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Heroes Reborn: 01x06, Game Over

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

10/25/2015 7:18 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Heroes Reborn: 01x06, Game Over | Game Over
Media Courtesy of Credit: Roger Do Minh/NBC

We’re 6 episodes in and Heroes Reborn has, at last, upped the ante.

The episodes before were mere child’s play in comparison to what happens in “Game Over,” which changes the course of the remainder of the series. A major issue that fans 

had with Heroes was that the show refused to get rid of its existing characters and, instead, continued adding new ones to the fold.

Well, Heroes Reborn has clearly decided to differ from its predecessor, since in this episode we lost not one, but two main characters; technically, one character was dead all along.

So who did Heroes Reborn ax in “Game Over?” None other than Noah’s comedic side-kick Quentin (who was, ironically, killed by his own sister) and the lovable Katana Girl Miko, who wasn’t even alive or real to begin with.

I’m all for effective deaths, but when one death is executed poorly, then I begin to have issues with the show. For example, Quentin’s death was both emotional and well-executed; Miko, on the other hand, was disregarded without a second thought.

The show didn’t even attempt to give Miko an emotional send-off; in fact, her “death” was so brief that I didn’t even realize she was truly gone until I watched the episode over again. It turns out the “real” Miko died in an accident several years ago and the Miko we’ve come to know and love is just a program, an apparition created for the sole purpose of freeing Hiro Nakamura from the world of Evernow. Renautas trapped Hiro in the world of Evernow because his powers of time and space are useless in that realm.

So, basically, Miko and Ren were stand-ins for Hiro, which is something I’m not okay with. Ren tells Miko he loves her no matter where she came from and she responds with, “I know,” before sacrificing herself. And that closes the chapter of the Miko and Ren storyline. Seriously?!?! What an utter disappointment.

As disheartening as Miko’s death was, he episode was pretty plot-heavy overall. “Game Over” differs from the rest because, by the end of the episode, everyone has a purpose.

Noah has reunited with Hiro, whereas a troubled and suicidal Luke finds salvation with Malina, who is looking for Tommy because he’s going to help her “save the world.” Oh jeez-a-loo, why is the show so dead-set on making Tommy the main character of the show? It’s as if the writers of Heroes Reborn are under the impression that everyone truly likes Tommy.

“Game Over” does nothing to increase Tommy’s likability, but he does indeed decide to help save the world, thanks to Emily’s guidance (yeah, thanks a lot, Emily, you've been a great help *cue eye roll*).

Shockingly, one of my favorite’s scenes in “Game Over” involved Tommy and Emily, but it wasn't because of them.  Emily shows Tommy an issue of the 9th Wonder comic, which leads to a nice shout-out to Heroes alum Isaac Mendez, who was killed by Sylar in the show’s first season. Also, Tommy and Emily finally kiss and I found myself asking, “Where the hell is Brad?!” I’m positive Emily is still with her boyfriend, unless I blacked out during the break-up scene? That pretty much wrapped up Tommy and Emily’s uninteresting storyline for the episode.

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking too good for Carlos, who has made the poor decision to trust Captain Dearing. The two embark on a journey to save Jose and Father Mauricio; both are being held in a secluded building just beyond a some trees. Carlos foolishly takes a vial from Dearing (seriously?) and drinks the mysterious concoction that forces him to pass out.

Dearing mentioned the drink would give Carlos faux-evo 

powers for a short amount of time, but part of me is wondering if the powers will be permanent, which would parallel a storyline already ventured in Heroes.

On the other side of the spectrum, Malina saves Luke from killing himself, and this was another example of the show’s poor special effects; it wasn’t bad enough to make me cringe, but it did make me laugh…for several minutes. Malina and Luke bond and, shortly after, Malina shows Luke a photograph of Tommy, which was in the envelope Farah handed Malina.

Conveniently, Luke knows exactly where Tommy is (well, kinda) and Malina claims that it’s his destiny to help her, thus the two head off to find Tommy. Am I the only one still puzzled by Luke's drastic change in personality? Taylor, who has left Team Noah, finds out her boyfriend is well and truly dead along with the fact that she’s pregnant. She’s out to expose her mother and Erica is not pleased.

Noah, Quentin, Miko, and Ren are attacked by Harris, his clones, and Phoebe, but not before being informed that Miko has to “die” in order to free Hiro Nakamura. She indeed sacrifices herself for Hiro, thus completing her mission, and Quentin is killed by Phoebe immediately afterwards, who believes Erica has given her life purpose.

Noah knocks Phoebe out, but is too late to save Quentin. Quentin asks Noah if he saved Phoebe, to which Noah heartbreakingly says yes; Quentin promptly dies and Noah is reunited with Hiro before Harris can kill him.

Then Heroes Reborn takes an unexpected twist as Hiro takes them both back in time to June 13th. Hiro warns Noah that he can’t make any drastic changes to the past, for they can affect the future (the butterfly effect).

If next week’s preview is any indication, then we’ll finally find out what truly happened to Claire and what took place on June 13th. The preview also shows the return of Mohinder Suresh and Angela Petrelli; I, for one, can’t wait to see what these two bring to the story. Are we finally going to learn what happened to the other heroes? Angela is bound to mention Peter; he is her son, after all.

I’m not pleased with Heroes Reborn’s dismissal of Miko and Ren, which was abrupt and poorly written. It was clever to make Miko “not real,” but her death scene didn’t carry the same amount of weight as Quentin’s did. It was brief, and I felt as though Miko had so much more left to offer. It was as if the show wanted to rid themselves

 of this amazing character as fast as possible.

Quentin’s death was also upsetting because he was the show’s main source of comedic relief. Couldn’t Tommy have died instead?

Heroes Reborn is far from perfect, and yet I’ll continue watching, because there is hope that it will get better (I’m mainly sticking around to find out what happened to the Heroes characters); I definitely didn’t like the deaths in the episode, but I’m sure some people will applaud Heroes Reborn for taking chances Heroes was too afraid to take.

At this point in time, there really isn’t anyone I’m rooting for other than Noah. And this is Heroes Reborn’s biggest downfall. It has introduced a slew of new characters and not even half of them are likable. The plot centers on characters I, frankly, don’t care a smidge for.

I was invested in Molly, Quentin, Miko and Ren, and all 4 of those characters have departed Heroes Reborn. With Hiro back in action and Noah being sent to the past, I’m hoping next week focuses more on Heroes. The new episode deals with elements and characters of Heroes, which is the aspect of Heroes Reborn I enjoy the most – the only aspect at this point. I’m a sucker for Heroes and any storyline involving Claire, and tidbits of from the past is bound to be a hell of an episode.

With three of my favorite characters out of the show, I’m hoping Noah pulls through and we see Sylar, Peter, Claire, and all the others. But back to Miko, can’t she be like Pinocchio and become “a real girl?” Is that too much to ask for? Ugh.

What did you think of “Game Over?” Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!


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