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Hope Is "Too Far Gone" In This Week's Mid-Season Finale Of The Walking Dead

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/02/2013 7:16 am
PopWrapped | Television
Hope Is
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Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Let me preface this recap by saying that it is going to contain a great amount of incredibly significant spoilers. I know life gets a little hectic sometimes, and you may decide to check out a recap of your favorite show and skip an episode here and there to stay abreast while also saving some time; but I’m telling you right now: do NOT do that with this episode. You need to carve out forty minutes of your day, preferably this day, to sit down and revel in the madness. You will [ugly] cry. You will cringe. You will curse. You may even throw shit; so sit far away from breakables. But, it is an impeccable hour of television that you will not soon forget. Sit down, and enjoy the mid-season finale. We pick up with The Governor talking to his new found camp. He is trying to talk them into overtaking the prison and claiming that fortress as their own. While he is spinning a lovely little sob story about how the prison crew killed his daughter, maimed him and pillaged his town, we see him in the woods where he attacks an unsuspecting Hershel and Michonne, and takes them as his prisoners. He tells his people that he has taken hostages and that they need them for leverage to keep their assault a non-violent one (riiiggghhhhttt). He’s got them convinced in minutes. He is putting the one thing that everybody wants during zombie apocalypse on his hook: survival. Everyone is biting. He truly is a master-manipulator. You know who’s not convinced? Lilly. She sees right through his bullshit. The implication that her late husband wasn’t a good man may afford her insight into the core of just how evil this son of a bitch really is. Now he’s talking to a handcuffed Michonne and Hershel like they’re just old friends who got into a bit of a tiff. He assures them that they won’t be hurt, as it “isn’t personal.” He tells Michonne that he knows now that his daughter was dead and all kinds of other mea culpa bullshit. She also sees right through it and keeps it real simple when she says: “I’m going to kill you.” Hershel tries to keep the peace with The Governor (even though he tells Hershel not to call him that) by suggesting that they all live in the prison together. The Governor shoots that idea down right quick, saying that he and Michonne and Rick could never live under the same roof. When Hershel asks how he could threaten to kill his daughters having had one himself, The Governor responds with only “Because they aren’t mine.” Thanks for showing your ass, Gov. Now we see The Governor rallying his troops and preparing for “battle,” whether they know it or not. He leaves Lilly and Megan to guard the camp. When he tells her to keep to the water (biters can’t wade through it), she asks why they can’t just find a place on the water and skip this entire hostile/non-hostile takeover completely. He basically pats her on the head and tells her to be a good little girl and listen and sit tight; which is exactly what she does. He goes to say goodbye to Megan, and I decide that I find their entire relationship a little creepy. There. I said it. Okay. Glenn is alive. Life is good. I mean, I figured he was; but since we’ve not seen anything from the prison crew for two entire episodes, there was no way to be sure. Yeah, I’m still bitter about it; okay? Maggie and Glenn seriously are the cutest TV couple around. I so adore them. Oh! Now Rick is telling Daryl about Carol. Again; that whole two episode prison hiatus thing. Daryl is pissed, as we all knew he would be. He’s having trouble believing that Carol really did it and had no remorse. Now they’re off to tell Tyrese, which should just be a ball of fun. Sasha and Bob have some completely pointless heart-to-heart. Seriously, I’m not sure why they even showed it. Filler! Moving on. Daryl and Rick go to break the news about Carol to Tyrese, only to have him cut them off telling them that he needed to show them something. There is a rat that had been skinned and pinned to a board (or something? I can’t really tell, honestly. It’s hard to make out). Rick is telling Tyrese that he doesn’t believe the same person that killed Karen and David did that, when the prison rocks under the attack of cannon. Yes. A cannon. They all run outside to find The Governor and his battalion, tank included, at their fences. He tells Rick to come out and talk, and Rick tells him that it’s not up to him anymore; there is a council to go through now. The Governor asks if the council can assemble without Michonne and Hershel, and marches them out to their knees for everyone to see. Gov silences Rick’s insistence that he doesn’t make decisions and tells him that it’s time for him to start up again. After getting a head-nod from Daryl, Rick makes his way across the field to the outside fence line. The Governor lays out his terms: Basically, the prison crew has until sundown to pack up their shit and hit the road. If they do this, nobody gets hurt. If they don’t; well, The Governor wins. Because…tank. Daryl is sneaking around back within the prison grounds handing out assault weapons to everyone. They all know their positions, and what to do in case of an emergency. They are a well-oiled, highly-prepared machine. We head back on over to Lilly guarding the temporary camp with just Megan (who, by the way, is really far away from her mom, and not right within view. As a mother, I would never, not for even one second, let my children out of my sight during zombie apocalypse, no matter how safe I felt). She is watching a walker make some seriously scary-good progress through the small river. It makes it a pretty good distance before getting swept up by the current and whisked