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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

HIMYM Recap -- "End Of The Aisle"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/25/2014 10:22 am
PopWrapped | Television
HIMYM Recap --
Media Courtesy of Katie Yu/ The CW

David Green

Staff Writer


Technically this is the 3rd to last episode, but since they will be doing the last two episodes together I will count this as the last one before the finale…and honestly I had no idea what to expect. This was…a brilliant episode. I know! After the frankly embarrassing season we have had, this was near perfection and even made me laugh at a few points. How did this happen? Well let’s recap “End of the Aisle.” Older Ted is talking to his kids in 2030- about how people panic on their wedding day about whether they are making the right choice. It is here we start where last season began with Robin saying “She can’t go through with this wedding.” The title card informs us it is 32 minutes prior to the wedding. Now, while I did say this was a great episode, it was not perfect; mainly because of Robin’s selfishness. Robin thinks it is a bad sign she never found that locket. She had unrealistic expectations that Barney would find it and she wants a guy who comes through for her (for her, ‘coming through’ is who would give her the locket). Ted of course has it and for a split second has to make the choice whether to give it to her. He goes to see Barney, who is also freaking out slightly, but Ted gives him the locket and tells him to give it to Robin and take credit for it, and so Barney goes out and does that. After that, Barney is trying to write his vows which aren’t very good. (One actually made me laugh with a ‘make me a sandwich’ joke). Marshal and Lily offer to help, but Barney says they have broken every one of their own wedding vows, such as:
  • Sickness and in health- on the way to the honeymoon Lily was throwing up and Marshal pretended to sleep.
  • Honour and respect you- Marshal was passed out on the couch, Lily dresses him in a corset and Ted and Barney took a picture and plastered it all over the Internet.
  • Breakfast in bed every Sunday- Technically they have kept it, but Marshal does so by throwing food at Lily in bed (Romantic).
  • To keep the romantic spark alive- Not doing a great job with them yelling at each other through the toilet.
Having made his point, Barney leaves the room with Lily and Marshal looking solemn at their realization. Robin calls Ted in and asks where he found the locket (knowing it was him). Ted tells her but is trying not to make a big deal. He is still talking up Barney, but Robin says all the big things Barney has done were recent and based on lies… Again this episode really was brought down by Robin’s character- what a selfish bitch! Someone throw a dictionary at her so she understands that a surprise may need lies in it to work. Plus how many things has Robin done for Barney? I think she needs to check her privilege! …Robin says maybe she should be marrying Ted. He says he doesn’t want to hear it, saying he is not her future, Barney is. Through a very touching and realistic scene, Ted says he isn’t that guy anymore. He says maybe he once loved her but not anymore; she doesn’t love him either. She is just scared and she really loves Barney. Ted also says he would not be part of screwing that up. Robin is worried it doesn’t make sense- Ted counters that love doesn’t make sense. This whole section is really well done, and he thinks he calms her down…till she makes a break for the door, locks him in, runs down into the reception and runs into ‘The Mother’. Marshal brings Lily down to the church and renews their vows and makes more realistic ones. All promise to keep updating the promises as they continue life together (it is very sweet). Barney watches and leaves. The mother asks if Robin is okay, and Robin says she is worried she is making a huge mistake. Rather than giving some life changing advice, the mother says that she doesn’t really know her but says when she is overwhelmed, she closes her eyes and takes three deep breaths. On the third breath Barney is there and throws his pile of vows away and says he will only make one vow: “From this day forward I will always be honest with you because I love you.” He also says Ted got the locket and she should thank him. They kiss. One minute before the wedding- Barney still freaks out about the tie, Marshal slaps him concluding the every important, and often hilarious, saga of the Slap Bet. Robin walks up the aisle and Barney says in the interest of honesty, there is a ring Bear. A bear walks down the aisle, and she says she loves it. Ted VO saying it was a long weekend- more ups and downs than he can count. Love is the best thing we do. I have come to the conclusion that when there is an actual story to tell, HIMYM is great! The writers are not very good at filler episodes, which are what the majority of the season has been. The entire episode had lots of fun and sweet moments in it and it was nice to see Ted finally, TRULY, let Robin go. The best part was it was realistic, not forced, which made all the difference. A couple of things, though, were disappointing: Robin’s sudden snap, while it could be realistic, made me really think she didn’t deserve Barney. At the end it all ended well but part of me feels one of the slaps should have been reserved for her! The Ring Bear- We see 2 seconds of it, and no reference during the ceremony. This joke was built up so high that I feel I should throw something at the writers. Obviously this episode was more on the drama side so if they bring the bear in for the last 2 episodes I will forgive them. If not, I will yell at the screen till I feel better. Also it was clearly a very young bear, according to Barney he actually knew him since he was a cub- this bear should have been fully grown and would have been far more impressive. *Sigh* Overall, this is a 4/5 episode. It is REALLY good! The pressure is on for the finale, and I swear to god if they stuff this up I will light bags of poop on the writer’s doorsteps for the next 3 years!  

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