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Hope You're Not Afraid Of Spiders On This Week's Ravenswood

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/30/2014 12:13 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Hope You're Not Afraid Of Spiders On This Week's Ravenswood
Media Courtesy of ABC Family

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

Things seem to die down a bit for the five in this week’s episode of Ravenswood, but we do see another side of Creepy Collins and learn that Dillon definitely cannot be trusted.

The Matheson family is at the cemetery paying their respects to Mr. Matheson and the new headstone placed by Mr. Collins. Luke shares eye contact with another woman visiting someone in the cemetery before police officers barge in on the moment and place his mother under arrest. The woman watches as the Mathesons panic and along came a spider from under her skin.

One of the next scenes reminds us that they are teenagers and they still have to deal with reality. With that being said, its Caleb’s first day at his new school. He isn’t making a good first impression. The mean girls notice Caleb talking to himself as he talks to invisible Miranda, while Miranda freaks them out a little with her ghostly ways.

Dylan finally pays a visit to Olivia after ignoring her for days. Dylan lies to Olivia and says his parents sent him off to get purified after finding his condoms. I do not believe that excuse one bit and neither is Olivia especially after Springer’s confession. But then Dylan batted his eyes and spilled out apologies claiming Springer was lying and Olivia fell for it. And Luke, well he’s pissed and disappointed in his sister.

Caleb brings up the piece of information regarding the chapel on the Collins’ property that Mr. Price revealed to him earlier in school. Miranda suggests that Collins may be keeping something inside and naturally they get all “Scooby gang” and aim to find out what.

As Miranda keeps an eye on Collins, she seems to feel sympathetic for her uncle. As he talks to Mrs. Matheson, he recalls the past and how she was the only friend he had back in high school. From the look on her face, it seems that Miranda sees that there is more underneath the cold exterior.

While Collins is away Caleb has quite a creepy day. After he finds the key to the chapel and heads out to leave Collins’ office, the dead body that was there before disappears and the doors lock, keeping him in the embalming room. Things start to shake and Caleb begins to see the reflection of something that looks like it came straight out of The Ring. He manages to get out unscathed, but it’s another creepy encounter for the books.

After speaking with Miranda, Olivia decides to ask Mr. Collins for help. She visits him in the embalming room and sees something she probably shouldn’t have – a body under the blanket twitching. I’m sure that will be relevant for later.

After Caleb recovers from his incident, he heads over to the chapel with Miranda. Miranda freaks after seeing a spider on Caleb, a similar one to the one we first saw coming out of the woman’s face at the beginning of this episode. I’d be freaked out too considering I absolutely despise spiders, but it’s hilarious since Miranda’s a ghost and she’s freaking out.

Anyways, they go into the chapel and the sun starts to shine through the stained glass, revealing 6 names on the floor that had signed the pact. Out of the current five, Rivers is the only last name part of the pact, but Miranda realizes that Dylan’s last name, Sanders, is also there as well.

Luke finally gets in touch with Dylan and learns whose side he’s on. After practically attacking him in the locker room for answers, Dylan’s spirit friends make something burst in the showers. Dylan then chooses to reveal that he made a deal to get out of the pact, offering Olivia in his place. The steam surrounds the whole locker room and Dylan disappears, while Luke is almost chocked to death.

Caleb finds himself back in the chapel and the creepy woman is there staring at him. He of course, doesn’t see her, but he does see a bunch of spiders covering the same exact spot that showed the names of those who signed the pact. Again, I cringe at the sight of spiders.

Luke finally comes home and reveals to Olivia what he found out about Dylan. She refuses to listen and believe that her boyfriend would give her up just like that. But it seemed to be all in Dylan’s plan. I’m sick of Olivia and her blindness!

The final scene shows Remy walking alone in the night. After all the freaky things that happen in this town, you’d think that people would learn to not walk alone at night, but that’s beside the point. She’s freaked out from seeing some ghostly figure and sees Mr. Collins and Dylan arguing in the car. At this point, I’m still trying to understand which side Collins is on because he’s downright confusing.

What are your thoughts on this week’s episode of Ravenswood?

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