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The Happynings: Kittens, Twerking Corgis And Body Positivity

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

12/05/2015 4:41 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
The Happynings: Kittens, Twerking Corgis And Body Positivity | kittens
Media Courtesy of FanPop

There is a universal law that we internet users have accepted as fact: A lot of the world sucks, hard, and you must be prepared to feel the weight of humanity on your shoulders to enjoy the web.

Be it misogyny, discrimination, genocide, racism, any myriad of “phobias,” natural disasters, sexual and/or child abuse, or war and all of its byproducts; you name it, the internet is teeming with it. One could quite easily turn into a bitter and cynical shell of their former, shiny self spending any amount of time online.

After lamenting over this bad-news-heavy world we live in with some of my lovely and not-at-all terrible staff, we decided it was time to start a good news revolution. Thus “The Happynings” (yes, we meant to spell it that way) was born.

The Happynings is a newsletter that will highlight ONLY happy news from weeks before. This is not an attempt to gloss over the bad news, as we will still report all of that as normal. This is simply meant to be a one-stop-shop of happy news to try and balance out the bad. Need a pick-me-up? We’ve undoubtedly got it. Need a good, happy cry? You’ve come to the right place! We will include a photo from the piece, the headline hyper-linked back and some other fun treats mixed in.

Prepare to feel the love.

Cute Overload: Koko The Gorilla Loves Kittens More Than You Do

Koko the gorilla

Courtesy of IFLS

Koko: "Hello, kitteh. You're so fluffy and soft and cute, let me love you."

The rest of the universe: "AwwwwwWWWWW!"


Sesame Street’s Newest Character Sheds Light On Autism

Sesame Street, Julia


Sesame Street has always been known for helping break down barriers in regards to childhood learning, and they've once again proven they're simply the best.


Stack-Up.Org Supports Veterans With Video Games


Courtesy Stack-Up.Org

For the brave men and women of the armed forces, it can sometimes be hard to make a home away from home while deployed. is making easier for troops to have a piece of home with them, simply by supplying them with video games. It's the little things.


Pharma Company Creates Alternative To Martin Shkreli’s Overpriced Drug


Courtesy of ZMEScience

Oh, you're telling me it's possible to make a pill to help fight AIDS and NOT price gouge because you're a vast, sh*tty pile of human wasteland? YAY! Suck it, Shkreli.


Keep The Airbrush Away From Kate Winslet!

Kate Winslet

Courtesy of PetaPixel

Kate Winslet has been very outspoken about publications photoshopping the crap out of her, and how she does not even remotely approve. Way to stand up to the uneven 'beauty standards' of the entertainment industry and be your damn fine self, Kate!


Zendaya Slams Magazine For Photoshopping Images Of Her


Courtesy of We TV

Another outspoken, brilliant, gorgeous woman standing up to the crappy beauty expectations of entertainment? Yes. More of this, please!


Vin Diesel Plays D&D As A Witch Hunter On Critical Role

Vin Diesel


Renowned ultra-nerd Vin Diesel stopped by Geek & Sundry for a quick, and hysterical, game of Dungeons and Dragons. Man, what I'd give to roll crazy amounts of dice with this guy.


Jon Stewart Signs Exclusive Deal With HBO

Jon Stewart

Courtesy of HuffPost

We knew our beloved Jon couldn't stay away from us for too long, and what better outlet to make his great return on than HBO? Hand the man the reins, and we'll be there to laugh and cry alongside him once more.

Michigan Restaurant Offers Free Thanksgiving Meal To The Lonely


Courtesy of George's Senate Coney Island Restaurant

A Greek man named George owns a restaurant in Michigan. Every year, he offers a free Thanksgiving meal to the homeless and to those without family members. George is a saint of epic proportions.


Sisters Orphaned In Korea Reunited At Florida Hospital


Courtesy of CTV News

Sometimes fate smiles down upon humankind, gifting people with a missing life puzzle piece. After spending a couple decades apart, and not even being sure if there were other siblings out there, Holly and Meagan were reunited while working at the same hospital.


Community Rallies After Arson At Canadian Mosque

mosque Courtesy of Toronto Sun

The day after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Beruit, the only mosque in Peterborough, Ontario was set aflame. The local religious communities rallied behind this fallen place of worship, raising money to help build a new one. When an entire religion is under the microscope for the acts of a few, it's heartwarming to see people put their beliefs aside to simply help one another.




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