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Heroes Reborn: 01x10, 11:53 To Odessa

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

11/22/2015 9:10 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Heroes Reborn: 01x10, 11:53 To Odessa | 11:53 to Odessa
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After last week’s phenomenal episode, I had high hopes for the quality of Heroes Reborn’s fall finale, titled “11:53 to Odessa.”

In true Heroes Reborn fashion, the episode revealed a whole lot of information, most of which served to confuse me more than before. Heroes Reborn took two steps forward in last week’s episode and the fall finale manages to take three gigantic steps back narratively and visually. The effects present throughout “11:53 to Odessa” were simply awful and a pain to look at; the plot continued to thicken with complications as various new plot-points were introduced.

It’s not the worst episode of the season, but it’s certainly a weak fall finale.

Miko, who is years and years in the future, stumbles upon a sanctuary of sorts, one that has been built by Erica. Erica essentially used Hiro for the sole purpose of creating a gateway between the present and the future. In other words, Erica plans to skip the apocalypse nonsense entirely and just teleport groups of people to her self-built utopia. While cautiously investigating the facility, Miko stumbles upon herself (her true self) who is hooked up to the same machine Molly and Francis were. Then it’s revealed that her father is also alive and in cahoots with Erica. Otomo continues to work with Erica for the real Miko’s safety; Erica managed to save the “real” Miko’s life and she’s now being used to keep Otomo in line. Otomo states Miko has “one final mission,” which involves finding and protecting the master of time and space: Tommy *cue eye roll*

Tommy spends the majority of the episode being swindled by Erica. She attempts to steal his abilities, but finds herself unable to do so because Tommy is “special.” Since the start of Heroes Reborn, anytime Tommy is mentioned or shown on screen, the show wants you to know he’s “the chosen one” and different from every other character in Heroes. Why? What makes Tommy so special? Other than the fact that they made him Claire’s child and a Petrelli. If you take both of those factors away, is Tommy really all that special? Hell, he’s Claire’s kid and a Petrelli and I STILL can’t stand him. Tommy agrees to help Erica, but only if he can bring his friends and family to the future as well. Erica obviously agrees and I can’t help but think she’s mentally patting herself on the back for fooling Tommy so easily. Tommy teleports Quentin and Phoebe back, but is disrupted from his talk with Erica by Miko. Tommy teleports away with Miko after she states she’s there to protect him. The last we see of Tommy this episode is him saving Noah from being crushed by a car. What led to Noah being placed in such a situation? Let’s rewind a tad.

Noah and Malina’s portion of the story is quite boring and slow-paced in comparison to other characters. Noah wards off Luke, who is trying to join them in their mission to save the world. It’s clear that Noah is judging Luke based on his past actions of killing evos and whatnot, but has Noah forgotten he’s killed probably just as many evos in Heroes as Luke has in Heroes Reborn? I’m not Luke’s biggest fan, but even I can acknowledge Noah’s hypocrisy. Noah and Malina continue on their road trip, and at one point Noah states Malina is just like Claire. Malina? Like Claire? Please stop lying, Noah! Their cringe-worthy bonding session comes to an end when a sudden storm starts rolling into town. So what does Malina do? She gets out of the car, stands on the back of somebody else’s truck and proceeds to try and stop the storm, exposing herself as an evo in the process. It’s due to this random storm that a car goes hurdling towards Noah… how do you not see a car flying towards you? Noah is saved by a “mysterious” teleporter (Tommy) and Malina’s path intertwines with Luke’s once again.

Carlos and Farah (who is alive) are in love with one another and decide to escape along with Taylor, who infiltrated the facility in order to find Micah and Francis. Micah is shown (yay!) and he’s being used by Erica and Matt. Matt has Micah access some of Erica’s documents, which state who is and isn’t being taken to the future. Matt wants to make sure his name is indeed on the list. Carlos, Farah, and Taylor escape the facility (without Micah) and head off to God knows where. Carlos and Farah’s feelings for one another did serve to surprise me, but the two are actually quite cute together.

Last, but not least, is Ren’s storyline this episode which, however brief, did give the viewers an indication of the direction his character will go for the final three episodes. Otomo, or rather a copy of Otomo, guides Ren in the direction of Tommy by saying that, in order to reunite with Miko, he must find a time traveler. With Hiro out of the picture, that leaves Tommy, who is conveniently with Miko at the moment. Ren’s storyline ends with him getting on a bus to Odessa.

Again, this episode failed to impress me as a whole and I have little to no hope of the last three episodes doing anything differently.

What are your thoughts on 11:53 to Odessa? Let us know in the comments down below!


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