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HIMYM "The Lighthouse" Brings An Egg War, Conflict Resolution, And A Beautiful Proposal

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/05/2013 1:15 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of CBS

Heather O'Connell

Content Editor

Welcome to this week’s How I Met Your Mother recap! Last week’s episode was left on a cliffhanger, so what will happen on this week’s episode? Let’s find out! The episode starts off discussing the building tension between Robin and Barney’s mother. It’s Saturday at 9am, 33 hours before the wedding. Barney is pleading with his mother to be cool for him and for Robin, saying that Robin is ready to bury the hatchet. His mother tells him that she will if Robin does, but the truce is short lived as Robin comes into the dining room where Barney and his mother are wearing his mother’s blouse that she won from her in the bachelor poker game earlier in the season. Moving on, Future Ted tells us about a lighthouse near FarHampton Inn and how that morning he decided to go see it for himself, or well he tried to until the front desk men told him he couldn’t let him go by himself to such a romantic place. He tells Ted that he doesn’t want blood on his hands, meaning he thinks Ted might try to kill himself by jumping off the lighthouse. We now move to the recap of what happened with Marshall, Daphne, and Lily last week and how Marshall told Lily about the judgeship he took that he hadn’t told her about. We see the next day after Lily finding out that she is definitely not happy with Marshall after finding out the news. She’s going to brunch with Barney, Robin, and his mother and she’s made it clear she’s been drinking already that morning. With Lily in a bad mood just hearing Barney say the word judge sets her off and makes her break a glass in her hand; Linus of course brings her a new one right away, though. We see that Marshall and Daphne are now driving through a storm the night before and they decided to stop at Ted’s childhood home for the night, in Cleveland. It’s the next morning and Marshall is thanking Ted’s mother for letting them stay the night. Ted’s step father thinks that Marshall and Daphne might be a little more than friends but they both make it clear that they are nothing more than travel companions. He also insists on helping Marshall to “resolve some conflicts”, but Marshall doesn’t want to hear it. Marshall instead - before he leaves - wants to grab a few things before leaving to embarrass Ted when he sees him. So what does he want to take? A mug with Ted’s younger self on it that says “Totally Awesome Ted”, and a wild west photo that Ted took with his best friend at Geauga Lake. What makes the photo so embarrassing you might ask? Well his best friend was a balloon. While Marshall and Daphne are waiting for the photo we come back to Lily and the gang at brunch. Lily asks what everyone is doing that morning and Robin talks about playing tennis and reserving a court which of course sets Lily off to break another glass. Once Lily has another glass the banter turns to Robin and Barney’s mother. Barney’s mother is teasing Robin telling her that she won’t have to worry about the blouse being loose and flowy anymore with the pancakes she’s eating. Robin fires back at her by “accidentally” dipping the elbow of the blouse in some ketchup. We then find out that Barney’s mother makes the best scrambled eggs, but Robin disagrees saying that her mother makes the best scrambled eggs. After Robin pours syrup all over the blouse, Barney’s mother has had enough and it looks as though the "Egg War" is on. Lily breaks another glass as she thinks that Robin says gavel instead of gravel and leaves the table. She walks over to where Ted is at the front desk, and walks up to the front desk man giving him a hard time saying that the light house is too romantic for him to go to without a date. This leads Lily to question why he doesn’t just go with Cassie. He says he doesn’t want to and Lily gives him some as she would say in the future, “bad advice”, telling him now why he is an idiot. She asks him If he found Cassie attractive, he says “I guess”. She asks him if she’s of normal height, he says yes. She then tells him to end up with her already. Lily than lectures him a little more and tells him to just take Cassie to the light house and settle with her already. Ted looks at the map to the lighthouse and we then see him knocking on Cassie’s door and asking her if she wants to go to the stupid lighthouse. We’re now back with Marshall and Daphne on the road where Marshall wants to play a car game that Daphne wants nothing to do with. Marshall then says that maybe they do need conflict resolution as they are fighting and Ted’s stepfather pops out from the back of the truck causing Marshall and Daphne to scream at his presence. Back to Ted who has settled on Cassie, they are walking through the hallways of the Inn where Ted is clearly bored with being with her. Just as future Ted says there’s nothing saying that they shouldn’t be together Cassie ends up tripping on something and falling down the stairs. We come back to Barney’s mother who has just made some scrambled eggs and handed them to Robin. Barney tastes them and