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Television PopWrapped | Television

How Breaking Bad Could Have Ended According To Showrunner. SPOILERS AHEAD

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/01/2013 8:12 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How Breaking Bad Could Have Ended According To Showrunner. SPOILERS AHEAD
Media Courtesy of AMC

Whitney Pierce

Staff Writer

The past two weeks have been pretty emotional in the world of TV series finales. Of course, I'm referring to the final episodes of Showtime's Dexter and AMC's Breaking Bad. With both finales, come the opinions from the viewers as well as the reveal of alternate endings that could have been! Reading past this point could result in some major spoilers for you if you haven't watched either of the finales! You've been warned, friends! While the other option for Dexter's ending has been discussed and personally preferred, Breaking Bad's creator, Vince Gilligan has revealed five alternate endings that were considered for the show's swan song. 1. One ending, which was actually quite similar to what actually happened, was that Walt would be pulling a Rambo of sorts. Rather than having the M60 machine gun cleverly rigged in his car, he was just going to go in guns blazing! The writers ultimately decided though that that wasn't very much like Walt and that he would be more likely to go brain over brawn. Good call. 2. Another possibility which plays on the one previously mentioned, was that Walt would also turn the machine gun on the police and basically just massacre everybody. That, too, was deemed very unlike Walt and was also scrapped. The next three endings that Gilligan discussed would have led to an entirely different feel to the end of the season and perhaps even effected what ultimately happened to Walt. Brace yourselves, these get pretty dark. 3. Rather than Jesse escaping and finally being free from the Nazis and Walter, he would end up in jail. To keep him quiet in jail, the Nazis would use imprisoned gang members to do so. Once Walt found out that Jesse was in jail, he was to take the M60 in to break Jesse out while also laying waste "to an entire prison or prison bus." 4. One of the darker possibilities for the finale was that Skyler became suicidal and killed herself. Gilligan doesn't say the events that would lead up to this scenario but he says that it would have taken place at a "Motel 6 kind of place" with Sklyer and Walt both there. During the scene, Walt would be talking to Skyler, who has locked herself in the bathroom. Once she stops talking in the scene, Walt breaks down the door only to discover that "she's in a bloody tub or something like that." As much as I've wanted to punch Skyler in the face, I wouldn't have wanted this! It would have been quite the shock though! 5. The fifth and final alternate ending that Gilligan revealed seems to be the darkest one and also one that he thought of way before they even began shooting the first season of the show. In the final episode, Jesse would have been killed by a drug dealer, probably one of the Nazis. Of course, then Walt finds Jesse's killer, shackles him up in his basement and tortures him. Other than torturing him, Walt also sets up a shotgun tripwire trap probably as an escape precaution. I think you can probably imagine where this is going. Finding the man tied up and attempting to give him water, none other than Walt Jr. would trip the wire trap resulting the death of them both. What..even. In light of the finale, Walter White, more realistically known as Bryan Cranston, has recently admitted that there would have been "some merit" in killing off Walter's family but says that the ending that they ultimately went with was "the best ending" for the series. Well said, Heisenberg, well said. I'm all about being shocked but I'm very happy with the ending that the show chose to go with. What do you guys think? Do you think the show went with the right ending? Would you have preferred any of the alternates that Gilligan has in mind? How do you think losing Skyler, Jesse or Walt Jr. would have affected Walt in the end?


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