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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Heroes Reborn: 01x12, Company Woman

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/18/2016 7:16 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Heroes Reborn: 01x12, Company Woman | Heroes Reborn
Media Courtesy of Christos Kalohoridis/NBC

This week's Heroes Reborn provides you with the origin story of the show's big bad. This episode delves into Erica’s past in an effort to understand why she is the way she is and essentially provide motivation for her twisted cause just as “Company Man” served as Noah’s backstory on Heroes.

Erica – Let’s start the recap off by talking about the episode’s central focus: Erica. Matt Parkman barges into Erica’s office, demanding he receive the watches needed in order to be transported to the future; holding Taylor hostage helps sway Erica’s decision. With Matt Parkman gone, Taylor sarcastically questions if Erica is disappointed with her because she’s pregnant with an Evo’s child. Cue a flashback scene in which it’s revealed a younger Erica was molested by an Evo with healing abilities; he also happens to be a doctor. In order to cure her ill father, Erica lets herself be used by the doctor and becomes pregnant – with Taylor being the baby. The doctor remains oblivious to Taylor’s existence until Erica needs his help once more, but this time Taylor is the one who is ill. Erica murders the doctor after he attempts to take Taylor away from her and right after this event she meets Casper, who hands her a Primatech card.

The goal of these flashbacks was to justify Erica’s actions (to herself) while hoping the audience would sympathize with her. After seeing the flashbacks, I really did feel sorry for Erica – but, I don’t think her past provides enough of a justification for her actions; what she’s doing is equal to genocide and unfortunately, I don’t think the characters will be feeling sorry for her at the end of the day. The flashbacks provided a depth to Erica that was missing since the beginning of the series. An important thing to note: its revealed that Taylor’s baby is an Evo.

An emotional Erica begs Taylor to join her in the future and states Taylor is the best thing that has ever happened to her. Taylor ultimately rejects her mother and declares she would rather die than be with her – this causes Erica to break down. Earlier on, Erica told Taylor she has no idea what she’s been through in order to give her such a good and privileged life. Sadly, Taylor will never know the truth of how she was conceived and just how much Erica has had to struggle in life. Taylor leaves her crying mother behind and I’m left feeling nothing but heartbreak for Erica.

Erica is forced to get over her pain and resumes her evil plan; she has Otomo “fix” Evernow in order to trap Tommy within the game’s walls. Does she succeed?

Tommy – Tommy continues to be Erica’s docile puppet as his goal is to make sure the ones he loves make it to the future. But soon it becomes apparent that Erica is not good at holding her end of the deal. Tommy becomes unsure and insecure, second guessing his hero status and wondering if he has what it takes to save the world. After receiving a much needed heart to heart from his mom, things start to become clear to Tommy once more. While he has a goal in mind, Tommy is unsure of what to do next until he sees a televised message from Malina, who is at Union Wells High School – Claire’s high school. Before Tommy can actually interact and reunite with Malina, he is trapped in Evernow courtesy of Otomo and Erica.

Luke & Malina – With the duo unable to get into Gateway, they decide to get Tommy’s attention, but before they can do so, they need to get rid of Phoebe and Quentin. A scuffle ensues and both Phoebe and Quentin manage to escape. Phoebe gets her powers back first and foremost before disappearing into the night. Quentin changes side’s last minute and hands Luke a gun, choosing to do the right thing and finally accepting the fact that the sister he knew and loved is long gone. The three head off to Union Wells High School and boy did nostalgia hit me hard – referencing Heroes in such a head on way that I couldn’t help but get emotional.

Upon finding a news crew at the school, Malina displays her power for all to see – thus leading to her sending Tommy a message. Micah, who sees the message along with Farah, plays the message on a loop making it impossible for Tommy to miss it. Micah, Farah and Carlos venture off to Union Wells as well as Tommy arrives at the scene with Joanne in tow. After Tommy disappears, Joanne tries to kill Malina only to have Farah get shot instead – she used her invisibility to step in front of Malina and take the bullet for her. Luke kills Joanne by burning her to a crisp; Joanne’s death was not as satisfying as it should have been. Carlos rushes Farah to the hospital and Malina is puzzled on what to do next.

Ren & Emily – While all this commotion is taking place, Ren arrives at Gateway and his path crosses with Emily – who is worried about Tommy. Ren discloses that he’s looking for the master of time and space which leads to Emily saying she’ll help him meet Tommy. They begin to search for Tommy at Gateway and arrive just in time to see Otomo get killed after he imprisons Tommy; I’m guessing Ren and Emily will free Tommy from his current position, but the question is how? Before, the key to unlocking Hiro Nakamura was Miko, so who will be unlocking Tommy? Ren’s necklace may just be the key needed to help free Tommy.

Matt Parkman – I saved Matt for last simply because his predicament broke my heart the most. After fleeing from Erica with the watches for him and his family in tow, Matt makes a desperate phone call to his wife and begs her to go to the future with him; these events lead to Matt crashes his car at the bottom of a ravine – an immobile Matt watches as the key to his families future (the watches) float away downstream.  Matt’s legs are pinned and he’s trapped in the middle of nowhere. The camera zooms out further and further from Matt as his hysterical cries for help turn into laughs of a madman.

I’m extremely disappointed with where Matt’s character has ended up; to have a character you’ve familiarized yourself with on Heroes have such a sad ending leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling. Matt’s villainous ways were never fully explained and his new demeanor came out of nowhere – perhaps Matt Parkman should have been left alone. At least that way I would have been able to convince myself he’s leading a happy life with his wife and child.

Overall, “Company Woman” was an episode I surprisingly enjoyed due to finally learning more about Erica. Her storyline was surprisingly emotional, but it failed to justify Erica’s villainous actions thus far. I loved seeing Union Wells High again along with the Claire references that came with it. Joanne’s death was anticlimactic and I couldn’t help but feel it was rather abruptly done – was torture really not an option?

Next week is the end of the line for Heroes Reborn as the show airs its series finale. What do I hope to see in the finale? Honestly, an explanation of what happened to all the other Heroes characters such as Sylar and Peter would be nice – but if this is done just to tell audience members they’re dead then…I have no words to describe just how angry I’ll be feeling.

What did you think of “Company Woman?” Let us know in the comments below!


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