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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

How Original Is The Original Sin In This Week's Vampire Diaries?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/18/2013 5:39 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How Original Is The Original Sin In This Week's Vampire Diaries?
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

So good! So, so good! Last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “Original Sin,” blew the first two episodes of this season out of the water.  There were so many storylines going on at the same time.  We got to see Paul Wesley sporting a new hairdo and dressed like a Greek god, in flashbacks, the ripper made a slight appearance, and the ending!  That ending was just classic TVD, I gasped and then I shrieked because it was just so perfectly shocking.  It was a genius move to reboot the love triangle and now, I’m anxiously awaiting the next episode.  Okay, so what actually happened this week and who committed the original sin?  Find out, as I break down this mind-blowing, pun intended, episode. Previously on The Vampire Diaries... Matt got a mind-whammy from a couple of “travelers” or in this case, gypsy vampires.  Silas used his mind control to get the whole town to find Katherine for him.  Elena had feelings about Stefan all summer long and then they found out he was actually at the bottom of the quarry.  The safe was pulled out of the water but instead of Stefan, all that was in there was a corpse, which only meant one thing—the ripper was back! “Original Sin” picks up with a very thirsty Stefan stumbling his way into a bar in the middle of nowhere.  The unsuspecting bartender thinks he wants a drink, and technically he does just not of the alcoholic variety.  He bites her neck and then, in true remorseful fashion, tells her to run.  When he goes outside to find her, it’s already daytime and his skin starts to sizzle and burst into flames.  Then Bam! We find out it was just one of Elena’s dreams.  Just how awkward is dreaming about your ex while sleeping in the same bed with his brother?  Damon asks her to tell him about it, and she recounts the dream to him.  They both try to talk sense into each other but Katherine walks into the room and tells them the location and name of the bar—she had the same dream as Elena.  They embark on a road trip in search of Stefan. Stefan wakes up in a cabin, where a girl is sitting by his bedside.  She hands him a blood bag and identifies him as a vampire doppelganger.  She also reveals that she not only saved him from burning up in the sun outside the bar, so it wasn’t really a dream after all, she was also the one who pulled him from the quarry.  So, how does this girl know Stefan is a doppelganger?  She’s seen Silas before, 2,000 years ago in Ancient Greece, when they were just a couple of “travelers” who were engaged to be married.  Silas asked her to make the immortality spell so they could be together forever.  Stefan finds out the girl is actually Quetsiyah, the witch who buried Silas with the cure so when he took it and died he would be trapped in the other side with her.  Silas’ goal now, is to destroy the other side, become mortal, die and finally find peace. Silas orders Nadia to find Matt and get information about Katherine.  He wants her to kill him in order to prove her alliance to him. Matt runs into Nadia outside the Mystic Grill and she tells him she’s there to keep him safe from Silas.  She puts her hands on his face and summons her boyfriend, Gregor, to come forward.  He takes over Matt’s consciousness and is not happy that she cut his throat in order to gain Silas’ trust.  Zach Roerig’s acting is superb, he nails the accent perfectly.  Nadia gives him her phone and asks him to call Elena to find out Katherine’s whereabouts. Back in the cabin, Quetsiyah asks Stefan to call her Tessa but he’s more concerned with getting out of there.  He can’t leave because he doesn’t have his daylight ring.  Quetsiyah, recounts the night of her wedding with Silas.  They were supposed to drink the immortality elixir as part of the ceremony but he stole it and instead drank it with the one he truly loved.  She found him with the other woman, and discovered that his true love was her handmaiden, Amara.  As Silas uncovers Amara’s face, we find out she looks like Elena.  Quetsiyah explains that they committed the original sin by consuming the elixir, so nature found a balance by creating doppelgangers for each.  She asks Stefan for help to take down Silas and promises to make him a daylight ring. Damon, Elena, and a snoozing Katherine arrive at the bar.  They find the bartender Stefan attacked and Damon compels her to tell him the truth.  She tells them a woman took Stefan and then drove away, pointing them in that direction.  