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"Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards)" Especially In Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/15/2014 12:03 am
PopWrapped | Television

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

This week on Ravenswood, we continue from the historic events of last week. The morning after, a gardener happens to come across a knife in the Matheson backyard. That’s a red flag for the cops and they show up with a warrant to search the rest of the Matheson home. The knife that was found was a three-sided blade, the same as the weapon that killed Mr. Matheson. It’s rather sketchy that the gardener just found the knife after two months. Caleb’s dad finally makes his way to Ravenswood. However, Caleb isn’t the only reason why Mr. Rivers decided to pay a visit to the creepy town. They talk a bit about the Caleb and Hanna situation, but the only words that Caleb utters are, “That’s complicated.” I’m sick of that phrase coming out of Caleb’s mouth. But anyway, Henry Rivers’ death brought Mr. Rivers to town because he’s the next of kin and also inherited a house. Remy did a bit more sleep walking after her dream journey to the past. But not only was she sleep walking, she was sleep drawing. She drew from memory in her sleep and that is a great talent. The drawings make their way throughout Remy’s whole room and living room, plastered on the walls and the floor. One message is shown: You should not have seen. The elders are angry. Mrs. Matheson is taken to the police station for questioning, while Luke is taken for being aggressive with the cops. Olivia and Caleb watch on, while Springer (the guy that used to work for Collins and ruined Olivia’s homecoming) is a spectator. While Olivia tries to deal, Luke is going nuts in a jail cell. His neighbor isn’t all there, but for a few seconds he’s possessed and gives Luke a message, “You should not have seen” and a bunch of other threats are muttered before the old man dozes off. Mr. Collins, who happened to be at the Matheson home the night before, was called on to check on Olivia. It is not appreciated on Olivia’s side. She basically tells him off and indirectly accuses him of stashing the knife in the yard. Miranda does some research and finds out that Grunwald’s guardian spirit is Beatrice Meredith Stevens – she is assumed to be Mrs. Grunwald’s sister. When she tries to connect with her later on, Beatrice doesn’t want anything to do with Miranda. “Tell me what you know about the pact B?” Nicknames already Miranda? Beatrice isn’t happy and while Miranda goes to look at a picture, Beatrice pops up angry. “Don’t look at that!” It’s B and baby Grunwald. “Sometimes I rub spirits the wrong way,” Miranda says recapping her events to Caleb. I love how she can still make jokes about her being dead! Caleb reveals a bit more about his father and Miranda realizes something about the picture she saw. Mrs. Grunwald was Beatrice’s daughter, not her sister. Beatrice claims she knows nothing about the pact and instead gives Miranda a warning to leave it all alone. Miranda decides to give her the cold truth. She assumes Beatrice wants to stay there because of Grunwald, but what happens when she dies. She’ll go off and Beatrice will remain there. Collins seems almost heartbroken that the Matheson kids don’t like him and see him as a villain in a black suit. “I don’t think the clients will appreciate you in Bermuda shorts.” Grunwald got jokes and she’s starting to grow on me. Collins then brings up his former employee, Springer. “Springer is starting to realize what he got himself into.” Is he part of keeping the pact? After Remy’s father helps Luke get out of the police station, he ends up falling asleep at their residence. While Luke sleeps, Remy is sleep walking again. Remy spits out some Latin words before almost stabbing her boyfriend in his sleep. Luke wakes up just in time, and Mr. Beaumont gets injured in the process. Remy definitely needs to go back to the hospital to control these sleep walking habits and later on we see that she decides to get help. Caleb comes around with his father after pushing him away to keep him safe. He decides to help his dad with the house that was left for them. Right after they come to terms a raven enters through the window. Mr. Rivers claims it’s a little too late since Henry had died. “A bird in the house means a death in the family.” Yeah, well let’s hope the bird is just late and not telling of the future. Either way, something is warning Caleb. Springer is creeping around Olivia as she goes to pick up Luke. “Do you know what he is?” Springer brings up Dylan as if he is in on the darker evil that’s residing in Ravenswood. Then he brings up their fathers and how Mr. Matheson should’ve followed his own father. Then she runs away thoroughly creeped out by Springer and his exclamations. Springer runs after her and Tess ends up hitting him with his car. Something is telling me that Tess is in on whatever Dylan and creepy little girl are up to. The last scene of the night shows Miranda and Beatrice meeting again. B is still not fond of Miranda. She shows up with Miranda’s jar of hair and asks if she knows what happens when it’s destroyed. “You only got a taste of it. Go away and leave us alone,” she says after Miranda says she knows about the hair. B wants Miranda out very badly and I’m wondering what the full experience is when the jar is destroyed. Miranda has a choice to make and I’m not sure if I’ll like what she’ll choose. Next week on Ravenswood, it seems that Remy’s got a lot more problems to worry about than her sleep walking. Till next time Ravens! -A


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