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Holy Man Claims He's Gone 70 Years Without Food Or Water

Kay Ziegler | PopWrapped Author

Kay Ziegler

09/25/2014 4:23 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Holy Man Claims He's Gone 70 Years Without Food Or Water | holy man
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How long have you ever gone without food? How long would you ever want to go without food? I'm sure a day fast might seem excruciating. What about 70 years? An Indian holy man claims that no food or drink has passed through his lips for 70 years. Prahlad Jani, the man who's made these claims, is 83 years old and 'lives in a cave near Amba JI Temple'. Quite a remarkable man if this is true. He claims he left home when he was 7 years old in hopes for a spiritual mystery. Four years later, he was blessed by the holy goddess Amba. The only sustenance he gets is nectar that 'filters down through a hole in his palate'. This all seems quite remarkable and unbelievable. However, Mr. Jani's words were scientifically tested by 30 specialists. For three weeks, he stayed in Ahmedabad's Sterling Hospital under a 24-hour observation. Cameras were on him at all times and for 15 days he did not drink or eat. Nor did he pass any urine or have a bowel movement. Furthermore, his brain is more akin to a 25-year-old man's than a geriatric person. “We believe that the sadhu Prahlad Jani’s body went through biological transformation as a result of meditation and powerful yoga in a completely natural environment that he stays,” one of his doctor's explains. While surprised by these findings, the doctors believe the Amrita Chakra (third eye chakra) plays a role in his well-being and altered state.

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