He offers Damon a drink but when he takes it, he starts choking on vervain.  Nadia emerges from out back, just as Katherine is walking into the bar.  She asks which one of the two is Katherine but Elena attacks her and tells Katherine to run.  Nadia gets away and chases after her. In the cabin, Stefan asks Quetsiyah about her plan to kill Silas.  She tells him they don’t stand a chance as long as he can still use his mind control.  When Stefan asks the whereabouts of Amara, there’s a flashback of Silas finding Quetsiyah at their hidden location.  She shows Silas the cure and tells him to take it.  He finds out that she used it on Amara before killing her and ripping out her heart.  Stefan then figures out that Quetsiyah isn’t really making him a daylight ring.  She uses her powers to scramble his brain. Meanwhile, Katherine is still running through the woods trying to escape Nadia, when Elena finds her.  She asks Elena why she didn’t kill her after giving her the cure.  Elena tells her that they’re not alike and that she values her humanity.  They shouldn’t have wasted time chatting and getting sentimental because Nadia shows up and breaks Elena’s neck, taking Katherine with her. Damon finds the cabin and Stefan tied to a chair being prepared for some kind of ritual.  Quetsiyah tells him that he can’t break Stefan free until she’s done.  She’s planning to link Stefan to Silas and then do a spell to rid Silas of his mental powers in order to force him to take the cure.  Stefan finds out Katherine was the one who took the cure and Tessa reveals she was the one who planted the dreams in order to lure Katherine there.  She begins doing her spell and when Damon tries to intervene, Stefan asks for her to continue and get it over with. In the meantime, Nadia takes Katherine back to her car but Silas is already waiting for them.  They’re both surprised to see him there.  As Quetsiyah continues with her spell, she places her hands on Stefan’s head and begins to chant.  Silas mind-controls Nadia into pointing her own gun to her heart, when he’s about to ask her to pull the trigger, he’s hit with a skull-crushing headache.  Both Stefan and Silas begin bleeding through their eyes and lose consciousness.  Quetsiyah tells Damon that the spell worked and then tells him that she’s watched Stefan and Elena’s doppelgangers fall in love over the centuries.  She tells him that destiny wants the doppelgangers together and they always find their way back to each other.  She tries to convince Damon to leave Stefan there but he attacks her and she fights back, knocking him against a wall.  Elena runs into the cabin, and even though Damon is hurt on the floor, she runs to Stefan and he watches as she tries to wake him up. Somewhere else, Katherine is being held by Nadia at what I can only assume is a hotel room.  Nadia receives a call from Silas who threatens to kill her when he finds her and reminds her that Katherine can’t be harmed.  He tells her that Quetsiyah is on her way to Mystic Falls and that even though she hates him, the one thing they have in common is that they both want the cure.  Katherine takes the phone and Silas tells her that her blood is now the cure.  Katherine had it wrong last week, she’s not the moonstone, she’s the cure. Back in Mystic Falls, Matt wakes up at the entrance of the Lockwood mansion and receives a call from Elena.  She reminds him that he called earlier to ask about Stefan and Katherine.  Matt realizes that his body was once again take over by the traveler.  He looks at the floor and sees muddy tracks on the ground—although it also kind of looks like blood—and discovers a knife in his pocket.  Poor Matt is completely baffled, but why hasn’t he told anyone about this. At the Salvatore manor, Stefan is finally home but still unconscious as Elena puts his daylight ring back on.  Damon walks into the room and tells her what Quetsiyah told him about the doppelgangers being destined to fall in love.  They both talk about how crazy it all sounds and Damon is determined to fight for their relationship.  Elena is about to kiss him, when Stefan wakes up.  They’re both happy to see him well again but he looks at them confused.  The episode ends with Stefan telling them that he doesn’t know who they are. So there we have it, Stefan’s memory has basically been wiped.  How do you think this will affect not only the relationships with Elena and Damon but also with everyone else?  I think it’s a great way to make this triangle even more complicated but also making it feel fresh.  I also can’t help but wonder if he’ll look at Katherine a different way now.  I’m looking forward to the following episodes and seeing how long Stefan’s memory loss lasts—hopefully a while!  Tell us, what did you think of this episode?


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