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How I Met Your Mother Wants "No Questions Asked" In This Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/29/2013 12:55 am
PopWrapped | Television
How I Met Your Mother Wants
Media Courtesy of CBS

Heather O'Connell

Content Editor

This week’s How I Met Your Mother was a spooky Halloween type episode! The title of this episode is “No Questions Asked” and it’s pretty appropriately named but you’ll find out why a little later in the recap. We left off with last week’s cliffhanger that Daphne had just told Marshall that she texted Lily about him taking the judgeship and Lily was just calling him back. So what did Lily have to say on the phone...? “I can’t believe you did this behind my back...” So she might be a little upset with him... but what’s she upset with him about? Well it actually wasn’t the judgeship as she tells Marshall, “Thanks to you we are stuck all weekend in the room with the ghost in it...” While Lily isn’t so happy about a ghost in the room Marshall is really happy about it since he was hoping they would get that room. Room 13: The room that’s haunted by Captain Dearduff. We then get a flashback to a month before the wedding weekend when Marshall, and the rest of the gang, found out about the haunted room while watching a supernatural ghost series on TV. We hear a short story about how the ghost came to be in the Farhampton Inn that they are staying in. The story was that Dearduff had a hook hand and he opened the window on a freezing cold night and got his hook stuck and ended up freezing to death since he couldn’t close the window. Back to present day, Marshall of course wants to know if Lily has seen the ghost, which she tells him she hasn’t yet because GHOSTS DON’T EXIST MARSHALL!! He replies to her that she should explain the nightshirt they saw flying around their cabin in the Poconos. She tells him it was because there was an owl in it to which Marshall insists that it was a dead owl. Lily then tells him she doesn’t want to be in the room because it’s crappy but the Inn wouldn’t let her change rooms. Flashback to Lily talking to the hotel clerk about switching rooms, telling him the thermostat in the room is broken. He doesn’t believe her and tells her it’s the ghost and there’s nothing they can do about it. No matter what she says they just say it’s the ghost because they don’t want to fix it. Lily is now back to talking to Marshall who is telling him that the rooms are filled up so they can’t switch. Marshall blows off what she’s saying and tells her that if the ghost does pop by she should know the proper way to harvest ectoplasm. This prompts her to hang up on him. We now see Barney in his room talking to Robin about how they are going to release some doves after they get married. Robin doesn’t think it’s such a good idea as she tells him that her family plans on firing a 21 gun salute after they get married. As all should know guns and flying doves just isn’t a good combination. We then get a what could happen scene and well it doesn’t end well for the doves. We then come back to Lily who is lying in bed dreaming of ghosts, when someone opens the window to her room. It takes a moment but we find out that it’s Ted. So why was Ted in Lily’s room? Because Marshall asked him to sneak into the room and delete the text which makes Ted want to know why. Marshall doesn’t want to tell him and says “no questions asked” and that he owes him one. We then find out that Marshall had to help Ted out once, “No Questions Asked” as he ends up having to get Ted out of a mailbox without knowing why he was in there. Ted obviously had to agree and now he’s in Lily’s room not sure why he has to delete the text. Lily wants to know why he’s in the room though and since he can’t tell her the real reason he has to tell her that it’s because Marshall wanted him to check on her, and make sure that she’s okay. He says he didn’t want to wake her up if she was sleeping so he climbed the drain pipe instead. He says he would have called but didn’t know if she’d have her phone handy and then asks her where her phone is, so he can delete the text. Lily doesn’t tell him and says she isn’t scared, at least she isn’t scared until there’s a loud clap of thunder and she asks him to stay... at least until she falls asleep. She asks him to sing a version of Marvin’s sleep song and he sings it until he ends up scaring her awake. He gets her to go back to sleep until he hears a voice saying its cold and to help him. He thinks it’s a ghost, but it ends up being Barney who is in the air vent of the room. Ted wants to know why Barney is in the air vent and Barney tells him that it’s because Marshall asked him to do something “no questions asked”. It turns out Ted wasn’t the only person Marshall used the “No Questions Asked” thing on to get someone to delete the text message… We then get a flashback back to when Robin and Barney are talking about the guns and doves and how they need to communicate with each other. Robin says that they are both “lone wolves” and that’s why they broke up the first time. In the middle of the