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Heroes Reborn: 01x11, Send In The Clones

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/11/2016 5:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Heroes Reborn: 01x11, Send In The Clones | Send In The Clones
Media Courtesy of Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

All roads inevitably lead to Odessa. That is the one final message “Send in the Clones” leaves audiences with while setting up for the final two Heroes Reborn episodes of the season--and possibly the series. Before venturing down that path, let’s see what events took place with each character.

First up is Tommy, who is still stuck in the future – He’s quick to realize Miko will indeed help him save the world due to an issue of the 9th Wonder foretelling the events currently taking place. Miko and Tommy also stumble upon one heartbreaking fact: Miko is indeed dying, and she doesn’t have much time left before she disintegrates. After reading more of the 9th Wonder comic, they realize Miko’s destiny lies with Sunstone Manor – the same place where Matt Parkman currently resides, along with a slew of brainwashed Evos. Before teleporting her back to the present day, Tommy takes Miko’s ribbon as a means to gain Erica’s trust – the ribbon presents proof of Miko’s “demise.” Tommy is able to successful convince Erica, and the two head back to present day as well where Erica has gathered a group of individuals, of her choosing, to teleport to the future; Tommy’s mom and Emily are there as well. Erica tells Tommy their weird chair devices will amplify his powers, thus giving the means to accomplish that a huge task. Before Tommy can do this, however, Erica receives a call from Harris, who lets her know Miko is alive and well and at Sunstone Manor. Realizing Tommy has betrayed her, Erica claims she’ll “take care” of the Tommy dilemma.

Miko – I should save Miko for last, since she’s my favorite, but I don’t have that kind of patience. Miko’s big moment this episode is her battle with Harris – the real Harris. They engage in an epic sword vs ax duel before Harris gains the upper hand. So what does Miko do? She stabs herself hard enough to stab Harris as well, who is standing directly behind her. Harris dies, thus killing all his clones and Miko is put to rest as well.

Judging from past trailers and audience reaction, this was a moment everyone was waiting for, and yet I was so thoroughly disappointed. Not because the fight wasn’t well executed – it was. My disappointment lies in the fact that A) Miko is gone (again) *cue sobbing* and B) Miko’s big destiny was to kill Harris? Really?! Miko had the potential to do so much more and yet here we are, saying goodbye to her once more.

Malina & Luke – Malina and Luke continue to stick together as the two head off to find Tommy and then make their way to Odessa. Malina is convinced Noah is still alive and the duo’s journey comes to an abrupt halt as they’re cornered by two Harrises, Phoebe and Quentin, who is starting to have doubts about Erica’s plan to save the world especially when he’s ordered to take Malina down.

Quentin ends up telling Malina & Luke everything after Luke shoots both Harrises and knocks out Phoebe (these encounters were far more detailed, but I’m giving you guys the bare essentials).  Luke comes close to killing Phoebe after realizing she’s responsible for June 13th, but is stopped by Malina after she states he doesn’t need any more regrets on his plate.

Carlos, Farah & Taylor – What was the highlight to this trio’s storyline? Seeing Micah again - the three manage to free Micah (technically, it was Carlos who freed him), along with shutting off Matt’s brainwash recording and getting Carlos’ El Vengador suit. Carlos is also reunited with Father Mauricio and Jose.

Father Mauricio is killed while attempting to free Micah, whereas Matt takes Taylor hostage in order to use her as blackmail against Erica – he really wants to be sent to the future. The plus side to this hostage situation? There is no plus side, but Micah is able to expose Erica to the world by revealing the fact that Erica had an Evo shapeshift into Mohinder and tell the world he was responsible for the June 13th attack. Micah gives a hearty speech and reminds the world humans and Evos are meant to coexist.

Erica – Aside from being double-crossed by Tommy and being exposed to the world by Micah along with that, Erica doesn’t seem that phased by current events. In fact, to make herself feel better, Erica calls Joanne to her office and orders her to kill Luke and Malina – an order that Joanne readily agrees to obey. Is it bad that I hope she succeeds and dies along with them? 'Cause I’m really not feeling Luke or Malina or Joanne…or most of the current group of characters.

The episode concludes with everyone heading to Odessa; Noah remains MIA . Although the episode failed to deliver after a long hiatus, “Send in the Clones” was not without its positives: Erica’s character development was fascinating to watch, as was the return of Micah – that opened a whole can of nostalgia that had me genuinely teary-eyed.

What did you think of episode 11 of Heroes Reborn? Let us know in the comments down below!


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