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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Board Game Geeks

Matt Mitchell | PopWrapped Author

Matt Mitchell

Staff Writer
12/30/2016 9:59 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Board Game Geeks | Holiday
Media Courtesy of thebrassman

Does that special someone on your list love table top gaming or are you just looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Either way, board games come in a wide variety and make great gifts of any size. And don't forget that your friends and family will need people to play with, so it is almost like getting a gift for yourself!

Stocking Stuffers

'Good things come in small packages' is a phrase that certainly holds up for small box games. These games not only fit in a stocking, but are very inexpensive options and are perfect for Secret Santa events. There are many great options when it comes to small-sized board games that offer tremendous play value. Below are just a few recommendations.

Holiday Fluxx

Fluxx is a wacky, ever changing card game offered in a variety of styles. But why not go with the version to get you into the holiday spirit? Essentially, players draw one card and then play a card. However, these cards can change the rules and set new goals. Fluxx is also available in Batman, Adventure Time, Stoner, Monty Python, and Zombie versions, among many others.



In Citadels, players are trying to build districts or buildings in their city to earn the most points and win the game. Roles are selected during each round through card drafting which gives players different abilities to help build up their city. The game can be played with 2 to 8 people.



This fun and sometimes frustrating co-operative game relies on memory and logic. Players work together to build fireworks by ordering cards of the same color. The problem is that players can only see what everyone else is holding. By telling limited bits of information, players can hopefully play the right cards without blowing themselves up. Once you've mastered the standard game, there are variations to make it more difficult and more fun!


Munchkin Expansions and Boosters

Most serious tabletop gamers will have at least one version of Munchkin in their collection. Every version of Munchkin has additional cards that can be added to expand the fun. Both expansions and booster packs are inexpensive options, but boosters are cheaper and include less cards. Check out World of Munchkin to see which boosters and expansions are compatible with the version your recipient has.


Love Letter

Love Letter is a simple game of deduction. The game is very easy to learn and always fun to play. Classic Love Letter is a great option, or you can pick a version more suited for the recipient. Love Letter is available in Batman, Lord of the Rings, and Adventure Time, or the Christmas version, Letters To Santa. The game comes in boxed and drawstring versions, both of which are small enough to fit in a stocking.


Main Gifts

This list could include hundreds of games, all of which are amazing, so be sure to ask for recommendations at your gaming store. The five listed below are a few classic games and some new releases.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket To Ride is a staple of tabletop gaming, so the gamer on your list may already have a copy. However, there is a variety of other standalone versions and map packs available. Why build railroads across America, when you can build on familiar territory? Ticket to Ride has maps for India, Asia, Germany, Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, and a few others.



Takenoko and Takenoko Chibis

Takenoko is fun family game that has won several board game awards. The game is bright and colorful, featuring amazing Panda artwork which makes the game a joy to play. Released this year was the expansion Chibis, which adds the Lady Panda and several new tiles and cards.



Machi Koro: Deluxe Edition

Another colorful Japanese themed board game, Machi Koro, released a deluxe edition this year. The deluxe edition is quite the deal including the base game, both Harbor and Millionaire's Row expansions, and several other exclusive goodies.



Pandemic Legacy

Pandemic is a well-known co-operative game popular in the board game community. Pandemic Legacy is a new game in the same style, however unlike Pandemic, it is not replayable. The game follows a story through 12 to 24 play sessions depending on how well you play, so save this for the serious gamer on your list.



Settlers of Catan is possible one of the most commonly known board games. Highly recommended for new gamers, it is a great way to introduce new people to board games. With various expansions and variations, Catan is also a great option for serious players on your list who already have the basic game. Try settling Ancient Egypt, America, Europe, or set sights on the stars with Star Trek Catan.


Other Gifts

Perhaps you find the variety of choice when it comes to board games too daunting or maybe the board gamer on your list has everything already. Here are a few ideas for gifts that every tabletop gamer can use.


Whether it be board games, card games or dices games, storage is always a problem. Depending on your budget, you could go big and buy a bookcase or shelving unit for board games. Plastic drawer units are also handy for storing game expansions, score pads, pencils and other extra gaming pieces.


There are plenty of budget storage options as well. Dice bags come in a variety of styles to match any fandom. Cardboard card storage options are offered at most gaming specialty shops, or search the web for companies like Custom Game Bits that make nice wooden containers.




Meeple are the little people figures used in Carcassonne and have become a symbol of tabletop gaming. There are plenty of meeple related gifts for your loved one to show their love of board games when away from the table. has cookie cutters, keychains, stickers, earrings, and more in the iconic meeple shape. If you can find them, plush meeples or meepillows are also a thing!


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