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Heroes Reborn Cast Answer Fans' Burning Questions, Debut New Trailer

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

07/16/2015 10:31 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Heroes Reborn Cast Answer Fans' Burning Questions, Debut New Trailer | Heroes Reborn
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“We are REBORN!” was Heroes creator Tim Kring’s first tweet since June 28th, 2012. And reborn we certainly are!

The Twitter picture features Tim Kring and star/panel moderator Greg Grunberg in front of a massive crowd in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con.

Before the panel could truly start, Tim Kring briefly talks to the crowd stating, “For everyone who stuck along with every episode, I thank you. But we've taken a long rest, and we're ready to save the world again."

Heroes Reborn kicked its panel off by showing the audience a clip to the prequel web-series, Dark Matters, and then minutes later showing an extended official trailer for Heroes Reborn, which, admittedly, looks bad-ass and worth all the hype it has generated.

The trailer features the return of beloved Heroes characters such as Noah Bennett, Hiro Nakumura, Mohinder Suresh, Matt Parkman and, surprise – Micah Sanders.

The trailer gave me goose-bumps and I ended up watching it on repeat: that’s how amazing the series looks. My favorite part has to be the end of the trailer [SPOILER ALERT -- Stop reading this paragraph if you don't want to know], which features a slow zoom in of a sky turned into a swirl of red, pink and finally black as new character Malina ominously states, “It’s happening faster than we thought. I can’t control it for much longer.”

Check out the thrilling Heroes Reborn trailer below!

The Heroes Reborn panel consisted of Tim Kring and the cast briefing the audience on new characters, as well as answering some of the fans' burning questions.

As far as characters go, Zachary Levi described his character Luke as a damaged man who lives to hunt down those with special abilities due to someone he lost in his past; this role is a far cry from his beloved role on Chuck which, ironically, aired before Heroes some time back.

Grunberg asked Jack Coleman a question that’s been burning in the minds of every Heroes fan: "What was it like stepping back into the shoes of HRG?" Coleman responded by saying he felt as though he was dressing up for Halloween when putting the infamous glasses back on.

The new cast members then talked a bit more about their characters. Ryan Guzman, who portrays an army veteran, explained that his character is given an opportunity to change his life and he readily accepts it. Robbie Kay, who plays high-schooler Tommy, explained that his character has the ability to make people “disappear.” It’s a power that beyond terrifies him because he just wants to be a normal teenager. From Kay’s description, Tommy seems to have similarities with Claire Bennett.

Judith Shekoni, who portrays Luke’s partner in crime Joanne, stated how great it was working with Zachary Levi and that he truly understands his character. Gatlin Green, who plays Tommy’s love interest Emily, revealed her character discovers Tommy’s secret. Emily will likely try to aid Tommy and prevent him from being hunted; let’s hope this fact doesn’t put her life in danger. Her character description automatically puts her on my list of “characters that could potentially die in Heroes Reborn.”

Danika Yarosh portrays the series' most mysterious character; she’s the one who [SPOILER ALERT] appears at the trailer's end trying to control whatever’s happening in the sky. Yarosh described her character Malina as a “bold and ethereal” teenager who has spent her entire life training to be a hero. The character of Malina is one of my initial favorites, along with what I’ve seen of Miko Otomo, played by Kiki Sukezane. Last but not least on the cast panel was Henry Zebrowski who portrays Quentin, a conspiracy theorist who manages to track HRG down.

The panel then ushered out Jimmy Jean-Louis, who played The Haitian, and then fooled the crowd with a mock video of Masi Oka, who surprised fans by appearing on stage. With the cast fully assembled, fans were free to ask their questions.

Here are some of my favorite questions that were finally answered:

  • A fan asked what can be expected of Heroes Reborn and if it will differ from Heroes. The answer is yes, Heroes Reborn will definitely be different than Heroes because now “heroes are being persecuted, adding more stakes and drama to the show.” Heroes brought viewers a sense of curiosity and discovery whereas Reborn will tackle the “sense of fear and intensity.”

  • The most burning question in my mind was finally answered. When asked if we’ll learn about characters such as Sylar, Peter and Claire in the five year gap between Heroes and Heroes Reborn, Kring answered by saying, “The ancillary stuff preceding the show will fill those gaps, but Heroes Reborn will unpack what happens in the previous years. By the series finale, you will most of what happened in the five year gap.”

  • “Everything will be kept intact” was the answer to the question on if whether or not the expanded original canon explored further through comics and web extras would be kept intact.

  • I wanted to save the music question for last! When asked about the soundtrack for Reborn, it was announced that the original composers for Heroes would be returning to score Reborn. Yay!!!! Heroes original musical score, done by Wendy and Lisa, was one of the best on television. Don’t believe me? Give these bottom four songs a listen; they happen to be my favorites from the amazing soundtrack; the last song, titled "Claire’s Theme," will forever be my ultimate favorite.

The panel concluded with an exclusive clip of Hiro and Mohinder. I am beyond excited for Heroes Reborn and will once again be re-watching Heroes. Are you excited for Heroes Reborn?

Share your thoughts in the comments below while listening to the four amazing tracks of the Heroes original soundtrack.


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