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How I Met Your Mother Has "Knight Vision" In This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/21/2013 10:38 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
How I Met Your Mother Has

Heather O'Connell

Content Editor

I apologize for missing last week, I was sick and not up to doing a recap but I’ll give you a short and sweet recap of what happened last week before I start this weeks. Last Week On How I Met Your Mother: It’s Friday at 6pm, 48 hours before the wedding. We see that Barney, Ted, Robin, Lily, James, Marshpillow, Tim Gunn, Ranjit, and Billy Zapka are still playing poker. After some jabs back and forth between Robin and James, after he’s been teasing Robin about how she and Barney shouldn’t get married, she bets him his wedding ring for her own and she ends up winning. James ends up bringing his and Barney’s mom into the mix to try and get the ring back which end up putting Barney is a bad position. He has to choose between his mother and brother or Robin. Lily ends up counseling Barney and tells him that he husband should always stand up for his wife, and this makes Barney end up telling his mother and James that he’s severing ties with them after realizing they are being selfish but to save himself he tells them that Robin told him to do that. The other main plot of this episode was Lily being upset with Ted because he wants to get Barney and Robin  wedding gifts when he never got Marshall and Lily a wedding gift six years ago. We see that Marshall tried to drop hints about the no gift throughout the years but Ted never caught on. When Ted is finally confronted about the lack of present he insists that he sent them a coffee maker which makes Lily discover that Ted never got a thank you note because Stuart passed the gift off as his present. Ted reconciles with Marshall by having his favorite pizza place, Gazzola’s deliver him a pizza  to the car they are driving in as they pass through Chicago, where Gazzola’s has just reopened. That’s what happened last week so what happened this week on How I Met Your Mother? It’s Friday at 9pm, 45 hours before the wedding. We find Ted with Barney at the bar of the Inn. Barney is talking to Ted about how he hasn’t slept with anyone in awhile and that the wedding is the perfect place for him to have a hookup. Barney tells him that every hookup at a wedding is decided over Friday night drinks and how if he chooses the wrong girl that “the only action he’ll be getting the wedding night is a ‘self five’ and he doesn’t mean the cool kind”. Barney brings up Indiana Jones and the last crusade and has a ‘re-enactment’ of himself and Ted with Barney showing how choosing the “holy grail/right decision” can effect everything and how he needs to choose wisely. We find out that Barney and Robin have picked out 3 girls for him to possibly hook up with. The first is Sophia, Robin’s college roommate, who is apparently a bit of a screamer in the sac. Second is Cassie(played by Pitch Perfect’s Anna Camp), the daughter of Barney’s mom’s best friend, who’s gymnast career 12 years before had tragically ended when her boobs got too big. Lastly was Grace, a new coworker, who’s had 6 different positions at the firm…”and that was just at the Christmas party”.’Barney says that Grace doesn't arrive til later and that he recommends Sophia, who happens to be in the bar at the time. Just as he’s about to go talk to Sophia, Cassie comes up to him and says that she has a feeling that they are going to have a lot of fun that weekend. Ted says that he picks Cassie. He then gets an image of the guard from the Indiana Jones fantasy who tells him that he chose poorly which worries Ted. Robin points out that the minister has arrived at the bar and he has a mean look on his face. Barney says that looks can be deceiving but in this case he’s just a mean old tool. Lily doesn't believe him and decides to go talk to him. She introduces herself but it doesn't have a great start as he tells her that she’s dressed like a whore. Marshall and Daphne are driving in the car talking about how Marshall hasn't told Lily about getting the judgeship yet. Daphne asks him why he hasn't told his wife that he got asked to be a judge. He tells her that he wants to tell Lily in person that way he can convince her to stay In New York and not go to Rome. Daphne says that he has to prepare for his court cases and asks him if he’s prepared for talking to Lily, which he hasn't yet. Cassie and Ted are talking over some drinks. Cassie tells him she tired of the routine of flirting and ending the night with meaningless sex. Ted acts like he’s on the same page though it’s obvious by his facial expression that he isn't. Cassie than instead asks if they should start with the meaningless sex and then end with drinks later. Ted completely agrees saying she is a visionary. They are about to head to have the meaningless sex when her phone rings and she reluctantly answers and finds out that she’s been fired from her job. She starts crying and getting upset which makes Ted have to console her, though he just wants to get away. Lily goes over to Barney and tells him that she might have offended the minister. We find out that Lily told the minister the story of how Marshall and Lily met. It turns out that Barney and Robin used Lily and Marshall’s story of meeting to say that that was how they met. They did this because they were afraid that the minister wouldn't marry them since he said he doesn't like the people that Barney and Robin would be described as. Lily is upset that they stole hers and Marshall’s story. The minister comes up to them saying he needs to speak to them immediately. Back to Ted who is listening to Cassie cry about all the sad things that have happened in her life lately, like her car being stolen with all her stuff in it and she thinks she’s getting the flu. We also find out her boyfriend, Wesley, had just broke