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How Did The Women Really Feel About Juan Pablo? All Is Revealed On "The Bachelor: Women Tell All"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/04/2014 8:42 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How Did The Women Really Feel About Juan Pablo? All Is Revealed On
Media Courtesy of ABC
Courtesy of ABC Courtesy of ABC

Theresa Moody Staff Writer

@GrtWhtShrkLuvr SPOILER ALERT: A women tell-all event, which means let the cat claws come out! Don't read below, if you don't want to. First, Shaun and Catherine graced us with their presence.  It was great to see them married, happy, and so in love with each other. What was even better was that they decided to have their wedding live on TV. The two talked about their first night as a married couple and how fireworks went off "real quick". As for the ladies from Juan Pablo's season, they decided to talk about how JP was on The Bachelor to "find a girlfriend", while most of the girls were there to "find a husband". It was pretty sad to see these girls rip this guy apart, and it is the single ladies that were doing this.  I do have to agree with them in one way.  JP put himself up to a double standard.  He kissed Cassandra (another single mom) because he was attracted to her.  Then he didn't kiss Renee, because he respected her as a single mom. I can understand why a majority of the girls on the TWTA episode were upset at him.  Then again, I can't understand why not one of them have said that they only wish nothing but the best for him.  I mean, they were really tearing him apart.  Geez, throw the guy a bone! Sharleen had some time up on the stage.  She said that she "didn't have a cerebral connection with him." There is no denying it, Sharleen and JP had a very physical attraction and great chemistry. She was one of my front runners for this season and I was sad when she decided to leave of her own will. Oh Renee, how I hated to see you go.  I really liked her in the show.  It was also awesome to hear from her on this show that she is dating someone else right now and that it is going so well.  What the show didn't show was that, after this episode was taped, she got ENGAGED! Congrats Renee! As for Andy, in last weeks episode she left JP after the Fantasy Suite, in a confrontation that no one has never seen before.  She talked to Chris Harrison in the tell-all about he relationship with JP. What some of America can't believe is why wait till AFTER the Fantasy Suite to let him know everything.  If she didn't want to be in the same room with him after she knew that she was done with him, she could have left. She didn't have to stay in there if she didn't want to. Andy did mention how she was told about JP and Clare's date, and how she was offended when JP brought it up.  Again, another example of where she should have voiced her opinion to him.  She definitely seems to have bottled up way to many emotions, and they all burst after the Fantasy Suite. Juan Pablo defended himself once he came out.  There is definitely a language barrier between him and some of the ladies that have already been ousted.  The bloopers cut the tension of the night. The final episode is next Monday night, with an immediate "After the Final Rose" show. The question is, who ends up with Juan Pablo? Watch the highlights from the tell-all below!

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