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'House Of Cards' Season 4 Shows Us Underwood At His Evil Best

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/09/2016 5:59 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
'House Of Cards' Season 4 Shows Us Underwood At His Evil Best | Underwood
Media Courtesy of Netflix

The glorious Netflix original House of Cards returned for its fourth season on Friday March 4th, and, after two days, we have watched it all. The third season was nowhere near the level of Seasons 1 and 2, so we had a few reservations going in. Well, Season 4 has House of Cards back to its roots and amazing. Francis and Claire Underwood are relishing in their extremely evil ways, and we are so grateful. Check out the trailer for Season 4, and, beware, beyond here lie SPOILERS!

Let's get down to the real nitty gritty of the fourth season of House of Cards. The third season ended with Claire walking out on Francis, leaving us with a feeling of 'what now?' Luckily, Claire only takes minor bribing to come back. By minor, we mean a Frank Underwood-designed plan to make Claire his running mate and possibly the Vice President of the United States! They are a team, so it makes some sense.

Underwood Netflix

Remy Danton has now retired and is trying to make a go of it with his secret lover Jackie Sharp, but, of course, Claire finds out, so she uses it as blackmail to get them both to do what she wants. Neve Campbell has joined the cast this season as campaign manager LeAnn Harvey. She is on Team Claire at the beginning, but, in order for Francis to reign Claire in, he pulls her in as his own campaign manager for his re-election. Frank Underwood is at his dirtiest this season with the way he plays everyone to get what he wants, and it ends with the US going to war against ICO (HoC's ISIS facsimile). He ends the season with a line suggesting he and Claire are the terror makers. How deep does the Underwood plan go? We jumped ahead, so let us back up a bit.

Frank Underwood was shot in this season, which put him in liver failure and gave us many strange hallucinations -- including a visit from Zoe Barnes (we missed her!) and Peter Russo. Luckily for Frank, he's top priority for a liver transplant with just one person in his way. Doug Stamper takes care of that. Doug had a turn-around this season, though. He's done MANY bad things for Francis, but bumping a married father of two for the President down the list and causing that man's death was too much. He is riddled with guilt and is maybe trying to date the widow. Maybe he'll make her read to him, too. Now, you may wonder who shot the President and BY THE WAY killed Meechum (we are still not over it). It was our old reporter friend Lucas Goodwin, who has been released from prison desperate for help to take Underwood down. When he can't get help from anyone, he tries to kill him and, in turn, is killed. Sorry, but we're glad he's gone because his story was drawn out. But, of course, another reporter has already taken his place in the search for Underwood's wrong doings, and he's actually doing a very good job. That'll be for next season though, where we will see the war Francis led us into.

Underwood Netflix

Claire may be back with Francis, but they are strictly a partnership and nothing else. Frank won't even look at her naked. We meet her mother (Ellen Burstyn) in Season 4, but she's not long for the show. She passes away from cancer with Claire by her side (with a little help from Claire, too). PS: This moment basically launches her into the VP slot. In other news, old writer Thomas Yates is back in the picture as a speechwriter because someone wanted a book he was writing about Claire and Frank. They are sleeping together, but, as we know, Frank and Claire are okay with that type of thing. We actually wished he'd found a new lady this season.

Underwood Netflix

The last piece that is pretty important is who will run against Frank for the Presidency. He won the Democratic nomination with a little but of Underwood plotting, but defeating Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) and his adorable family won't be so easy. Conway is conniving -- but it's more his wife, Hannah -- and they are a match for the Underwoods. However, putting the US at war can pull the public in your favor because no one wants to change office while fighting an enemy.

This is a summary of the big points in the show, but go watch it for yourself if you haven't. It's so good, and the Underwoods have taken things to a new level of evil, yet we still want them to unite. United they stand, both even looking directly at us through the camera at the very last second.


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