sock. She swallows the fish and instantly regrets her decision and runs off to the woods to throw up. Delirious, she is wandering around the campsite while the others try to find her. They find her but in enough time to stop her from falling into the bear trap. Nick runs and jumps in head first to save her. Nick starts to apologize and Jess is still out of it. Cece instructs the boys to take their pants off so she can make a pants rope to pull them out. They band together and they get out, until Nick falls back in. They end up in the ER and the good news is Jess doesn’t have rabies, because I guess you can get rabies from nasty old fish?! He does admit that she has some weird thing I can’t even begin to spell and legionnaire’s disease. Oh and they were able to save her foot. What a Thanksgiving they’ve had so far. The two make nice and the rest of the gang join in giving Jess her wish of everyone being together for the holiday. The dine on some delicious vending machine goods and have a laugh about the crazy night they have. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?


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