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HIMYM Is All About Barney's "Mom And Dad" In This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/19/2013 2:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
HIMYM Is All About Barney's
Media Courtesy of CBS

Heather O'Connell

Content Editor

Hello PopWrappers! Welcome to this week’s How I Met Your Mother recap! So what happened in this week’s episode? Well here are the highlights: Barney and Robin’s Wedding is SAVED by…. So how was it saved? In case you’d forgotten, the couple had lost their minister after they apparently shocked him into having a heart attack, which left them without a minister for their wedding. Well they were out of a minister until James came to save the day as his father, Sam, arrived just in time for the wedding. What’s so important about his father? He just so happens to be a minister and has volunteered to marry them, which of course is a sigh of relief and happiness for Barney and Robin because their minister search is now over! Barney’s father arrives and Barney plays matchmaker. Yes Barney’s father Jerome, played by the always amazing John Lithgow, has arrived for the wedding. Barney is anxious about this as his mother is also there and his parents haven't seen each other since his father left him when he was a child. Barney thinks his parents won’t get along, but when he sees them being cordial with each other Barney takes it as a sign that they still want each other, despite the fact that his father is remarried. He decides to take matters in his own hands to get his parents back together. Despite his Barney-like efforts, which included an elevator locked to set a romantic mood, his parents made it clear they were not getting back together. Jerome is happily married to his wife, and the SHOCKER is that Barney’s mother is actually hooking up with James’s father, Sam!! Detective Ted is on the case… When Ted discovers that his calligraphy ink has spilled all over the priceless signed photo of Wayne Gretzky that Barney was going to give to Robin as a gift. Instead of trying to fix the photo however, he leaves that to Lily, while he goes on a mission to figure out who tried to ruin the photo. After a tease about possibly solving the Pineapple Incident, which is still unsolved, Ted finds out that the person who attempted to ruin the photo was none other than…..WILLIAM ZABKA!! Lily figures this out about the same time Ted does, after she cleans off the photo and sees that its no longer a Gretsky photo, but a signed  Zapka photo. She takes matters into her own hands which leads to her second tackle of the weekend as she takes down Zapka. So why did he do it? Well he says that after having spent most of the 80s  being harassed with people throwing popcorn at him because they hated his character in The Karate Kid, he was pushed to far as Ted replaced him as best man and he wanted to get back at him. Barney was probably his biggest fan so it made him happy to know that someone cared about him, so when he was replaced he was upset. After hearing his Ted decides to tell Barney that he ruined the photo, but Zapka saved the day getting a new one from an hour away. With this gesture from Ted it makes Zapka say that Ted is an alright guy. Oh happy endings! Daphne’s Story comes to an end? With the other two plots taking up most of the time, there wasn’t much of Marshall and Daphne tonight, but from what we got it might be safe to say that this may be the last episode we see with Daphne in it, though with HIMYM you never know. After their long roadtrip Daphne finally arrives for her daughter’s speech just in time. She almost doesn’t go though after a phone conversation with her daughter telling her she didn’t want her to go but Marshall drives her there anyways. As they walk in for the speech her daughter looks happy to see her and gives her speech, which shows that she’s exactly like her mother who is pro-oil drilling. Marshall leaves and we can only hope that he is reunited with the gang sooner rather than later. Well that’s all for this week’s episode!, see you next week for the highly anticipated rhyming episode!!


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