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Let's Help Taylor Swift Find A New Romance

Rain Varela | PopWrapped Author

Rain Varela

Staff Writer
09/17/2016 4:30 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Let's Help Taylor Swift Find A New Romance | Swift
Media Courtesy of WENN

Hiddleswift is over! Yet again Taylor Swift is moving on from a failed romance.

But worry not for her. After all, she has built her career by writing hit songs about her failed relationships. And with two break-ups within the space of a few months, Miss Swift has a veritable gold mine of hit song material to channel into a couple of albums.

Besides, we all know that she is the patron saint of moving on, and, if she chooses to, soon enough she’ll be flaunting pictures of her new boyfriend on Instagram, as they bask on the glory of their private romance.

With that being said, Miss Swift may be out and about searching for her next song -- I mean boyfriend. Not to say that she needs a boyfriend -- after all, she is strong, capable, and independent. But just in case she wishes to jump into another celebrity and paparazzi-worthy romance, I have compiled a list of famous men she could date, based on her previous dalliances.

1. Niall Horan

Swift J-14

Swift has been known to date men from boy bands, like Joe Jonas and Niall’s fellow band mate, Harry Styles. So it is not really a stretch that Taylor and Niall can hit it off. Surely Harry would be fine with it, right?!

Taylor is also already fond of Niall, and, if reports are true, she did try to set him up with best friend, Selena Gomez, because she thought that he is boyfriend material.

Plus they are both guitar-playing musicians, and Taylor could help Niall with his solo career. She could then use that fact against him if things do turn south.

And if Niall can patch things up with Zayn, he and Taylor could double date with Zayn and her squad mate Gigi Hadid. Now wouldn't that be cute?

Speaking of squads, Niall has his own group of celebrity pals that could rival Taylor's. Imagine the parties that they could throw and the amount of stars they could fit in a single Instagram post?

2. Shawn Mendes

Swift Juno Awards

Shawn and Taylor are already friends, with him opening for her on her 1989 world tour, so they already get along.

Also, he is sort of like Taylor's BFF, Ed Sheeran, only a younger, more chiseled version. You know, like her usual type.

With him being so young and new to the industry, Taylor could easily control -- I mean mentor -- him, as a loving girlfriend should.

3. Patrick Schwarzenegger

Swift WENN

Taylor famously dated Patrick's second cousin Conor Kennedy because it was said that she was enamored with his famous family.

But let's face it, aside from the fact that Conor was a member of America's Royal family, at the end of the day, he was just an ordinary high school boy then.

Things are different with Patrick; he is more celebrity than ordinary rich boy. After all, he did grow up with a movie star father. He is also a model and actor in his own right, and, as a bonus, he knows what it feels like to date a world famous pop star. Most importantly, Patrick's dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has his own private jet, so at least this time Taylor won't be accused of kidnapping a Kennedy just because she sent her jet to fetch him.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

Swift Parade

There have been reports that Taylor has always wanted to date the Titanic star. An insider even claimed that she had her people contact his people to test out the waters.

It seems the feeling is mutual since the same insider also said that Taylor is Leo's type: tall, blond and thin. He also likes the fact that she is so successful.

Plus Taylor could probably ensnare Leo's BFF, Kate Winslet, to join her squad -- imagine that!

Then there are the similarities between the two of them; they'll have lots to talk about! First off is their mutual animosity toward Justin Bieber. Then there is the fact that they both seem to jump from one relationship to another, and, third, they could share their mutual love of collecting supermodels. I'm pretty sure he'll fit right in with her squad.


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