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Head On Out On A Little Supernatural "Road Trip" In This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/15/2014 8:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Head On Out On A Little Supernatural

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

That’s right, IT’S BACK! After five long weeks of waiting for it to come back, Supernatural is back and boy was it good! All I can say is thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING US FANS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEEDED AND SO MUCH MORE! The episode “Road Trip” not only gave us a chance to see Sam returned to his own body, but we also got Tahmoh Penikett’s return as Gadreel’s vessel. Now that it’s been expelled from Sam’s body, I can’t but have a million and one questions. Here’s what happened on Supernatural: Before Dean could figure out how to get Sam back, he made damn sure that Kevin got a proper send off, by giving him a hunter’s funeral. After killing Kevin, Gadreel not only took over Sam's body but he also stole Dean's Impala. Not Baby! As if we could hate this angel even more than we already do. He also kills an angel who’s been posing as a rock star, who was his guard up in Heaven's prison who tortured him for centuries. He proudly tells his best friend from jail, Abner, that he killed their torturer, but clearly Abner has adjusted to living a human life and isn't happy to hear that. Too bad for Abner, since he is next on Metatron's hit list. Although Gadreel hesitates when he sees that Abner has a family and has made a life for himself on Earth, he still kills him anyway. Back at the bunker, Castiel arrives, all suited back up with his grace, after getting a frantic call from Dean. Dean finally confesses everything that happened to Cas, including tricking Sam into getting possessed by an angel and Kevin's death. Cas tells Dean they need to get Sam to expel the angel out (they don't know who the angel is), but the only way to bring Sam into consciousness is to mess with the angel's "factory settings," and the only one who knows how to do that is locked away in their dungeon: Crowley!!! Crowley surprisingly agrees to help get Sam back but only if they take him outside for a field trip. Since Gadreel stole Baby, they're forced to take Cas' pimp mobile (after gassing it up because Cas didn't know you have to fill the tank). I don’t know what was worse, the pimp music or the pimp car.  Watching Dean yell at Crowley and Cas in the backseat like children - best scene in this episode! The whole you're touching my leg line was pretty good too. After Crowley uses one of his demons that works in a NSA listening post to track Gadreel, they knock his ass and Crowley gets to work. He uses a twisted version of brain acupuncture in order to bring Sam out of his "dream" that Gadreel locked him in, which has something to do with a case he was working with Dean that involved "ghouls and cheerleaders." Sadly, they can't reprogram the angel in Sam's head, so Dean ends up making a call that's even riskier: He lets Crowley possess Sam. This goes against everything the Winchesters have stood for their entire lives. We may be fairly sure that we can trust Crowley. He isn't the same guy that used to cause so much pain for the Winchesters. Something about the king of hell is different, though we still don't know exactly how. That's why watching Cas burn off Sam's sexy anti-demon tattoo and watching Crowley enter Sam wasn't as scary as it could have been for us fans. But, it certainly was still extremely powerful imagery that will be sticking with me for some time. Crowley enters Sam's dream, and thanks to Dean telling Crowley their safe word (Poughkeepsie - interesting choice for a safe word, anyone else think it’s a funny word?), Sam realizes what's going on. Cut to the badass, not to mention epic, fight between Gadreel, Crowley, and Sam, all of which is taking place inside Sam’s head! Sam finally takes control and expels Gadreel out, and his essence goes back into his first vessel. Crowley leaves Sam voluntarily, and then does something even more shocking: He lets everyone get away safely while he confronts Abaddon who had shown up to kill them all. There any many words I’d like to use for Abaddon, none of which I plan to say out loud, much less write them down. Has Crowley become one of the good guys now? Not only did he help save Sam, but he also saved Dean and Cas from having to deal with Abaddon and her little demon bitches. At this point, Dean had already unlocked the devil's trap handcuffs, so Crowley was able to escape without helping them if he wanted. But he stayed and allowed everyone to get away. What the hell?! I guess by staying he got to do the villain chair turn as Abaddon walked in (totally awesome) and put his hat back in the ring for the position of leader of hell. He told Abaddon's little bitches that he's back and to spread the word. While this should be causing us to worry, it's actually not that bad if Crowley is on the Winchesters' side now. Maybe having an ally in high places in the demon world could actually be considered a benefit. But that's only if Crowley truly is an ally for the Winchester’s. I still can't be completely sure just yet, but based off the promos for next week's episode, he's going to team up with Dean. That's like the most unlikely of alliances coming to fruition, so clearly anything's possible. After Dean and Cas get Sam safely away, we finally get the confrontation between Sam and Dean that we've been waiting for all season. Sam tells Dean that he's disappointed in him not only for lying to Sam (again), but by taking Sam's choice to die, he inadvertently and unknowingly contributed to the death of Kevin. Sam tried to blame himself for Kevin's death, but Dean wouldn't let him. He blames himself, and ends up leaving Sam to find Gadreel on his own to get revenge and make things right. Dean tells Sam that he's poison to anyone around him, and it's best if he goes it alone, again.  The self-hatred in this scene was really overwhelming. Both of the boys are in such a bad place that separating is probably the worst possible idea ever, but it's too late. Dean leaves, and Cas stays with Sam. Also, how sad was it watching Cas and Dean bond over how they were both played: Cas by Metatron and Dean by Gadreel? They're both beating themselves up over it. Dean thinks they're "dumbasses" but Cas thinks they're just too trusting. Either way, at least they can both wallow together. They need each other now more than ever, so why did Dean leave him? Side Note: Anyone else see that Gadreel managed to bring Metatron the angel tablets and Metatron just happened to change things in Heaven so there would be no more prophets? Looks like the line of prophets died along with Kevin. Until next week when we see the match made in hell that is Crowley and Dean, do what Dean does and stay classy!


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