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How Did The Lone Ranger Fail? Producer And Actor Speak Out

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/12/2013 3:00 am
How Did The Lone Ranger Fail? Producer And Actor Speak Out

Danielle Taylor

Staff Writer

The known producer Jerry Bruckheimer has spoken out about the failure of his film The Lone Ranger in the US.  

The movie is imagined to lose Disney about $160m and $190m after creating about $86 million at the US box office versus a recorded $215 million expenses.

Jerry, who is presently, on the press tour around the world in assistance of the movie told The Guardian: ”The public speaks what works and what doesn’t work. It’s actually not that simple, but you can definitely determine when you be watchful of an audience where the effects that are not encompassing come from. So you master it. You grasp it from your disappointments than you do your achievements. If there have been things in films that we thought that we could accomplish better, you assume to design that for the future film. You grasp on the history, from previous things that might have failed, and you try to not repeat those mistakes.”

The movie’s cast and crew which include stars Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer- has voice out about the movie’s shortfall of triumph in the US. Johnny, Armie and Jerry all blame the movie critics in the US about the movie’s downfall.

Armie Hammer replied that the reviewers were criticizing the film months before the release.

“This is the issue with American reviewers: they have been checking out our film since it was abandoned the initial time, that was when most of the reviewers wrote their first assessments,” Hammer said.

Johnny Depp has also added “I believe the articles were written when everyone noted that Gore and Bruckheimer and myself were going to go ahead with The Lone Ranger. They definitely had predictions that it had to be a blockbuster film. I never had any previous expectations of that. I never did.” 

The Lone Ranger is now showing in all US and UK movie theaters.


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