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Harry Styles Is Set To Appear On The Late Late Show And We Have SO Many Theories!

Amy Jereb | PopWrapped Author

Amy Jereb

04/27/2017 7:31 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Harry Styles Is Set To Appear On The Late Late Show And We Have SO Many Theories! | Harry Styles

On April 25th, a video was posted on The Late Late Show’s YouTube channel announcing Harry Styles as a guest. This was just not any old announcement however: it was a campy skit of James and Harry Facetiming. When it begins, James is seated at an office desk, listening to “Sign of the Times” (the lead single of Harry Styles’s self titled solo album) and reading Harry’s recent interview in Rolling Stone magazine. They converse about Harry needing a place in L.A. to stay to announce that he will be appearing on The Late Late Show for an entire week. That’s right, a week. Considering such a long appearance is not the norm for the show, what can we expect? Luckily, I have some ideas.

Whenever One Direction appeared as a band on The Late Late Show, we were blessed with a number of amazing segments, including Tattoo Roulette, Dodgeball with One Direction, and Carpool Karaoke. Now, some of these moments on the show would be a lot less exciting without the numbers the band had to offer (after all, you can’t have a one person dodgeball team), but I think Harry and James are going to surprise us. Their friendship goes back a number of years, to before James was the host of The Late Late Show. There is a lot of history here, some very cute, some very silly, and some a little steamy.

There are stipulations to Harry staying at The Late Late Show studio however: no guests, and James does the singing. Since both of these were strictly stated in the video, they are obviously going to be broken.

Who are Harry’s guests going to be?

He’s known to have a friendship with Ed Sheeran, who is on the opposite end of an album release at the moment. Ed seems a viable option for someone to stop by, and he has not appeared on The Late Late Show yet during his album’s promotion. As far as the singing, James’s voice is amazing (if you haven’t realized this yet from watching Carpool Karaoke then you haven’t been paying attention) but if he tries to perform “Sign of the Times” for Harry, I can’t imagine that there won’t be a small amount of upset (although it would be entertaining).

In the announcement video, James and Harry showcase their friendship in a mimic of a relationship trope: arguing who will hang up the phone first. Tonally announcing the event this way, I can’t help but have flashbacks to Harry helping James pack his kids into a New York taxi, or various paparazzi photos of Harry simply walking dogs with his friends. Harry enjoys the little things, and domestic simplicities are up his alley (an entire segment of This Is Us, One Direction’s documentary film, showed him mowing his parent’s yard).

I think some domesticity is assured for Harry’s appearance. James and him cooking? I’d be down to watch it. The week long appearance is to be framed by Harry staying at the studio, and my mind is remembering the clips from This Is Us, where director Ben Winston captured Harry waking up in the attic bedroom of his home. Hopefully James can capture a similarly cute and sleepy Harry for us!

Carpool Karaoke for "Sign of the Times"?

The Late Late Show is known for the iconic Carpool Karaoke videos. The 12 most watched videos on the show’s YouTube channel are Carpool Karaoke, with One Direction’s being the third most viewed. With all of this in mind, I feel inclined to assume Harry will make a solo appearance in shotgun of James’s car. But what will he sing? Harry would have a lack of material for James to work with as, at the moment, “Sign of the Times” is the only released song on Harry’s album. However, I would love to propose the idea of Harry singing along to the mixtape he released with his interview last fall for Another Man magazine. A lover of classic rock, Harry jamming to Fleetwood Mac while driving with James is a foreseeable future. Even if they do not stick to Harry’s mixtape, returning to the hits of another decade would be a highly viable option.

Before The Late Late Show, James hosted a U.K. program called A League of Their Own. When One Direction appeared (seeming to follow James from show-to-show and choosing where to make appearances based on the host and not the show itself) there were some iconic moments, like Niall receiving a temporary butt tattoo. However, the standout moment with Harry would have to be when they kissed during a kiss cam spoof (told you there was a steamy history). Between the romantic history and domesticity, Harry and James are going to be acting like a married couple by the end of the week!

Can we expect another kiss?

I am inclined to think so. Pet names? I see a very real possibility.

Besides Niall's temporary tattoo, Harry was permantly tattooed on The Late Late Show in 2015. A repeat seems likely, especially seeing as Harry was the one who was randomly tattooed during the risky and nerve wracking Tattoo Roulette. Would another tattoo on live televison be too much? Considering how many tattoos Harry has (I don’t even have a count for you, but I can definitely say his total is in the double digits) and his lack of reservation about being tattooed on the show the last time, I would say there is a solid possibility. Bring on the needles and ink. I think, perhaps, James should even be worried. Matching tattoos? It is something a lot of viewers would tune in to watch...

Harry’s debut solo album is due for release on May 12th and is currently available for preorder. If you find yourself enamored with Harry’s charm as his weeklong appearance progresses, you can preorder the album here. Check out the original announcement below:



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