says he’ll pretend they are just okay but as he tastes them he can’t stop himself from saying how awesome they taste. Lily says they are really delicious as well, which angers Robin. Everyone in the dining room has smelled the eggs and this entices Barney’s mother to make eggs for the entire inn. We find ourselves back in the car with Marshall, Daphne, and Ted’s step father who snuck inside the truck. Marshall is questioning why he’s in the truck with them, and he says he’s there to do his job and resolve conflict. Now to Ted who is helping Cassie into a chair after she slipped on the toy car and fell down the stairs hurting her ankle. Ted says maybe going to the lighthouse isn’t just a good idea but she’s not taking no for an answer and insists that they go anyways. Robin is now calling her mother and telling her to get there as quickly as possible. Barney’s mother goes over to Robin bragging and asking If people line up to eat her mother’s eggs like they are for hers. People overhear them talking and say that they should have a scramble-off. We then get a lecture about Ted’s step father telling Marshall and Daphne to do trust falls and deal with their issues and say what they don’t like about each other. His father just ends up singing for the third for fourth time this episode. Marshall and Daphne finally agree on something and that is that they think Ted’s step father is a loser. Ted finally arrives at the lighthouse with Cassie and he’s completely out of breath from having to carry Cassie all the way up the stairs of the lighthouse to the top. As they get to the top, Cassie asks if they are just supposed to fall in love or something and Ted doesn’t respond, instead he throws up over the side of the lighthouse. Robin is now making scrambled eggs and really doesn’t know what she’s doing as she’s looking for the egg opener. Robin then admits that she doesn’t know how to make an egg, saying that Barney’s mother wins. His mother then tells her she worries that if she doesn’t know how to make eggs that she doesn’t know what she’s going to feed her grandchildren. Robin then replies saying lucky her because its something she won’t have to worry about, meaning she can’t have children, which Barney tells her as Robin leaves the room looking defeated Back to Ted’s step father who is ranting about Marshall and Daphne not appreciating what he does or really that no one appreciates what he does as a conflict resolver. He then tells Marshall to pull over and after yelling a few times he does. Barney is now talking to his mother who thought he wanted to have children, which he says he’d like kids but he wants a Lamborghini with a hot tub in it. His mother than asks how long he’s know about Robin not being able to have children. He tells her that he found out last fall as they were out one night and she just mentioned to him one night that she can’t have kids. We see that he was very sympathetic and even hugged her thinking she would be upset. Barney tells his mother he’s marrying a girl he loves more than kids, or his job, or the ‘lamborcuzzi’ and asks her to be nice to Robin. Ted’s step father is now meditating outside the truck on the ground and Daphne is not happy with having to wait. Marshall says to just let him do his thing, and Daphne is still pissed and saying that Daphne takes care of Daphne and he needs to stop letting people do what they want to do and do what he needs to do. He then drives away and leaves Ted’s step father on the side of the road. Marshall looks possessed as he’s driving now looking like a new Marshall. Lily is now talking to Robin saying what they should do when Robin’s mother gets there. Robin informs Lily that she finally got a hold of her mother and she’s not coming. She apparently never got on the plane because she was too scared so she won’t be at Robin’s wedding. Barney’s mother walks in on the two and Lily asks her to not get into it with Robin right now because she found out her mother isn’t coming. Surprisingly, Barney’s mother leans forward and hugs Robin who isn’t expecting the hug and isn’t sure if she should hug her back or not. Barney’s mom tells her to call her mom and not to call her anything else. Robin agrees saying “okay mom” and Barney’s mother pulls away to apologize just as Robin pulls her back in for another hug. They two have a heartfelt moment as Robin admits that the eggs were good. Lily is now with Ted admitting that she did give some bad advice saying he should take Cassie to the lighthouse. Ted says he wasted taking Cassie up to the lighthouse and he took the wrong girl. Lily tells him to come back with the right girl, and Ted says he doesn’t know. We flash forward to two years later and Ted is back on top of the lighthouse with the mother, and asking why it couldn’t have been her up there with him two years ago. The mother describes it as “bonkers beautiful here and she doesn’t know how it could be more beautiful up there” he says he’s going to try and he drops down on one knee and doesn’t even have to propose before she’s already saying yes. OMGOMGOMGOMG The proposal between the mother and Ted! Such a sweet moment, now if only we knew how they met.. well we’ll find out soon enough. Until next recap.


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