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Head To The City Of Angels On This Week's Episode Of Glee

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/11/2014 10:22 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Head To The City Of Angels On This Week's Episode Of Glee
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Christa Tintlenot

Staff Writer


Hi Gleeks! Tonight's episode, "City of Angels" is the Nationals episode, and likely,  the final Nationals episode of the series since rumor has it, the show will move to New York for the sixth season. The episode starts Mr. Shue giving Sam a pep talk about how he should be like Finn when they get to nationals.  In other words, be the leader he knows Sam can be. Next we switch over to the choir room where Tina leads Burt and Carole in. They make a speech about how much Finn really cared about the glee club and Burt touches as all by saying, "What Finn would have said is, this is the time of your lives, right now. You're never gonna forget it, and in a moment, it's all gonna be over." Carole says, "No sad faces, no regrets, just go out there and have a blast". Mr. Shue says Burt and Carole will come with the glee club to LA and sends them off with a song, "I Love L.A." by Randy Newman. As the song end, the New Directions are checking into their hotel when Kitty starts freaking because someone famous just walked in...yes, it is Mercedes, complete with a fake dog in a coat. (What??) We hear that Mercedes was selling her album in a parking lot when Kanye West's housekeeper bought a CD from her. Kanye gave it to Kim, who gave it to Ryan Seacrest, who passed it along to Sony....Oh!  The dog is a fauxuaua...fake chihuahua... Anywho... Mr. Shue is having problems at the front desk. It seems like a detective Sue Sylvester called and said Will had kidnapped 12 teens and if he tried to check in, the staff was to contact the that moment, ominous music can be heard and the glee club's new rival, Throat Explosion, enters the lobby. Led by Jean-Baptiste, who was once part of Cirque du Soleil, this is going to be one tough competitor for our New Directions. Meanwhile, Ryder shows up at Marley's hotel room door, asking to be let in. He tells her he still has feelings for her, but knows things won't change between them. Marley is struggling with her songwriting and Ryder lends her an ear, but she wants to quit glee. We then find the rest of the New Directions breaking into the stage area, where it seems they will perform for Nationals. Sam has taken his new role as leader quite seriously and once again, brings up Finn and the inspirational words that he always gave to them. Sam also reveals that he brought Finn's photo with him, in order to give them the inspiration they need...and this sweet moment is interrupted by Throat Explosion, who has scheduled practice until dawn...and though they offer condolences tonight, tomorrow, no mercy... We return from the commercial break to find Sam and Tina hanging out in Burt and Carole's room. Tina is a little upset that this is their last competition, but Carole is obviously struggling. Burt politely asks Sam and Tina to leave, and the couple has a meaningful talk about Finn and Carole's feelings about being with the glee club. Next, Ryder is seen trying to push Jake to get in gear, as they need to be downstairs in 15. This seems to be an episode about closure, because we now watch Ryder and Jake deal with the way the Marley situation was dealt with. They also come up with a plan to get Marley noticed...give her songs to Mercedes. Switch over to Sam who is panicking on the bus...Finn's plaque is gone. Of course, they think Throat Explosion took it, and confront them. Sam loses it briefly, shoving Jean-Baptiste, but pulls it together to give the group a great pep talk, and tell them that Finn is with them, plaque or no plaque. Now for Nationals...the judges are introduced...Marlee Matlin, Jackée, and Joanna Rohrback, the creator of Prancercise. The Amazonians are the first team to perform. They sing "Vacation" from the Go-Go's dressed as Vegas showgirls with big bouncy balls... Meanwhile, we see Burt and Carole packing and walking out of the hotel with their luggage. Next, Throat Explosion takes the stage with a mashup of "Mr. Roboto" by Styx and "Counting Stars" by One Republic. New Directions takes the stage next. Sam, who was peeking out to the theater from under the curtain, tells the group Burt and Carole are not here. Mr. Shue starts to give them a speech before going out on stage when Burt and Carole enter and give the best pre-performance speech ever..."Get out there and show them how it's done!" New Directions begins with "More Than a Feeling" by Boston. (It's really great, by the way) They go into their next song, "America" by Neil Diamond. (This one is a little more awkward, for some reason) The final song is "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", by U2, which Carole says was one of Finn's favorite songs. Meanwhile, we see clips of Finn played intermittently throughout. (I admit, I got a little choked up...Sam did too..) Before they tell us who wins, there is a scene between Mercedes and Marley about pulling yourself up after disappointment...and now it's time... Amazonians take home third... Second place... New Directions. Throat Explosion emerges as the victors while the New Directions look stunned and disappointed in the background. Back at McKinley. Burt and Carole are there, and Carole tells the saddened group that Finn would have felt the same way...but that he would always strive to find out how to get that happiness back...and win or lose, Finn lives in all of them. Becky interrupts this moment, announcing that Principal Sue wants to see Mr. Shue. She tells him that glee club is officially disbanded. Final scene...Kurt running into the Starlight Diner in a panic, telling Santana and Rachel about the end of's over. So what did you think Gleeks? Were New Directions robbed? Are you sad about the end of the glee club? Let us know in the comment section, below.

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