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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Hitting Rock Bottom on This Week's Grey's Anatomy

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

11/14/2014 9:06 am
PopWrapped | Television
Hitting Rock Bottom on This Week's Grey's Anatomy | Grey's Anatomy
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Hello, Grey's fans! Tonight's episode, "Could We Start Again, Please?" is the second to last episode of the first half of the season. What went down in tonight's intense episode? Keep reading to find out! Meredith and Maggie Meredith runs into Maggie as they are heading down to the ER. Mer apologizes for the night before (AKA shower sex leaving Maggie to deal with Richard on her own) By the end of the episode, things come to a sort of breaking point between them, but thanks to a small get together at Alex's place, things seem to be much better between the sisters. Arizona and Dr. Herman As we catch up with these two, Dr. H asks Arizona if she is going to tell Owen about her cancer. Arizona just asks her questions, but Dr. H isn't answering.  In fact, Dr. Herman goes off to a mysterious appointment leaving Arizona to take over her patients. Things, however, are grim and one of her patients needs surgery now...except Dr. Herman is nowhere to be found. Arizona talks to Alex about the surgery and Alex suggests delivering the baby early through C-section, then performing the surgery. Arizona decides to go ahead with Alex's idea and calls Dr. Herman one last time. She tells her she is doing the surgery then telling Owen about Dr. Herman's cancer. Arizona performs the C-section and Alex begins surgery. They work on the baby together but Arizona is called away to work on the mother. Graham, the other surgeon, is left in charge but the mother starts bleeding everywhere. April comes up and starts working with Arizona and Graham but Arizona is called back to Alex. She finds out the surgery was successful and they break the news to the father. Arizona tells him that there were complications and his wife is still in surgery. As she makes it back to the OR, she sees the mother has not made it. Arizona and Alex go to tell the husband but Dr. Herman is already talking to him. It turns out she had a condition that caused the bleeding and she likely would have died anyway if the baby was brought to term. The baby would have likely died, too. She says Arizona did all she could do in the situation and saved the baby's life. Immediately following this, Arizona follows Dr. H, obviously angry. Dr. Herman goes into the bathroom and begins to get sick. She comes out and tells her she had to go through some aggressive radiation and it hit her harder than she thought it would. She tells Arizona that everything she said to the father/husband was true and Arizona saved the baby's life. She also says she made the right call. Arizona decides not to talk to Owen. Callie and Meredith, Owen and Amelia As they are waiting for a patient in the ambulance bay, both Callie and Mer reveal that they didn't sleep the night before. Mer, of course, was having sex with Derek all night...Callie was dealing with an inquisitive daughter about why her moms are not together. Their patient arrives, a man named Norris who jumped two stories from a window due to a fire. He is holding his dead wife's body as he cannot bear to let her go...except Hattie isn't dead. Meredith finds a pulse as she goes to officially pronounce her as deceased. Owen, Maggie and Amelia begin working on Hattie now that they know she is alive. Amelia goes out to the waiting room to talk to their daughter, who she surprisingly knows from somewhere. Once Amelia tells the daughter she is going to be performing surgery on Norris and Hattie, Sarah, the daughter, refuses to allow it, asking for another doc. Sarah tells Owen, who rushes in to see what the commotion is about, that Amelia is a drug addict and she doesn't want her operating. Of course, everyone hears Amelia's big secret. Derek steps in, looks at Amelia, and walks back to care for the patients. Following surgery, Owen and Derek talk to the daughter. She tells them that she didn't want to do what she did to Amelia, but she can't trust her with her mother. Owen questions Derek as they walk away about Amelia's history with drugs. Owen asks Derek if he thinks she is the best person to head the department. Derek doesn't answer. Amelia and Richard Following the incident, Amelia finds Richard and asks to talk to him. She tells him what happened and he tells her it's OK and asks if she is sober. She says yes, then he asks if she told them about her addition when she was hired. She didn't, but Derek hired her and he knew. Richard tells her she has done nothing wrong and unless she is using again, she is under no obligation to talk to anyone about it. After talking to Richard, Amelia is met by Owen who wants to talk privately. He asks her if she wants to tell him anything to clear things up and she says no. She said it is her right to not discuss the issue. Jo and Edwards Jo and Edwards are in the bathroom talking about Jo's first solo surgery. Bailey is overseeing the procedure, and Jo, though throwing up in the stall, claims she is not nervous. She also says she is not afraid of Dr. Bailey. Speaking of Bailey, she walks out of the next stall, obviously overhearing everything. (Yikes!) Later, during surgery, Jo seems to be doing a good job while Bailey reads a magazine in the corner. The surgery is a success, or so she thinks. Is it possible she missed a step? Jo goes to Bailey to explain the situation. Bailey is upset, of course. She steps to action to check on the patient. Later, Bailey finds Jo and implies that the patient is dead. Jo starts crying. Turns out, Bailey saw Jo do the procedure correctly and just wanted to teach her a lesson. She cannot second guess herself. The Board, Derek and Amelia Owen eventually calls an emergency board meeting about Amelia. Derek is thinking about when their father was killed and eventually finds Amelia. She tells him she didn't tell Owen anything and he asks if he said anything about her job. She immediately thinks that Derek is going to take her job as chief of the department. She gets extremely angry with him, but he tells her he will fix it. Derek meets Mer right after this and tells her that she can't discuss it with her, but he is going to talk to Owen. Mer goes to find Amelia and tells her that Derek is going to take care it. As the board meeting begins, Derek walks in and says Amelia is in recovery and works very hard to maintain it. He says they should have protected her, especially him. He admits he wanted his old job back and that's why he didn't protect her. He tells Owen she can do the job and should stay. Later, Amelia comes to Derek's place and tells him she is moving out tomorrow and he always felt like he needed to protect her, especially after their dad died. He tells her he doesn't know who he is anymore and though he tries to make the right choices, he is miserable and doesn't know what to do. Amelia says he has hit rock bottom. At Ellis' House Alex, Mer, Callie and Maggie are laughing and talking about good times when they were younger and the doorbell rings. Alex opens it and it is Arizona with a suitcase. She is going to stay there for awhile. This was a decent episode, this week, and I am looking forward to next week. Seems like there is a possible issue with April and Jackson's baby. Since it's the midseason finale, I think we can expect something big.

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