down the river. Lilly finally starts paying attention to Megan again, who has plucked a buried sign from underneath the clay. The sign reads “Flash Flood Warning,” which obviously means that the tide often floods the banks of this river, which also probably means it brought some walkers with it. Yep. There’s a walker buried under the clay, and when Megan dislodged that flimsy wooden sign, she freed the walker from the depths of the earth. And, you guessed it, bye bye Megan. The Governor and Rick are still “negotiating,” and walkers are starting to accumulate. The Governor shoots a couple and tells Rick that the ruckus will only attract more, and that the longer they wait, the harder it’s going to be to get out. We shoot back to the prison where the kids are carrying Judith to the bus to safety. Lizzie tells them to quit being pussies and to grab some weapons to start helping the adults out. Now we’re back to Rick and The Governor. Rick tells him that they can all live together; something that clearly takes everyone by surprise. He makes a helluva good argument, and Hershel tells The Governor that it could work. The Gov tells him it could never work, not after Woodbury and Andrea. Rick tells him that they’re not leaving and that “You try and force us we’ll fight back. Like you said; gunshots’ll just bring more of ‘em out, they’ll take down the fences, and without the fences, this place is worthless. We can all live in the prison, or none of us can.” The Governor jumps down from his metal steed and takes Michonne’s really long, sharp sword and holds it at Hershel’s throat. Rick implores the people surrounding The Governor not to follow this unnecessary violence and to come into the prison as one of them; where they can flourish and survive. Rick tells The Governor that he believes people can change. He believes that they can leave the past in the past, start over and coexisit. He believes that people DO change. The Governor has since lowered the sword from Hershel’s neck, but the look of disdain on his face never wavers. And there is one singular moment when I’m looking at him when I know he is about to kill Hershel. And then he maliciously whispers “LIAR!” and slices Hershel right in the neck. Rick screams and starts shooting, getting The Governor in a non-fatal spot right off. Everybody from the prison has started shooting at the campers, and vice versa. It is war. Michonne has scampered off somewhere where she frees her hands, and Hershel is trying to scoot out of the line of fire. The Governor finds him and finishes Hershel off once and for all by decapitating him fully. It is almost too gruesome to witness. There are tears streaming down my face. Then we see Lilly walking up with a dead Megan in her arms. The Governor takes her from Lilly and just shoots her through the head, right there. The Governor orders everyone to drive through the fences and to kill them all. If it’s up to him, there will be no survivors. The Governor and Rick are involved in some hand-to-hand combat in the field. Everybody else is dodging bullets and shooting them, but these two have gotten down to brass tacks are just straight wailing on each other. Well, if I’m being honest, The Governor is really doing most of the wailing. Daryl is kicking ass like always, and in a moment where you think he might actually be taken down, we see shortly after that, instead, he is using his potential foe as a zombie shield. Then he throws grenades and blows shit and people up. Thank the Lord for Daryl Dixon. Tyrese is about to die. He’s got two on him and he’s in no position to shoot. But you know who saves him? Lizzie and Mica! They shoot two assailants down point-blank. I mean, I’m not really all about kids wielding guns, but that was badass. The Governor has Rick on the ground, with his hands around his throat. Rick’s eyes are bulging out of his head, when The Governor is stabbed by Michonne’s sword. Like an absolute fucking fool, she leaves him writhing on the ground alive. Daryl is still blowing shit up and being hot. Seriously, God bless you Daryl. Rick is stumbling through the grounds, bruised and battered, looking for Carl. Instead he finds two walkers, which Carl kills. Which is good, cuz Rick was in no shape to do anything but continue to stumble. They start the hunt for Judith, and find her little pumpkin seat abandoned, empty and bloody. The implications of that are too much for me to handle. I have a ten month old baby, and I honestly just can’t even think about it. So I’m not going to. Rick tells him that they have to go, and they head for the designated “Shit Hits The Fan” spot. The Governor is still alive on the ground, when Lilly comes up to him and shoots him through the head. She finally realized just how evil he really was. The walkers are entering the prison grounds en mass, and the final scene of the midseason finale is Rick and Carl making their way to the others and trying not to crumble. Guys. I honestly just don’t even know what to say. Wait, yes I do. FUCK OFF ROBERT KIRKMAN! Whhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy??????? Why’d you have to do Hershel like that, huh? Of all the characters; seriously, Hershel? One of the most universally beloved characters, maybe of all-time? When I was predicting major deaths for the season, Hershel’s name never even came up! I just never even considered the possibility. Which is probably exactly why Kirkman did it. I’m also choosing to believe that since we were offered no definitive proof about Judith, those crazy little warrior children snatched her up and just ditched the bulky and cumbersome pumpkin seat. Welp, Deadheads; that’s it for me until February. Yes, February. That is when our favorite show returns. Stay tuned to PopWrapped until then, though. Who knows, there may just be some special features in our future. [polldaddy poll=7610080] [polldaddy poll=7610082] [polldaddy poll=7610084]


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