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Heroes Reborn: 01x03, Under The Mask

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

10/03/2015 6:28 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Heroes Reborn: 01x03, Under The Mask | Under The Mask
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This Heroes Reborn recap will be done slightly differently. I usually watch the episode all the way through and then type my recap, but this time I’ll be typing while watching this one, in order to cite my thought process/theories with each passing scene.

Reborn’s 3rd episode, titled "Under the Mask" opens with a further introduction of Malina (the girl who controls the eerie yet beautiful aurora) and her mysterious as well as invisible guide, who’s attempting to convince her to try harder to control the aurora. Malina claims she’s not strong enough and tries yet again to do what her guide wants her to. I’m extremely intrigued by Malina’s character and I have a feeling that she’ll quickly become one of my favorites of the newer generation. Elsewhere, Noah and Quentin steal a vehicle after Luke and Joanne took off with theirs. Speaking of Luke and Joanne, the latter is having a grand ol’ time plotting the deaths of all Evos, while reminiscing about a couple they killed a few months back.

Luke is clearly not as invested in this revenge scheme as Joanna is, because it looks as if he feels a strong sense of regret and guilt, which Joanne lacks. During this scene, something unusual happens. Luke goes to turn the car’s radio off and the car abruptly stops working the minute his hand touches the radio. This could be nothing, but I’m starting to wonder if Luke is an Evo, which would provide an interesting dimension to his character as well as his relationship with Joanne. The scene then shifts over to Miko, who's providing a major ass-whopping to the security guards of Yamagato Tower. Seriously, the girl sure packs a heavy kick! Miko’s victory is short-lived due to Harris; the mysterious man takes Miko out in about 3 hits and takes away her sword, claiming that it doesn’t belong to her.

Harris also happens to be the Renautas' employee, who Francis and Taylor contact in regards to Molly Walker. Molly is tranquilized on a plane leading her back to Renautas', after she proclaims capturing her is a mistake because they have no idea what’s in store for the world. That certainly sounds ominous and worrisome for basically everyone. We’re then introduced to Erica Kravid, one of the “big bads” of the season. Erica is actually the head of Renautas and is dead-set on launching EPIC, which I’m assuming is the technological tracking system Molly is needed for. Harris informs Erica about the incident with Miko and it's revealed that the sword Miko carries is indeed that of Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka), the lovable time-traveler from Heroes who will be making an appearance in Heroes Reborn.

After Harris mentions Miko claims to be the daughter of Hachiro Otomo, Erica responds by saying that can’t be possible, which leads me to wonder about Miko’s origins. Is she really the daughter of Hachiro? Miko’s introduction in the first episode was indeed bizarre and I’m curious to see how Heroes Reborn answers the questions it has presented to its viewers. Ren arrives at Yamagato Tower, looking and acting completely adorable, and proceeds to steal a key card after learning about Miko’s whereabouts. Carlos is shown removing a picture from Oscar’s pin-board and it’s quite clear this man (Dylan Bruce) is Carlos’ next target. I really like Carlos’ character, but I haven’t quite warmed up to his storyline. Noah takes Quentin to the hospital to treat his gun wound, and he runs into a doctor who immediately recognizes him, and yet Noah has no idea who he is. It turns out Noah met the doctor on June 13th, the day Claire “died.” The doctor asks Noah to wait for him and he then proceeds to call security; by the time he turns around, Noah has already left.

Carlos trails the man in the photograph (a dirty cop responsible for Oscar’s death), with a gun in hand. He notices the man and his groupies torturing a young woman and the as-of-yet unnamed dirty cop then proceed to throw her out a window. Don’t worry, she's alive! In fact, she doesn’t even hit the ground; she instead reveals she’s an Evo and flies away. Carlos is rescued from the cop’s henchman by the priest from the previous episodes. Harris interrogates Miko, whose too busy making origami and Ren is just steps away from finding Miko. Miko’s skill in origami, which further parallels her to Hiro; is Miko related to Hiro is some way? Shifting back to the crumbling husband-wife duo, Luke questions their motivations and wonders why they can’t just go home. Joanne is adamant about their mission and while she sifts through files of Evos, it’s revealed to audiences that Luke is indeed an Evo (much to his shock); Joanne doesn’t notice Luke’s ability. Noah corners a security guard back at the hospital and forces him to access security footage from a year ago in order to find out what he was doing there. The video keeps lapsing in time which leads Noah to conclude he encountered Hiro (he also spots himself with Molly). This mystery keeps getting deeper and deeper. The video also displays a heart-wrenching scene: Noah identifying Claire’s body. Noah and Quentin are quick to escape the hospital and due to the video, Noah is more confused than ever (I’m right there with you Noah). Noah and Quentin come to the conclusion that the only person that can help them is Molly, who is currently trying to convince Taylor of her wrongdoings.

Miko escapes Harris (with the help of Ren) by chopping off his hand and the two head for Colorado, where Erica is headed with the sword. It turns out, Harris is also an Evo with the ability to regenerate and clone himself. Luke steps out for “some fresh air” and his body begins to glow. Luke’s predicament, with his glowing hands and then body, reminds me of Peter’s situation in season 1’s finale. Does Luke have the ability to emit radiation from his body just like Ted Sprague, Peter and Sylar? Tommy rebels against his mother and heads out to a party where, much to his delight, he’s the hot commodity courtesy of Brad – his new best friend. Tommy is enjoying the perks of popularity and Emily seems hesitant with the whole debacle.

Molly arrives in Renautas’s Colorado station where Erica and Harris are awaiting her arrival. Noah and Quentin sneak in to break Molly free in order to learn the truth, only to have Molly tell them "there’s too much at stake, you shouldn’t have come". Molly attempts to escape, but unfortunaetely runs into Harris; thankfully, Noah and Quentin escaped just in time. Tommy’s mom confronts Mr. Hat who tells her the world will need Tommy soon. It’s apparent that Tommy’s mother has an idea of who’s been following and protecting Tommy. Just who is Mr. Hat and who exactly does he work for? Carlos locates the flying girl and helps her and her friends escape Mr. Dirty Cop (yes, that’s what he’ll be called until his name is revealed). The dirty cop turns out to be an Evo who nearly beats Carlos to death; his ability is that of super strength. Carlos manages to escape by leaping out of a window.

Taylor, as it turns out, is Erica’s daughter, who I’m betting will aid Molly in her escape. Erica launches EPIC, which is basically a pair of fancy glasses that can identify Evos on the spot. With this technology, Renautas now has the means to eradicate every Evo on the planet. Noah and Quentin now realize their true mission: detach Molly Walker from EPIC’s systems and destroy the technology for good before it leads to the extinction of all Evos. "Under the Mask" concludes with Tommy and his mother getting into a car accident.

Heroes Reborn has maintained a fast pace through-out the course of the third episode and I’m looking forward to what it brings forth next!

What were your thoughts on "Under the Mask"?



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