conversation is when Marshall calls. So what did Barney do that required him to have to pay back Marshall for a “No Questions Asked”? He pooped his pants! Barney tells him that he didn’t actually come save him but Marshall gives another scenario where he did come. This time Marshall came to get him out of the hospital, because Barney apparently took a bet to eat real life versions of all the Lucky Charms Marshmallows. Barney agrees and now here we are with Barney and Ted in Lily’s room. Lily wakes up again seeing Barney coming out of the air vent into the room and wanting to know why he’s there. Barney makes up some story and wants Ted to agree with it but he’s saved as there’s a knock at the door, which turns out to be Robin, under some room service guise. Lily goes downstairs to argue the room service charge of 400 dollars that she didn’t order. We find out that Marshall also called Robin with the “No Questions Asked” policy and we find out that her "no questions asked" for Marshall was when Marshall had to meet Robin in an alley. He was in the alley talking to Robin on the phone and all of a sudden Robin falls from somewhere and into his arms as he catches her. She’s in a sparkly purple jumpsuit and she jumps away quickly telling him to run. Then a bunch of people come out of nowhere in colored jumpsuits like Robin’s and Marshall quickly runs away with Robin. Now we’re back to Robin, Barney and Ted who are all in Lily’s room trying to find Lily’s phone. Ted is upset wanting to know why Marshall would call them when he’s perfectly capable of doing it himself. We now see Lily in the lobby arguing with the front desk clerk again now over the room service saying she didn’t order it so she shouldn’t be charged for it. Lily says she going to call her lawyer and we find out the phone they are all looking for was in Lily’s robe pocket. Ted realizes this back in the hotel room and says they need to get to the phone before she reads the text. Barney and Robin say that they are going to take care of it and off they go, Barney through the air vent again and Robin to get her unitard for the task. As Ted leaves the room Barney and Robin come back, Barney in the vent and Robin in her unitard. They talk about how they always rush off instead of working as a unit like a couple should. Barney then tells her that lone wolves could probably learn to work together, and Robin says that she’d like to think the same thing. They agree that they could a make a great team and then figure out together how they are going to get the phone to delete the text. They come up with the following plan: 1. They take position in the lobby 2. Robin causes a distraction (she shoots a vase) 3. Barney then sends in a trained dove to grab the phone and drop it to Robin 4. Robin deletes the text and puts it back before Lily notices it’s gone. Robin says the plan is totally full-proof and they put the plan into action. Robin goes into the room to cause the distraction. As she rolls into the room Ted is sitting in there and spits out his drink asking her what she’s doing with a gun. Robin wants to know where Lily is and he tells her she went back upstairs 20 minutes ago. Robin wants to know how they are going to get the phone back now and Ted says he already took care of it. Wanting to know how he did it he tells them what he did. It turns out Lily was about to call Marshall and just as she was someone sends her a text and Ted tells her to stop. He tells her to stop because... and then it hits him, “No Questions Asked”. He tells her to throw the phone on the ground and smash it with her foot “No Questions asked”, and she of course has to do it because it turns out she owes him one because he saved her from her class who had tied her up in her classroom. She then does as she’s told and the crisis is averted... for now anyways. Ted then calls Marshall to tell him he took care of it with the “No Questions Asked” and he asks Marshall why he didn’t just do that with Lily and this makes Marshall realize that he never hides things from Lily and he decides to tell her about the judgeship at that moment tell him to give Lily the phone. Ted hands her the phone saying Marshall wants to talk to her. Lily asks him what’s going on and he tells her he was offered a judgeship in New York and he took it even though they had already agreed to move to Rome. So how happy was Lily to hear this? Well based on her reaction I’ll let you decide. “You know Marshall I don’t believe in ghosts and I’m not sure anyone died in our room… but someone’s going to” is what she tells him before hanging up the phone with an angry look on her face as lightning lights up the window behind her. Safe to say she’s furious? I’d say so. The episode ends with them showing how Ted got stuck in the mailbox and to no one’s surprise it involved a girl. He was going to mail someone he had just met a letter and after he puts it in the mailbox he freaks out and gets into the mailbox to get it and as he’s inside a postal worker walks by locking him in. That’s it for this week’s recap! I’ll see you next week!


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