up with her. Ted can’t stand her and is trying to bail on her so he can get a chance with the Sophia before it’s too late. He says he’ll get one more drink with Cassie and says he’ll take her to the dining room. As they head to the dining room though it turns out that Cassie’s parents are there and she introduces them to Ted. Daphne wants to prepare Marshall for what she says will be “the biggest fight of his life”. They talk about what he’s going to say when he sees Lily for the first time in a week. She gives him suggestions of what to say like “I missed you and your hairstyle” We see a “what it might look like” with Marshall talking to Lily, who has Daphne’s voice since she’s pretending to be Lily talking to Marshall when he does talk to her. Barney and Robin sit down with the minister and the minister says that he finds it appalling that their friend Lily would try to pass off their sweet meeting story as her own. Barney and Robin go along with it not wanting to lose the minster for the wedding. The minister than goes to confront Lily, and says how appalled he is. Lily finds out that they didn't tell him the truth and decides to have a little fun with it. She ends up telling the minister Robin and Barney’s story of how they met and uses it as how Marshall and Lily met. Barney and Robin hear as Lily starts saying things about them and they've had enough and the minister realizes they were lying about their story. He tells Barney and Robin to stop breaking the ninth amendment. “Thou shall not lie” if they want him to marry them. Back to Ted, who is still trying to get away from Cassie, but is instead stuck with her parents still. Cassie is  still crying but then leaves the room and Ted thinks this might be his chance to leave. He waits to long though as her dad thanks him for taking care of her because he knows she can be a drag. Daphne and Marshall are still role-playing about how he’s going to tell Lily about the judgeship. In the middle of the role-play he mentions that he’s already taken the job, and this makes Daphne say “What the Damn Hell” for taking it without talking to Lily first. Barney and Robin find the minister to tell him they are sorry for lying and hope that they can forgive them for lying. The minister says that he can’t marry them and that they need to find a new officiate and a new church for the wedding. This makes Robin let out a “What the Damn Hell” of her own. Ted still hasn't left the dining room and he’s waited too long as Cassie came back to talk to him again. They talk and just as he thinks he might get to sleep with her they run into Sophia and Cassie’s ex that she just broke up with Wesley. He tries to get to talk to Sophia and have Wesley and Cassie talk but it doesn't work out as Cassie just starts crying again and pulls Ted to leave. Daphne and Marshall are back in the car and she is giving him a hard time for taking the job without talking to Lily. Marshall asks him why she’s so upset and she says its because she knows how Lily would feel.  She’s always dreamed of being in a career she was proud of but her husband never supported her. Eventually she had to make a choice and now every day she’s out there fighting for the good guys and she loves.  She tells him that his wife deserves that too. He then asks her what her job is that she wanted so badly and she tells him that she’s a lobbyist for a big oil company. This upsets Marshall making him stop the car because that’s what he’s fighting against as an environmentalist. He than gets out of the car calling her the devil incarnate. Robin is fighting with the minister saying that he should give them another chance but he isn't budging calling them terrible people. Barney then talks to the minister saying that they might not have the greatest story but it’s gotten them to where they are now and he loves their story. Robin and Barney then end up telling each other the things they love about each other. They tell each other things like “I love that you slept with over 250 women before you decided that I was your favorite” and “I love that we just had to keep having sex with each other even when we were dating other people”. They end up shocking the minister so much he ends up having a heart attack. Cassie is trying to fight through her tears to give Ted what he wants, but Ted won’t let her saying that she shouldn't do this and should take it easy. Cassie finally lets him go telling him to have fun that weekend. Just as he gets back to the bar he thinks he lost his chance as Lily tells him that everyone thinks Cassie and him are the couple of the weekend. Just as he’s given up hope Grace, Barney’s coworker, arrives and he brings her to the bar thinking he might be able to turn his luck around. Ted takes her to the bar and Barney tells him that the minister just died and they need to find another officiate for the wedding. Ted makes a toast in the minister’s honor but just as he does Cassie comes in and it turns out he was her uncle and she starts crying making Ted comfort her again. Ted says that it was probably a good thing that he met Cassie because he didn't hook up with anyone at the wedding and if he had he might not have met the mother. Marshall is back with Daphne and he apologizes and tells her that she was right and he should have talked to Lily before taking the judgeship. She tells him that she should also apologize because when he was away filling the tank she took his phone and texted his wife with the news that he took the judgeship offer. Just as she says it the phone rings and Marshall has a scared look on his face which we can only assume means Lily was calling. That’s where the episode ends, but next week’s preview looks like things are going to get spooky at the Inn as Lily thinks her room has a ghost in it, and Barney might have swallowed real life versions of the lucky charms cereal items. Until Next Week Popwrappers!


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