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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Heroes Reborn: 01x13, Project Reborn

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/24/2016 11:55 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Heroes Reborn: 01x13, Project Reborn | Project Reborn
Media Courtesy of TVLine

The long-awaited series finale of Heroes Reborn has at last arrived and unfortunately, it shaped up to be just as disappointing as the majority of the season. The finale wasn’t without its emotional moments and ended in the worst way possible – with a cliffhanger and the message, “end of volume.”

“Project Reborn” opens with Farah being taken to the hospital and Tommy being successfully subdued within Evernow; Erica is able to transport mass amounts of people, including Ren and Emily, 7,957 years into the future. Ren knows only Miko can free Tommy from his prison, so both he and Emily attempt to find Miko (the real Miko). Upon finding Miko – and Otomo – Ren is heartbroken to discover Miko no longer remembers him. While all this is happening, Tommy is stuck in a god-awful CGI maze within Evernow. He sees himself in the maze and begins to chase after the other Tommy.

Luke sacrifices himself for Malina’s sake and halts the first wave of the apocalyptic solar flare; this scene was quite abrupt and was one of the most bizarrely shot and executed scenes of the episode – sadly, there are many scenes just like this one. Jose is able to save Farah’s life using his powers and starts to treat other injured individuals along with Carlos and Micah.

Tommy continues to chase himself and when he finally demands answers and receives them in return, he finds himself more confused than ever. However, in his confusion Tommy finds the motivation he needs to save the world. We’re shown an emotional video montage which includes Claire – more specifically, it shows Claire in the last moments of the season 4 finale in which she jumps off the Ferris wheel and reveals her powers to the world. Tommy starts to cry as he sees images of his mother, grandmother and Hiro – all the people in his life that are important to him. Although this scene consisted of way too much plot, for a series finale, I found myself tearing up at the video of Claire.

Back with Malina and Quentin, Phoebe arrives to stir up trouble as per usual, but this time Quentin puts her down for good. Quentin shoots Phoebe several times before she falls out a window and to her death. The next solar flare arrives in no time and Malina does what she’s been doing for the majority of the series: placing her hands up and screaming really loudly in an attempt to push back the flare.

Ren is sent into the world of Evernow where he reunites with the Miko he knows and loves, although this reunion is bound to be a bittersweet one considering the world of Evernow is disappearing along with Miko. Tommy remains oblivious to the help coming his way and is instead shown a flashback of his first meeting with Malina, courtesy of Angela. “Do you ever get the feeling you were meant to do something extraordinary?” the infamous line is repeated once more and I find myself missing Heroes more than ever.

Ren manages to free Tommy and share a brief goodbye with Miko. Tommy and Ren find themselves surrounded by Erica and her men, but unfortunately Tommy, or rather Nathan, has the upper hand in this situation as he lets Erica know he can be at two places at once. Tommy freezes time and duplicates himself – one Tommy sticks with Erica as the other goes to Malina’s aid.

Even after joining hands, Malina and Tommy are unable to stop the flare; Tommy goes back in time to the moment he and Malina met and discovers they need a conduit – someone who will stand between them and be willing to sacrifice their life. That person happens to be Noah. Tommy travels through time once more and saves Noah from the flying car (the scene shown in episode “11:53 to Odessa”).

Noah indeed sacrifices himself and we say a heartfelt goodbye to the iconic HRG. The world is saved and Erica is forever lost in time. The show flash-forwards 3 months and we see each of the characters of Heroes Reborn going on with their normal lives as Quentin’s inspiring monologue plays in the background.

Instead of ending on a happy note, Heroes Reborn ends on yet fanother major cliffhanger just like the Heroes season 4 series finale. Tommy and Malina receive an ominous tarot card from their father and Angela warns Malina that this time no one will be able to protect them. We see a brief and blurry glimpse of their father – the glimpse isn’t enough to properly guess who the father is, whether he’s a past Heroes character or a brand new one.

I tried desperately to like Heroes Reborn, to find some redeeming factor other than Miko, but alas, Heroes Reborn fell short. If anything, Heroes Reborn increased my love for Heroes even more and had me wishing, with each episode, that the show was never cancelled in the first place. Heroes Reborn had many flaws, but it wasn’t without its small positives; however, the positives aren’t enough to redeem this lackluster series.

What did you think of Heroes Reborn’s series finale? Will you miss the cancelled series? Let us know in the comments below!


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