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LGBT PopWrapped | LGBT

Honey Maid Responds To Homophobic Comments About Their Ad With A Simple Message Of Love

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/04/2014 1:01 pm
PopWrapped | LGBT
Honey Maid Responds To Homophobic Comments About Their Ad With A Simple Message Of Love
Media Courtesy of YouTube

Dani Strehle

Senior Manager


Opinions are like noses; everybody's got 'em, and they all smell. This is a quote that my favorite teacher said to me in government class; and as you can see, it kind of stayed with me. We are an opinionated people; especially us Americans who value our Freedom of Speech so highly. The problem with opinions, though, is that they're nearly always biased and will inevitably offend AT LEAST one demographic. Honey Maid knew that when they released their "This Is Wholesome" advert. In the clip, we see a same-sex couple in awe over their newborn baby during feeding time and walking happily down the street; we see a rocker dad with sleeves of tattoos cuddling his sweet little girl, and later playing music for her while she dances with her mom. We also see an interracial couple (comprised of a white dad and black mom) walking down the street with their gorgeous children. All of this (along with some other scenes) was packed into a touching 32 second commercial; but 32 seconds was all it took to get hate groups like One Million Moms all in a tizzy. Check out the original ad below: [embed][/embed] Instead of celebrating Honey Maid's successful attempt at portraying inclusion and diversity, groups like the aforementioned One Million Moms and the American Decency Association (misleading name, no?) were appalled at Honey Maid's blatant slap across the face of morality. Which, of course, meant that they flooded the corporation with terrible anti-gay comments. Honey Maid retaliated in the absolute best way possible. Take a look at their response to the bigotry below; and maybe grab some tissues. You know, just in case. And just remember: "The only thing that REALLY matters when it comes to LOVE." [embed][/embed] Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web! image image image image imageimageimage image


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